Love secretly exclaimed a what oneself see spent eyes.

It was that harsh animal sound that woke up the pear falling from a long sleep.
"Where is love?" Pear falls wide awake and her eyes are soft and she asks in love’s ear.
I was shocked by the strange things that happened in front of me. I was just wondering when I suddenly heard the pear fall and woke up. I was calm and modest. "I don’t know where this is, but we have to get out of here as soon as possible."
Talking suddenly takes back the spiritual power.
Once again, the original forest became opaque, but the pear fell in a white gauze, and the white skin was crystal clear. Even in this opaque environment, it was very conspicuous.
"The ground here is too dirty, so I’d better hold you and go." I don’t want to wait for the pear to agree, but I will hold it horizontally.
It was at that moment that a male voice said, "Hum, you really betrayed Luo Shengmeng!"
The male voice is very familiar. Obviously, it is Wu Zu, the mecha of Luoshengmeng killer camp.
But the sound is still far away, less than a kilometer away
Kilometers distance for the mecha WuZu five attributes LingWu wings to fly but is a moment.
After a few flashes, I saw twelve colorful beams of light in the dense branches and leaves above my head.
That beam of light is obviously their wings.
Emotion to a spirit of the earth pressed him a little out of breath, and he knew that he had been locked in the position, that is, the pear fell on the left armpit to induce the colorful energy ball in his mind.
Colorful energy ball will shine colorful light on the dark forest again.
Look at the trees in front of me, full of strange trees, but I was surprised to leave a kilometer-long narrow path, so I cast a strange line and swept a hundred meters to avoid the mecha Wu Zu as quickly as possible.
However, the 12 Wu Zu killers in the Luoshengmeng killer camp also fell into the dark forest, summoning colorful energy balls to light up the road ahead, displaying the same speed of pursuit and going away.
Love is not sentimental about Xiao Fei being swallowed by that man-eating tree
Maybe it’s not just a cannibal tree. Maybe it’s a tree demon.
Just like this, I thought that the narrow path suddenly became narrow in front of me, as if the ancient trees were slowly shrinking to swallow up the narrow path.
Feelings to step up and repeatedly display the spirit consumption in the attribute dish in mind is also huge.
Method to calculate how much spirit it takes to release the stranger every time, but I know that I must absorb more spirits around me as soon as possible while consuming them.
Love is attribute fighters can absorb the spirit they need almost everywhere.
Richham ratio in dark forest has light ice property.
Moreover, some exotic flowers and plants growing in the forest are not so healthy and have some toxic properties.
There are also some water properties in the muddy soil on the ground.
And that spirit with wind attribute in the night breeze.
Love can quickly absorb the spirit you need in these meager four spiritual attributes.
At least every time he releases Mo Hang, the spirit in his property dish does not show negative growth.
On the contrary, those who follow the mecha Wu Zuyou behind him have shown a lack of spiritual strength.
I was hooked up, but suddenly I found myself stepping on one foot.
Love a stuffy hum andao a bad.
However, at the moment of stepping, the stranger was released again, only to find that there was no focus on the toes, but Ling fell.
Chapter 369: Dark Wood Demon Forest
read; Love with pear fall into the dark abyss 12 mecha Wu Zu also reached the cliff at the same time.
First 1 mecha Wu Zu heavy drink behind a 11 mecha Wu Zu immediately stop.
Wu Zu, the No.2 mecha, also said in a male voice, "We still chase No.1"
Mecha Wu Zu is expressionless and their sound is also sentimental. Male voice No.1 replied, "This is the dark wood demon forest. There should have been three of them. We saw two people, and the other one must have been swallowed up by the tree demon. Since the two of them fell into the abyss, they must have been surrounded by all kinds of demons. We don’t have to continue to chase them."
"Love is also a master of Wu Zu. He can summon Lingwu wings to escape." No.2 mecha Wu Zu woke up.
"The abyss outside the dark wood demon forest is called the demon abyss, where there is an enchantment. Xu Jin is not allowed to leave. Even if the situation can summon Lingwu wings, it is impossible to escape from the demon abyss." No.1 mecha Wu Zu affirmed.
"Then should we continue to look for every seven male" No.2 continued.
Looking up at the dark night, No.1 replied, "We don’t have to wave our strength when the Seven Duke is dead."
No.2 asked no more questions.
Seeing that their narrow path is about to be swallowed up by the ancient trees, No.1 shouted without hesitation, "Go! Go back! "
12 mecha Wu Zu summoned colorful Lingwu wings to soar away from the dark wood demon forest at the same time.
At the same time, the dark wood demon forest and ancient trees swallowed up all the narrow paths, and the abyss was dark. A colorful light beam was faintly visible at the speed of falling, and the colorful light speed faded away and was gradually swallowed up by the night.
An evening breeze suddenly swept in.
Two figures, one black and one white, crawled out from the ancient trees of the black wood demon forest. Their heads were covered with willow branches and their limbs were somewhat rigid.
"Yu Xiaofei, take a quick look at it. This is what you have respected for a long time. Brother Ten never thought about your situation when he was in danger." Bai was eaten by the tree demon.
And black is eaten by Xiao Fei with every seven male.
Yu Xiaofei said coldly, "I will go against the sky if I am treated unfairly!" From now on, Yu Xiaofei is no longer in the past, but in Xiaofei, and there are no more brothers. "
"Luo Shengmeng also abandoned my feelings in times of crisis. From now on, I will no longer be the same as before, and I will no longer need an alliance." Every seven male voices are also full of cold.
Two people voice slightly fall body flush a strong murder at the same time.