"I also like to make friends with people with generous personality." The man looked at her and smiled gently. "Then I propose a toast to you and apologize for everyone. Let’s pretend that the unpleasant things never happened tonight."

The man spoke sincerely and first raised his glass and drank all the wine in it, saying, "I’ll make a toast first."
Qin Xiaobao is also a generous person who took the man’s hand and handed it to the glass and drank it in one gulp. "Before, I didn’t forgive others so easily. Today, I saw that Pei was less handsome and generous, so I made an exception."
The man nodded as if to say that he accepted Qin Xiaobao’s compliment.
"The money is back in my pocket and I’ve drunk the wine. I should go." Qin Xiaobao waved to the man. "See you later!"
The man looked at Qin Xiaobao smiling without a word, and his eyes were deep and difficult to understand.
Qin Xiaobao turned around and suddenly found that her feet were as heavy as lead, so she couldn’t move her roots.
Not only do my feet sink, my head is dizzy, but my vision is gradually blurred. These people seem to be shaking in front of me.
"Depend! You his mama give me medicine "Qin Xiaobao bitten to grind this kind of thing often heard didn’t expect to let her to touch.
I think she has been following the war since she was a child and followed Qin Yue everywhere. I didn’t expect to be planted in the hands of such a few beggars today
One of them said, "Pei Shao, this little girl’s temper is really not normal. At this time, she can still do it without changing her face."
"Give me the medicine, you wait and see, I won’t strip you this help a turtle grandson skin" Qin Xiaobao tried to stare big eyes to stay awake.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." There are those people around who laugh wildly, but don’t be puffed up. "At this time, she still wants to skin us, so let’s skin her first."
"Strip my clothes? I’ll let you know which finger touches me and which finger can’t stay. "Qin Xiaobao’s words are still arrogant, but his heart is a little panicked."
Nothing like this has happened to her, and I don’t know what medicine these turtles gave her.
Her head is getting so foggy that she can hardly think. They sound so close that she can’t hear what they say clearly.
She consciously shook the mobile phone in her pocket and didn’t know if she had just got through to Zhannian North’s mobile phone, whether Zhannian North had answered it or whether Zhannian North would come to save her …
Qin Xiaobao’s head slowly turned into a white body when he missed the war in the north, and she fell to the ground with a soft bang, and she didn’t know anything.
Subconsciously, she scolded this group of tortoise eggs severely. When she wakes up, she will definitely skin them.
Looking at Qin Xiaobao, the others stopped laughing. All eyes looked at the man. "What should Sir do with this girl?"
The man got up and went to Qin Xiaobao’s side. He squatted and stretched out his hand to hold her. He raised her head slightly and stared at her again and again. He seemed to want to see something from Qin Xiaobao’s face.
It was a long time before the man said, "Send it to my room."
A few men exchanged a look before lifting Qin Xiaobao and leaving.
Just then, the door was kicked a hole, and then a thick wooden door was kicked into several pieces, and then the tall figure of Zhannian North appeared in front of them.
The sudden appearance of Zhannian North made everyone present know each other and stepped back a few steps involuntarily.
"It turned out to be you, the commander of the war." The first man smiled and said, "I heard that you never come to such a colorful place. Why are you interested today?"
Zhannian North grabbed Qin Xiaobao and carried her on her shoulder like a cheetah. Her sharp eyes swept the room.
It’s only a trip to the North that I remember all the people with looks and backgrounds, and they are also recorded in his mind.
Chapter 274 Want to rob it?
The first man said, "I heard that you have never been close to women. How did you come to my site to rob people?"
"I want to grab it. Is there any reason?" Shirley eyes a narrow war read north coldly throw words.
The man looked at Zhan Nianbei and defiantly said, "As the saying goes, the commanders of the war have rules and regulations. If you want to steal women from me, you have to ask my brothers if they agree?"
"Hum …" War read north cold hum a "how many people together don’t talk nonsense with the old here"
Dare to Qin Xiaobao medicine has touched the bottom line of war, he has no intention of letting go of this group of people, who want to challenge him first.
Zhan Nianbei grew up in the army and learned a picture of a steel body, that is, if he doesn’t hit people, his fist will hurt others if it falls on him.
With a wave of his hand, the first man led the command department to attack Zhannian North together.
Zhannian Beilian kicked his legs so fast that he attacked others. Before he could see clearly, he was beaten down one by one and folded in front of his eyes like a pyramid. He stepped on the back of the most people and there was a cry.
He looked at the first man and said coldly, "Remember to polish your dog eyes when you want to play with women and no one is in your way."
Leave a room with Qin Xiaobao on his back, and people look at each other.