Shen Li planted flowers and played prenatal music, lying quietly beside the man, putting his big palm still flat on his round belly and slowly closing his eyes. This is the happiest moment for his family of three!

The atmosphere in lucky chance Pavilion is particularly tense today. Sun Tianning is nervous, and a cold sweat has seeped from his forehead in front of Yin Fan.
"You said that Yao Jia came to your coffee shop to inquire about your situation?" Yin Fanxin has got chugged.
"Yes, I haven’t talked to the clerk for a long time, and I seem to smell your situation." Sun Tianning really has a feeling of going to die
"Your visa has been completed, and you will not come in these two days. I will tell them that you have resigned!" Yin Fan thinks it is wisest to let Sun Tianning leave now.
"That coffee shop thing is that I took over. After all, you worked as a driver for me for a while, and I still have to help solve the difficulties!" Yin Fan thinks that Sun Tianning will not have a problem if she leaves to deal with these people around her. "I have written your wife’s address in the United States for you in an envelope. After you go out, we will be even!"
"well! I hope we will never pay the place again! " Sun Tianning picked up the file cover and hurried away.
Section 244
"Little lady lady is coming!" Yin Fan is still thinking about countermeasures. Aunt Liu’s voice came over.
"I know!" Yin Fan responded to the room and slowly came out.
"Miao, your legs and feet are swollen now. It will be very hard. I specially found a foot massage teacher to relax your muscles and bones." Yuan Jiu said that Miao had been pulled to the sofa.
"Thank you, Mom!"
Yin Fan always feels that Yuan Jiu’s enthusiasm is awkward, but it is not good to refuse. I don’t know what this fine mother-in-law is going to do.
The masseur’s hands and feet are very quick and soft, but Yuan Jiu’s experience is put on the soles of his feet. After looking at the peach heart like a red mole for a long time, he thinks that it is too low that Miao is not Miao.
It was only today that I learned from my in-laws that Yuan Jiu felt that even though the appearance could be handled and the fragrance could be implanted, some hidden features should be the discovery of the situation. That Yin Fan and Miao Gen had no contact and naturally would not know such hidden features.
Yuan Jiu’s expression and eyes were all captured by Yin Fan’s motionless color, and his heart was immediately flustered. Yao Jia was investigating Sun Tianning’s Yuan Jiu, and such an arrangement seemed to be to judge that her mole on the soles of her feet seemed to have no objection to the result, but what aroused their doubts?
The massage is still going on, and there is movement on the mobile phone. Seeing Xia Shuang’s name, Yin Fan’s expression is still faint.
"Mei Mei, I survived a narrow escape. Please congratulate me quickly!" Summer refreshing music from words over there.
"Congratulations!" Yin Fan’s positive method and this almost no one has any resonance sound, which is just out of courtesy and entertainment.
"What’s wrong with you?" Xia Shuang feels that Miao’s state is very wrong. If it would be more unrestrained than her at ordinary times, she would be excited. But it’s so strange that she seems to be completely uninterested today!
"No, it’s just that a masseur massaged my feet again. I feel a little awkward!" Yin Fan smiled awkwardly. If it weren’t for Yuan Jiu’s presence, she wouldn’t be so lazy to deal with these people.
"Well, I’ll report my situation to you." Xia Shuang didn’t care about the attitude. "You have a goddaughter. Her name is Gao. When she was born, she was seven pounds, three ounces and fifty centimeters long!"
"Very good!" Yin Fan tried to smile, but it still didn’t seem to show any joy.
Xia Shuang is a little depressed, but I don’t seem to care about her situation at all, and I seem to be disturbed by her. I looked at the display screen again, and Xia Shuang made sure that I didn’t make a mistake, but how could this be the case?
I didn’t even ask her about the birth process, and I didn’t have the heart. Her mother-in-law didn’t even ask her about the milk. This is so unlike the wind!
Xia Shuang still wants to say something. It seems that there has been a trend of questioning, but it was stopped by the high-spirited expression next to her. Looking at Gao Qing’s sign for her to hang up and move, she also cooperated. "I won’t tell you if the child is going to nurse!"
