"If I don’t come in, are you going to come out?" When Miao was a little sleepy in the bathtub, I suddenly remembered the ambiguous voice in my ear.

"Husband, you are finished!" I’m groggy, my eyes are wide open, and I’m very charming.
"Are you going to arrange passionate subjects for me?" Lu Fengxing’s voice is hoarse and his big hands are soaked in the bubble together.
"Husband and children are still outside!" I think it’s too embarrassing for children to hear these movements.
"Wife, he saw our passion when he was still in your belly!" Lu Fengxing’s ending is made in the cracks of his teeth, and his lips have long been tightly entangled.
I can’t help but put my arm around the man’s neck and put it on his chest. How long has it been since I was so crazy? How long has it been since I really felt each other’s temperature? How long has it been since I let myself breathe so hot? Stiff and soft have long been magnets, and the north and south roots can be accurately combined without finding directions.
Bathtub, toilet, marble countertop toffee chair, bedside table, Simmons big bed, the whole bedroom is full of love, body fragrance and sweat. Finally, two people are tired and sleeping in the big bed. The man’s bronze chest is still fluctuating greatly. The woman leans against the man’s skin and gasps for breath. Thanks for not shooting her every day. Now she even has a problem walking.
"Husband, I don’t think I can send my parents!" The in the mind a little depressed.
"Don’t worry, I will send them!" Lu Fengxing kissed a woman on the forehead.
"What should I tell them?" Li du has a small mouth
"God, if you sleep in your own head, I’ll tell you that you didn’t sleep well and didn’t wake up yesterday. You certainly didn’t have the heart to wake you up!"
"Then will they be sad?"
"They are concerned and worried about you and will definitely not let me wake you up!"
"That is also the case!" I finally know the consequences of indulgence. "By the way, have you arranged the pick-up over there?"
"Don’t worry, the villa housekeeper will attend!"
"I hope they can live comfortably!" Miao went into the man’s arms again. "Are you busy recently? Did you go to the room just now? "
"Hanwang is going to build a new factory there, and now it has become a new trend in the water. The new factory wants to take both into account!" Lu Fengxing gently stroked the woman’s hair. "The land has been approved for the new factory drawings, and it is estimated that it will be completed years ago!"
"Do we have a factory near there?" I remember visiting with men that year.
"It is to help the old factory expand to achieve high productivity!"
"The southwest is dominated by water conservancy, but the advantage of wind power should be in the north. Will there be an advantage in expanding there?" I think the transportation achievement method ignores it.
"I am also measuring this problem now!"
"I think it may be more scientific to take a slow trip to the north after the year." I gave my own advice.
"I have already bought it!"
"Now that you have bought it, there is nothing to worry about. When everything is inspected clearly, it will be more practical to start work!"
Section 314
"I’ll think about sleeping!" Lu Fengxing tightened the woman into her arms again.
"If Yangyang cries at night, you are responsible for holding it for me. I don’t want to move!" Close your eyes lazily against a man’s chest.
Think about just stimulating Shu Shuang, and now it is to let him stay up all night and serve the Lord on his knees. He is also willing to have a woman’s day. It’s really cool!
As Lu Fengxing said, when Yuan Qing heard that her daughter didn’t sleep well last night, they didn’t ask to disturb her.
"Sister Liu will go in and take the baby out later, so as not to affect the rest!" Yuan Qing was still explaining when he left the house.
"I think so, too. Be careful when you get there!" Liu Ziyan now has a psychological horror about the plane, and she is nervous at the thought of Yuan Qing and their departure by plane.
"Don’t worry, we’ll call you first when we arrive!" Yuan Qing still expressed his understanding to Liu Ziyan. "Please come home!"
"You can rest assured that I will definitely take good care of Miao and Yangyang!"
"With you here, we must be at ease. If you don’t send it, go and take Yangyang out. It is estimated that this child is awake!" Yuan Qing waved at Liu Ziyan and didn’t let her out of the door. "Don’t come out if it’s cold outside. If only it were popular, send us to the airport!"
"good!" Liu Ziyan stopped at the door and looked at them. When they got out of the car, they went downstairs to hold the baby.
"What time is it, Mom?" Miao heard the noise and opened his eyes in a daze.
"It’s still early. Go to sleep, son. I’ll take it out so as not to disturb your rest!"
"Let me feed it first to save him a while!"
"good!" Liu Ziyan responded by putting the child next to Miao. "Are you hungry? I’ll take the food to your room. Eat it and sleep directly!"
"Well, thank you, Mom!" I’m so lazy that I don’t want her to go upstairs for dinner. It must be embarrassing to get home. Suddenly I feel that Liu Ziyan is very considerate and really has a delicate heart!
"Silly children and mom don’t thank you!" Liu Ziyan said and went out.
"Madam, someone is looking for a young lady!" When Wang Sao saw Liu Ziyan coming, she led a woman and a child to come over.
"And you are?" Liu Ziyan has never seen a woman in front of her. Although she is dressed and dressed, there is a refreshing feeling, but her face is sad and her child’s arms are black, which still makes Liu Ziyan feel a little uncomfortable.
"I’m Mrs. Shao. I know a friend in America. I wonder if she is at home?" The woman replied respectfully.
"She didn’t have a good rest last night and hasn’t got up yet!" Liu Ziyan doesn’t want her daughter’s rest to be disturbed. "Well, if you have anything to do, come to her this afternoon!"
"Then can we wait for her here?" Women are all pleading eyes.
"If you don’t feel bored, wait!" Liu Ziyan doesn’t know what a woman and Miao are, and her attitude is too tough. "If you don’t eat breakfast, sit down and eat your meal first!"
"Thank you!" The woman replied that she had sat down at the table.
You’re welcome!
How can I know such a person? That’s ridiculous!
Liu Ziyan really didn’t think she was just being polite. It’s really rude. It’s hard to imagine that such a quality person should be friends with Miao!
"Sister-in-law Wang will cook some precious porridge for Miao, and she will just drink it when she wakes up!" Liu Ziyan confessed and took some bread, jam, fresh milk and boiled eggs downstairs.
"How did you and our young lady know each other?" Wang Sao’s curiosity sprouted again.
"My daughter and she are a contracting company!"