Thunder Boot Weight 2 Durable 3/7 Attack 1 Defense 3 Wear Weight +3 Need to Attack 45

Sure enough, all the equipment didn’t last long, although it didn’t reach a critical point, but if we practiced crazily for a few hours like yesterday, the guarantee department would be worn away and depressed. Zhang Long resigned himself to repairing his equipment in front of his last jewelry store owner. After Zhang Long specially repaired the jewelry department, he quickly sent a message to Zhang Xiaodong, "Where am I?"
"The same place yesterday! Everyone is here. "Zhang Xiaodong simply replied to a message.
"A group of leveling crazies!" Zhang Long really has some crazy guys who can’t be shaped. They are facing the same monster and teammates in the same map every day. How can they never feel tired of leveling? But then Zhang Long looks at his 5-level 2% experience, and his heart is also carefree and a fiery 1% experience. If you work hard again today, you should almost be able to practice this level! I thought that this dragon quickly manipulated the characters to return to the safe area, and then I bought two bundles of powerful gold sores medicine from the owner of Tucheng drugstore, and I ran towards the stone tomb array with nearly a bundle of powerful magic medicine.
The character just came to the entrance of the fourth floor of the stone tomb. Before Zhang Long could react, he saw that his HP had dropped a lot rapidly, and it was still falling continuously. This heart was in chaos. Zhang Long also came to see what happened, so he immediately manipulated the character to retreat. Fortunately, the original Zhang Long didn’t come with many mice, and then the character retreated smoothly. Vaguely, Zhang Long seemed to see a group of players blocked at the door. Presumably, they just attacked, but they didn’t know whether they were their own country or other countries.
Fill up your HP in a dress like a chicken monty armor that has just been splashed with chicken blood. Zhang Long looked at the dark hole in front of him and hesitated. This situation really makes people worry about not going in. Have you been deadlocked with them here? Go in. Maybe there won’t be a good luck this time. It’s very likely that you will fall to the ground before you can see who is attacking you clearly.
Just when Zhang Long was hesitant about what to do, suddenly a fighter with a fierce attack emerged from the fourth floor. When the player saw this dragon, he quickly manipulated the character to take a step back, and at the same time, the mouse quickly swept towards him and the name Proud Sword emerged. His country-Beach.
To see clearly that this player is Zhang Long, a beach country, there is nothing to be polite about quickly manipulating the characters to come to this proud sword. It is a brutal collision that directly knocks the whole character back again and again, and then it is ready. The fierce attack of fire swordsmanship has been attacked by Zhang Long continuously. The proud sword HP is less than 5, and this proud sword is extremely unlucky to be paralyzed by the Zhang Long paralysis ring. Seeing that this dragon attacks harder, assassination, attack and killing and other attack skills are rapidly moving towards. When the proud blade is cut off, the proud blade is weak. HP is even more in jeopardy. I can keep drinking the powerful gold sore medicine in my bag, and there is not much sun water to supplement my health.
At this moment, several players came out from the fourth floor of the stone tomb, and some players kept coming out behind. Without looking at Zhang Long, I knew that those people must be Beechcraft players. After all, at that time, from time to time, they split on themselves and thundered red and green poison, not to mention the situation, and several warriors were angrily running towards themselves.
Looking at his side, this HP has more than 200 proud swords, Zhang Long, which can make the experience fly again. It’s another brutal collision. While flying the proud sword, the Zhang Long fire once again hit him.
Watching his characters retreat uncontrollably, and the damn man called me Dragon Little, but he followed Aojian closely like a maggot attached to a bone. I couldn’t help but glance at his heart and scolded him. HP actually had three drops of blood, and Aojian was delighted to find that his characters had just recovered from paralysis at this moment, even without adding blood, and he quickly manipulated the characters to run towards the front. In a panic, Aojian actually foolishly ran straight towards the rest of the front instead of following his team. Friends meet, and Zhang Long is catching up, of course, thus forming a very interesting picture. A warrior dressed in monty and holding an angry chop is running fast in front, while a warrior dressed in Phoenix is following closely behind him, a few steps away, and then a team of about thirty or forty players is following closely with the first two people.
Shit! How can you run so well! Zhang Long looked at his proud sword in front of him gloomily. It’s a little bit like this proud sword speed! Just when Zhang Long was depressed, the proud sword in front suddenly fell to the ground without knowing what the reason was, and contributed to it by the way.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven It turned out to be them
What’s the matter? Zhang Long wondered at how the body lying in front of him suddenly ran and this guy hung up and didn’t attack him, and there was no monster next to him! On second thought, this proud sword was left with only single digits HP by himself, and he didn’t seem to come to add blood all the way. Zhang Long is a little white, so this proud sword hangs up! There was a snicker in my heart, but Zhang Long hasn’t let go of that angry chop. Although I don’t like it at present, it can be a good favor to give it to my friends who haven’t been angry.
Zhang Longgang was surprised to find that he had been surrounded by the team of beach players behind him. He quickly scanned for a week and saw that a dozen people were surrounding themselves in Zhonggen. It was impossible to rush out, which made Zhang Long wonder that this team did not attack themselves immediately, but there was no other movement after surrounding themselves.
Is it that the body is disconnected? Zhang Long was puzzled to think that just as Zhang Long was just about to take action to see if he could break through, a famous exhibition warrior led a line of words "How come Long Shao doesn’t remember us?"
Words! Zhang Long turned supercilious look heart way, I wish I knew you! But the current situation is that the enemy is strong and we are weak, and Zhang Long dare not be too arrogant. He asked, "It seems that I have nothing against you guys!"
