Xiao Jiu didn’t get back to the workshop until he saw the house clearly, so he got a burning slap in the face.
"Little, young master …" See who is playing one of our own in front of us and then see the man sitting in the house. Xiao Jiu burst into a kneeling position. "Me, me …"
She tried to explain, but she was so scared that she didn’t know how to explain.
"Xiao Jiu, who gave you such a dare to act privately?" The question is with a male dragon day beside Louis.
Dragon day grew up in the dragon’s parents’ family and followed the dragon pterosaur’s family when they were wiped out. They also came alive with Xiao Jiu.
Although he also hates Shen family and Shen Lingxi, he is more loyal to his Lord, and he dare not touch Shen Lingxi without orders.
At this moment, he first cleaned up Xiao Jiu for the Lord, punishing Xiao Jiu for the Lord and making decisions without authorization, and also trying to save Xiao Jiu’s life.
He also knows the weight, knowing that hitting Xiao Jiu at most hurts her. If they let him do it, Xiao Jiu will die.
Xiao Jiu knelt on the ground and said with trepidation, "Master, I … do this for you, too. That woman in Shenyang betrayed you and killed so many people. She doesn’t deserve to have your baby."
"She doesn’t deserve it!" Longyi got up and came to Xiao Jiu with slow and elegant steps. "So tell me who she doesn’t deserve?"
Xiao Jiu was too scared to look up at Louis and bite his tongue before making a sound.
"Master!" Dragon day burst into a kneeling on the ground. "Master Xiao Jiu is young and doesn’t know the weight of things. Please forgive her for being loyal to the Dragon Family for two generations. She will never make it again this time."
Dragon day quickly elbowed Xiao Jiu to make her admit her mistake and stop being silly to annoy their Lord.
They have always been with the Lord, and how much the Lord cares about that woman in Shenyang, the two of them know perfectly well.
Even if that woman had done so much harm to Shen family, their Lord had promised to get rid of that woman himself, but when the woman was brought back, their Lord relented instantly.
When that woman cries, their Lord will feel pity for her. That woman is a typical femme fatale.
But the Lord cares that she is nervous, and they can’t do anything to that woman.
Xiao Jiu was so scared that he cried, but he still didn’t admit his mistake. "It’s wrong for me to disobey your orders, but I don’t think I did it wrong. My husband and wife died and that woman in Shenyang is very big. If she were allowed to have your child in Jiuquan, her husband and wife would die unsatisfied."
Dragon day couldn’t wait to cover Xiao Jiu’s mouth. Didn’t she know that the young master was angry and asked him to order her to kill her?
A year ago, the dragon family slept soundly at night, and I don’t know who set a fire and burned down the whole dragon house.
That night, the fire burned half the sky. When firefighters arrived, the Dragon family almost burned alive, and three of them escaped.
A year ago, the police closed the case, and the closing statement was that the short circuit of Longjia line caused the family of the big fire dragon to sleep too heavily, and sometimes it was found that they could not come when they found it.
Later, the investigation revealed that it wasn’t the dragon family who slept too dead or the short circuit, but someone gave them sleeping pills and someone deliberately set fire to the dragon family before the fire broke out.
And to do all this is that the Shenyang family set fire to it.
And the sleeping pills that let the Dragon family sleep in their diet are directed at Miss Shen Lingxi of Shenyang.
Longyi clearly remembers what happened on the day when the Dragon Family was destroyed.
On that day, Shen Lingxi volunteered to stay at their house and was busy helping to prepare dinner before dinner.
Louis loves her dearly, holding her and not letting her into the kitchen. "I wish Xiaoxi had a servant to do it. Don’t be busy."
She smiled and poked him in the chest. "I’ll meet Jackie Chan’s daughter-in-law later, so let me get used to living in her husband’s family."
At that time, he was so happy that he held her around like a fool. "Well, wait for me!" "
She laughed. "What are you waiting for?"
He kissed her. "I’ll call you Mrs. Guanlong soon."
Mrs. Long?
Now that I think about it, she has never seen the name Mrs. Long.
Everything she did, she promised him to pursue, but it was just to help the Shen family destroy the Dragon Family.
What a sinister and vicious woman! !
In order to help Shenyang destroy the Dragon Family, she fooled everyone with her acting skills. Maybe she even fooled herself.
"Master Xiao Jiu is right, please think more about the dragon family’s dozens of fresh lives that were burned alive." At this time, dragon day did not want to deceive himself with Louis.
So many people will die in the Dragon Family. All the evidence points to Shen Lingxi, and Shen Lingxi may have taken medicine in their meals.
Why do you want to help their Lord defend her when you know that woman is the murderer?
A lot of times, Dragon Days wanted to stab that woman to death for the Lord.
On the one hand, you risk your life with yourself, and on the other hand, you betray your woman. The balance in the hands of Louis will naturally be biased towards the former.
"You go back." Finally Louis finally let go. When they got up and walked to the door, he added, "If there is another time, it will never be light."
Chapter 21 Who can touch her?
The news that Yu Lingxi’s murder was controlled by people has intensified, which has almost caused a sensation in the whole country A. Many people who eat melons without truth spontaneously organize the behind-the-scenes ambassadors to kill people.
But it’s a pity that no matter how hard they dig up the news, they can’t find any news about the girl except the photo that was exposed before.
Some people even suspect that the girl is not real.
It is very likely that she was a powerful person who deliberately released smoke bombs in order to exonerate Miss Shenyang.
Some people made such a guess and soon won the support of many people.
After rational analysis by thoughtful netizens, more and more people support their views. In a short time, everyone shifted the focus to the powerful person behind the scenes.
It is true that netizens are Sherlock Holmes in the network, and soon some netizens smell different gunpowder lines and lead them to Shenyang.
The joke idea hit Qin Leran, which was the stupidest thing behind the scenes.
Qin Leran is Nan Zhai’s most concerned girl, which is his weakness. She is right to deal with Nan Zhai, but they ignore a very important key point.
Nan Zhai cares so much about girls. This is his territory again. How can he let his girls suffer a little injustice?
In addition to the President, there is Qin Yue, the head of Shengtian.
Knowing that others should know that the business tycoon is a man who can’t wait to spoil his wife and daughter.
Someone wants to hit on his daughter, so ask him if he agrees or not
Not only will Sheng Tianqin never promise, but the one who has been guarding Qin Leran for fourteen years has been silently protecting her brother.
Not only does he want his parents to protect his sister, but he also wants to protect the girl who has been hiding in his mind.
Who else has the ability to rip Qin Leran out after layers of protection?
Of course, Cong Qin Leran will not fail to understand this truth.
Therefore, no matter how big the storm was outside, she didn’t take this matter to heart at all, and she still stayed in the disaster area and had a good school day.
There is hardly anything that makes her feel uncomfortable except that she has a broken foot and is a little inconvenient to walk.
"Little jealous sister, I want to invite you to our house for dinner late." After all classes in the afternoon, Qin Leran was cleaning up the class and ran to the podium to pull her skirts and looked at her expectantly.