"Well, take good care of the children!" Yin Fan finally breathed a sigh of relief in his mind.
But Yuan Jiu’s heart is hanging high. Xia Shuang is her best friend. She can physically block Lu Yijia’s fork. Xia Shuang can cruelly attack Xia Dahai. They are even sisters, but they can’t feel the excitement and joy just now. This is not like a character!
In front of my daughter-in-law, apart from her appearance and some fixed features, there seems to be no place where her original features are. Is it true that her mind has been controlled or her brain has been destroyed by others? Are these people also related to her son’s disappearance?
"What about Li Shifu?" Thought of here, Yuan Jiu felt that the most suspicious person around him was Sun Tianning, who had his own coffee shop and ran here as a driver. Isn’t that strange?
"He has something to ask for leave at home!" Yin Fan felt that Sun Tianning should leave and do some groundwork. "By the way, he seems to have a coffee shop near our company. Now he has some money in his hand and wants to transfer it. I think he can agree to take it."
In fact, the coffee shop was funded by Yin Fan, and now it is returned to its original owner, which is naturally no longer what.
"Does he need money so badly?" Yuan JIU pondered in his heart.
"It seems that there is something at home!" Yin Fan kept beating drums in his heart. It seems that Sun Tianning can’t stay here all day.
Yuan Jiu nodded his head and didn’t speak again. It’s not clear what the following situation is now. Sun Tianning’s situation is naturally impossible to discuss with her.
On this day, Yuan Jiu’s head is going to explode. I can’t figure out the ins and outs here. How did this Sun Tianning get to lucky chance Pavilion? Miao said it was a property introduction, but there was no such person registered in the property. Is Miao lying or is this Sun Tianning too powerful?
"Why haven’t you slept so late?" When Lu Da came back from the busy army, he saw his wife with a sad face.
"What’s going on in Song Yang?" Yuan Jiu is most worried about himself.
"I have already mixed into the gang, but now I can learn that ink painting does have a past with this gang organization, but it is not clear whether it is involved in fashion!" Lu Da sat beside Yuan Jiu dully. "I think it should be Ann at present!"
"Is it really ink dry?" Yuan JIU looked indecisive.
"Whether he did it or not, he’s like that now, and it’s natural that we can’t care about anything because we saved it. It doesn’t matter if we can find the fashion!" Lu Fengxing gently comforted his wife.
"I now think that Miao may also be threatened!" Yuan Jiu thinks this seems to be an ambiguous topic. If the popular thing is ink painting, it makes no sense that ink painting is controlled. Everyone knows that ink painting will not hurt ink painting.
Liu Da couldn’t help frowning. Now, however, their family’s key protection is a mistake, and it’s impossible for them to come to Xia Shuang’s thrilling scene. He has learned in the military that Miao is absolutely impossible for similar things to happen again.
"I have asked Yao Jia to investigate the Sun Tianning around her. I always think there is something wrong with this person!" Yuan Jiu felt that everything could have a result before she made it clear that she didn’t want her husband to follow her thoughts and affect her work.
"Sun Tianning?" Lu Da pondered for a while and said, "Since there is a problem, I will arrange someone to investigate you. It is more important to take good care of Miao. I will tell you when I find out!"
Yuan JIU felt that he was really confused. This kind of thing should naturally be left to her husband’s trained people to do. This kind of thing is definitely quick.
After a night’s sleep and suffering, Lu Fengxing finally saw the new sun and finally ushered in the windproof time after breakfast.
"What’s the situation?" Lu Fengxing approached Richard on crutches and came straight to the point.
"That woman is Jin Yuying, the boss of Oriental Fashion Culture Broadcasting Company. She visits here several times a year and is the main donor here. Is there any problem?" Richard is nervous about Lu Fengxing and can’t understand it.
"There are two women here. Where’s the other one?" Lu Fengxing can assume that Richard said this must be the curly-haired girl who came with Miao.