"There is no hatred!" Exhibition and quickly typed, "it seems that you are really forgetful! The second time in the fire dragon cave, didn’t you and the Oriental Sword tell us to get out of here? We have never dared to forget this matter! Although the Oriental Sword is mighty every time, a large group of people follow us and it is difficult to block him, but you are different. Today, I will let you taste the taste of being hanged by our group of shrimp in your eyes! "
Although the face is a set of cold words, Zhang Long still realized a kind of heartfelt resentment from it, and he remembered it. I couldn’t help cursing a sentence again. That damn fire moon pair was originally for giving him a head start, which angered this group of people. That’s good for me. I can’t keep the 5% experience value this time. Unfortunately, I am about to upgrade! When Zhang Long was worried, he casually pressed the F9 baggage button to wait for the gift ring in his baggage. When Zhang Long’s heart was filled with joy, he was able to run away even if he couldn’t beat this group of people! After the war, Zhang Long’s tone hardened and he typed coldly, "This is the reality. At the beginning, I was stronger than you, but I was arrogant. Today, I fell into your hands and admitted that I was unlucky. What do you think?"
When I saw the man of the hour who once made myself and others dream of the game, I was called Dragon Little. Saying these words to myself and others was a bit of a’ grievance for mercy’ meaning words. Several people sitting together in an Internet cafe all smiled at each other and nodded. The leading exhibitor even ignored other people in the Internet cafe’s glare and laughed wildly, while gesturing to several teammates with ranged attack skills next to him to make some small magic attack Zhang Long’s Zhang Long, which was lost because of the past battle, or to send scrolls while his fingers snapped on the keyboard and said, "Why is the dragon less afraid? Tell you that you are dead today! "
Once again, Zhang Long rolled his eyes gloomily. I really don’t know whether to be a fool or a fool to form this group of people. Didn’t anyone see that he was ready to send a ring? Naturally, some small fireballs, soul fire symbols and other lethality are not big attack skills to put themselves into a state of battle. Zhang Long quickly typed, "A group of SB have no time to play with you and leave first!" After that, I typed the command quickly and entered a coordinate at random, then pressed enter.
Go! Exhibitor looked at his brain screen with disdain, and a little arrogant snigger rose from the corners of his mouth. Can he find it himself? Just as Zhan Shi was about to scold a few more words, he was surprised to find that the dragon characters had disappeared! "What’s the matter?" Exhibition and some crazy to ask a few people around him, isn’t he already in a state of combat? How can I send it away?
Facing the boss’s almost murderous eyes, a small fireball hit Master Zhang Long and stammered, "Boss is not right, we have been attacking him!"
"Don’t? ….. "Next to a young man with glasses hesitated, but watching the boss focus on himself still supported the way," I heard one of my strange brothers say that Dragon Shaoshen seemed to have sent a ring. He didn’t just run away! "
"Send a ring to send a ring …" The exhibitor repeatedly chanted these words back and forth as if to rub them into his heart. I didn’t expect that I had prepared for so long to grasp the law of dragon thread less, so that it would not be easy to block him, but in the end it was actually destroyed by a mere ring.
"Boss, let’s hurry back to Beach!" After all, everyone is still in the country of alliance, and we and others have just blocked others. The king wants to call me Long Shao. I believe that in five minutes, all players who are practicing in the stone tomb will come to search for themselves, and the consequences will be unimaginable. The eyes turned pale at the thought.
"Why should I run?" Exhibitors looked ferocious and said, "Are we still afraid of just a few allies for such a large group of people? Let’s kill one here, one for each other, one for each other! "
Boss is crazy! A few people looked at their boss in surprise and joked about blocking the king in his country and letting people run away. Will a few people come to you? I shudder at the thought of facing tens of millions of loyal players.
But looking at a face of horror, the boss thinks that the boss is not too thin to die for himself and others. It’s just a big deal to lose 5% experience. A few people lament in their hearts. They are searching around with the exhibitors at the fourth floor of the stone tomb. When they meet more players than themselves, they wisely choose to retreat. Once they meet those people who are less than themselves or whose comprehensive strength is not as good as their own, they will not be polite. For a while, the whole alliance national channel is in a mess. All kinds of information are filled with people’s sight because of the players who died in the stone tomb.
As soon as the surrounding scenery changed, Zhang Long saw that his characters had reappeared in a corner on the fourth floor of the stone tomb. Think about that a few players were depressed when they saw themselves suddenly flying away. Zhang Long couldn’t help laughing, but after seeing Chen Mi staring at himself in amazement, Zhang Long smiled and hurriedly put his attention back into the game. After seeing the information coming in from the player’s speech column, Zhang Long’s heart was filled with anger, and the group of people blocked themselves. However, after killing themselves, they actually vented their anger on other ordinary players in their own country, which was a bit too much.
Thinking of this dragon, I can’t wait to come to the team of beach players immediately and hang all their departments back to my country. But think about that I am alone now, and there are more than a dozen people on the other side. Zhang Long still wisely and impulsively sent a message to Zhang Xiaodong "Are you there?"
"Yes," Zhang Xiaodong quickly replied, "Why haven’t you come yet? Didn’t I tell you that everyone is practicing in the old place!"
"What are you doing?" Zhang Long quickly typed, "Did you see what happened on the national channel?"
"See is not a few beach shrimp in our country to kill people? What’s the matter, boss? " There Zhang Xiaodong asked incredulously.
"You just practiced in the stone tomb and didn’t say to help!" Zhang Long quite despises from ruin and Zhang Xiaodong.
"Help what! If anyone in our country cries for help and I have to help, I won’t practice! " Zhang Xiaodong discontentedly replied.
"too!" Zhang Long nodded understandingly and continued, "Those people were blocking me, but the ring I sent flew away, so they killed other players in Stone Tomb 4."