The doctor smiled and said, "Mrs. Qin, don’t worry. Manager Qin is worried about his physical condition and will fall asleep again."

"Is this really the case?" Jane asks.
If it’s true as the doctor said, Qin Yuegen doesn’t need it. She doesn’t understand French and told the doctor.
Yes, the doctor nodded, but his eyes flickered.
"Doctor, please tell me the truth," Jane said firmly.
She knew it was even more difficult to get something out of Qin Yue’s hand that he didn’t want her to know.
I know that if I can’t ask her, I still won’t give up. I have to ask the attending doctor for nothing to rest assured.
Doctor Nai said, "Mrs. Qin asked me in French just because I didn’t want you to worry about him. You should be considerate of his heart."
"Is he in a bad condition?" I don’t know what Qin Yue and the doctor kept from her, but I’m already full of thoughts. I think of all kinds of possibilities, and I think more and more afraid.
Her voice and body are shaking with fear … If she doesn’t know the specific situation, she will be driven crazy by her brain hole.
The doctor sighed and said, "hdr virus stayed in Qin for a while, and the virus has spread to the body and oppressed Qin’s visual nerve, so his vision has been affected."
Seeing Jane in a hurry, the doctor knew that keeping it from her would make her even more anxious, so she wouldn’t be paranoid and it wouldn’t be against Qin Yue’s wishes.
After listening to the doctor’s words, it was finally white.
No wonder she thinks that Qin Yue’s vision is not as good as it used to be. It turns out that his vision has been affected and that stupid man wants to hide it from her again.
"Thank you, doctor," he simply took a deep breath and said, "Since he doesn’t want me to know, I’ll pretend I don’t know, and don’t tell him more."
Qin Yue didn’t want her to worry, so she pretended not to know and pretended not to worry, so he wouldn’t have to worry about her anymore.
Let the doctor lean against the outside wall of the ward and cry in a daze after leaving, is it moved to cry or is it blocked in my heart?
Qin Yue, Qin Yue, fool, Qin Yue, fool, Qin Yueyue.
When on earth will he be wiser and stop being so stupid and worrying about everything?
Don’t forget that he is a businessman
Aren’t businessmen all calculating?
He can call the shots in the mall, which must be something else, but why is he so stupid in front of her?
Is it because she is his wife?
It is because she is his wife’s house that he will be kind to her and bear everything for her. O Does he know that she doesn’t want this?
She hopes that at the same height as him, he can look up and support each other and taste the ups and downs of life together.
But he is not white. Everything he has done for her is good for her.
After crying, I simply wiped away my tears and adjusted my mood before returning to the ward.
After entering the room, I heard Qin Yueyin "Where did you just run? I almost fell asleep if you didn’t talk with me."
He looked at her, but he simply knew that he couldn’t see her clearly, otherwise he wouldn’t be so calm when he saw her crying and red eyes.
Jane didn’t answer his words, fearing that she would lose control in front of him with one bite.
She turned to wash her hands, filled a pot of hot water and went back to the ward to sip her lips and said, "I’ll help you wash your face and wipe your body."
Qin Yue smiled weakly. "Mrs. Qin, are you tired of Mr. Qin giving you so much trouble?"
"You don’t want me to bother you, then you should get better quickly." Jane’s mouth is a little angry, but her hand is particularly gentle, as if she would hurt him if she tried to wash his face.
Jane is careful and gentle. Qin Yue can’t see her expression clearly, but he can imagine it.
Maybe it’s like them decades later. He may get older faster than her, and then she will certainly take care of the old man Qin decades later as she does now.
Old man and old lady Qin-I hope the two of them will be able to walk hand in hand to that day, and no one is allowed to leave who walks first.
"By the way, what happened to Shen Yuan?" Qin Yue didn’t forget to let himself lie here.
Jane said while wiping his body, "Shen Yuan is now in Jiangbei Military Region, and my uncle said that when you get better, I will hand over the people to your office. You should get better quickly, and now you are still very weak. Don’t think about him for the time being."
"Lying here, the body can’t move the brain and it’s easy to become stupid. What should you do if you dislike me?" Qin Yue tried to chat with Jane in a relaxed tone.
"Cold" Jane ran white after he wiped her one eye, she went to change a basin of water and a towel and sat at the edge of * * to help Qin Yue clean his hands.
Qin Yue’s palm is big, his fingers are slender and beautiful, and he simply pulls his hand one by one to help him clean, so carefully that he doesn’t even ignore every nail seam.
She knows that Qin Yue is very clean, and she can’t help him do big things or do these trivial things.
"Mrs. Qin, I am a virtuous woman. How can I marry such a virtuous wife?" Well, marrying her is the best decision he has made in his life.
"Then you’ll get better quickly or I’ll be abducted by another man." This man will also say sweet words, but he is happy to hear it, but he can’t help but feel sad.
"No man has the woman who dares to turn me Qin Yue." Qin Yue’s tone is still not as powerful as usual, but he has his own overbearing attributes