"Shut up!"

The veins stood out. Gu Zhenglin glanced at the housekeeper. She grabbed Gu Xin Jiao’s collar and stopped her talking. I don’t know where to get two ropes to tie Gu Xin Jiao’s hands and feet to the servants on both sides. She said, "Miss Jiao’s recent nerve abnormality should wait in the room later. I will find two doctors to come over and watch this issue."
This process Gu Xin jiao had no resistance at all.
On the other side, Shen Xinyu was taken out of the villa by Gu Zhenglin and directly returned to the manor by car.
Although Gu Zhenglin will talk to her in this process, Shen Xinyu feels that he is in a bad mood. Although he doesn’t understand what this is, she thinks it should be talked to Gu Xinjiao just now.
She doesn’t doubt that the housekeeper and Gu Zhenglin will believe Gu Xin Jiao’s words. The reason is that Gu Xin Jiao has been abnormal recently and everyone has seen it. Even if she says she is crazy, I’m afraid no one will doubt it. Besides, her face is similar to Gu Xin Zi’s. She says that she is Gu Xin Zi, which proves that there is a ghost in her heart.
But do the housekeeper and Gu Zhenglin care so much?
Section 352
What is Gu Xinzi and Shen Xinyu?
Or do they know the truth?
Tang Shiyan opened his eyes and found himself lying in a hospital bed, raised his hand and rubbed his forehead to sit up.
Assistant Li immediately held him down and said nervously, "Mr. Tang, your wound hasn’t healed yet, so it’s not appropriate to get up now."
Tang Shiyan seemed to realize that his abdomen was wrapped with thick gauze and said hoarsely, "What’s wrong with me?"
"Shi Yan, are you awake?" Tang Shaogong pushed the door and saw Assistant Li walk over and patted him on the shoulder. "You go and have a rest. I’ll talk to him."
Assistant Li hung his head and gave the cup to Tang Shaogong. He got up and went out.
"Don’t hurt a little, what do you want me to do to prepare for the funeral?"
Tang Shiyan was lying there, and his mouth was dry because of excessive blood loss, and he even had a joke in his mood.
Tang Shaogong sighed and stopped him from getting up and moving. He handed the cup to his mouth and let him take a sip. It was not until he completely swallowed it that he said, "Simply put, your wound is infected with shell casings and it is one inch deep. You must have surgery."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three What’s the grudge between Liao Jingjing and Gu Xinzi?
Tang Shiyan’s deep eyes looked at Tang Shaogong who nodded and said, "The sooner the better."
"Right here?"
Tang Shiyan looked up at the surrounding environment and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Tang Shaogong lowered his head and was not in the mood to observe his reaction. He simply said, "It doesn’t matter where it is. I have asked Mr. Weiss to contact a professional medical team. It doesn’t matter which city you want to go to for treatment and cultivation."
"Go ahead," Tang Shiyan interrupted him. "What’s the situation?"
They all say that they know their own physical condition and they can’t hide it from Tang Shaogong, or there is no need to hide it from Tang Shaogong. He wiped his face and sighed, "Mr. Weiss said that your injured part is special, and now you are almost shot through by a shell. Even if you operate immediately, there are two levels of success rate. Another safe way is to perform partial spleen transplantation. Your assistant and several hands just matched, and the results don’t match."
To put it bluntly, Tang Shiyan’s current situation is out of a dilemma, and the chances of success in immediate surgery are very small. If he waits for the right match, he doesn’t know how long it will take, and his infection level can’t wait until then.
Although it is said that the human body can still live after removing the spleen, it is not scientific. Mr. Weiss also strongly disapproves of doing that. The spleen, an important organ of the human body, controls the epidemic function of the human body, especially for a strong man like Tang Shiyan. If it is removed, his life span will be greatly reduced as a cripple in the rest of his life, which is no different from the failure of surgery.
"How long will this process take?" For a long time in the later Tang Dynasty, Yan asked the handsome face and made waves.
"If the operation is successful, you should cultivate yourself for half a year. Don’t worry about this. I have helped you to connect a private holiday resort, Down’s Group, which can be left to your uncle for the time being."
Tang Shaogong said and looked at it again. "Your uncle should be here soon. Maybe he can match successfully."
"Don’t inform the second uncle about this matter," said Tang Shiyan and slowly sat up from the bed.
The second child is old, even if the match is successful, it is not suitable for this kind of operation.
Not "What are you doing?" See Tang Shiyan Tang Shaogong during the single-handedly grabbed the railing of the bed and sat up.
Tang Shiyan said slowly, "I still have some things to deal with."
"What time is this nonsense? What do you need to deal with yourself?"