Red immediately melody nowadays a soft on the float in the sky arms hands encircle the float in the sky neck warm response to his kiss.

For a long time, the lips were sweet in red, leaning against the flying arms, and the two stood quietly in the Wushu training room, enjoying the warm two-person world at the moment.
"Let’s go out in red." It took a long time to float in the sky and said softly in red ear.
"Well" nodded in red and flew out of the Wushu training room. When I saw flying back to the stone bed and sat cross-legged in red, I asked softly, "Brother, are you still practicing today?"
"No, I’ll meditate here for one night and continue training one day." Feiyang shook his head with a smile.
"The elder brother good night, I’ll go to rest first." Red smiled and nodded in the flying face and kissed it. Once again, a golden light instantly disappeared in the flying palm:
Chapter 75 Forging body
Flying retreat, cross-legged meditation is faster than going to the Sunday cycle. Many qi are condensed very quickly. The qi washes the meridians over and over again and flies overnight. I feel that my body is really yuan and solidified. The nine realms of the day after tomorrow are more stable, but there is a big gap from the realm of small success.
Flying away from the meditation, I slowly opened my eyes, carefully felt some kind of body truth, and then got up and walked out of the retreat with a satisfied smile.
"Brother Mo, why are you here?" Flying out of the retreat is to see Mo Ping sitting at a stone table and looking at himself with a smile and slightly surprised and asked.
"Oh, it seems that Feiyang received a lot of goods last night. It feels like it has become stronger again." Moping felt Feiyang a little bit and found that Feiyang is more calm than yesterday’s breath, so he smiled and praised.
"Thanks to Mo Dage, this training room is really magical. It feels less than a day in this practice than in the past March." Flying towards Mo Ping smiled and bowed his hand and said with admiration.
"Ha-ha, no, no, no, this practice room just increased the speed of practice. In fact, it is also very savvy to practice this matter. There is not much difference between someone practicing here and flying, but it is a thousand miles away for you to practice here. Understanding is very important for ancient fighters." MoPing laughed and shook his head.
"Mo curator, you ordered food." At this moment, a respectful sound suddenly occurred outside the door. It seems that the kitchen is responsible for delivering food outside.
"Well, come in," said Mo Ping lightly. The kitchen worker who was in charge of food delivery outside the door pushed the door and came in. Generally, the door of the training room is closed. But because Mo Ping is the general manager here, he has the qualification to enter and leave all the training rooms. Therefore, Mo Ping hit the training room when he came here, and then opened the door of the training room when he left here. Although Mo Ping can enter and leave the training room at will, the training room does allow one person to enter Mo Ping at most, but he can’t even explore the situation inside. However, the practitioner inside can always check the situation outside.
The kitchen worker who is responsible for delivering food will leave the training room and wait outside the door after putting the food on the stone table.
"Feiyang, come and have breakfast." When the delivery man went to the door, Mo Ping greeted Feiyang and sat at the stone table.
"Good Brother Mo" nodded and sat opposite Mo Pingman and picked up chopsticks to eat.
"Don’t your sister get something to eat?" MoPing asked curiously when he saw Feiyang and didn’t call his sister out for dinner.
"This is my sister who doesn’t eat, too," Feiyang replied with a smile.
"Oh, so that’s it." MoPing nodded and chatted while flying and soon wiped out the food department.
"Well, I’ll go first. If you need anything, just come to the front and find me." After breakfast, Mo Ping just got up and left, and the kitchen staff in charge of food delivery immediately came in and cleaned up the tableware. At the same time, he put some foods such as fruits and desserts that had already been prepared after dinner on the table, bowed to Feiyang and left quickly.
"Wow, there is fruit" until all the people are away from the red dress, and then they fly out of the flying palm, sit at the stone table, pick up an apple heart and eat it.
"Red, you stay outside while I practice." Flying corners of the mouth with a hint of spoil smile looked at red sitting in front of a stone table and ate my heart, smiled and said, and then walked towards the forging body.
"I’m going to wait for my brother," said the red man, turning around quickly with an apple in his hand.
"No, my brother is going to exercise and don’t need to hit the wooden man again. It is good that you wait outside." Feiyang shook his head and smiled.
"Well, brother, I’ll wait for you outside. You can practice at ease." Red hesitated and nodded and said.
"Well, wait outside and don’t come in to make trouble." Feiyang warned with a smile.
"I know, you go." Red sat back to the stone table and waved impatiently while eating fruit.
"This girl" Feiyang Nai shook his head and smiled and turned and walked into the forging body.
Flying just walked into the forging body, I felt that I was shining at the moment, and I felt that I was flying. I closed my eyes, and then I heard it, and there was a huge water ring in my ear. My eyes slowly adapted to the light flying, and I saw that I was in the ground at this time.
I saw a scorching sun hanging high in the blue sky and white clouds, but the foot was a stone beach. A wide long river was located at the end of the long river ahead. It was a silver waterfall with a height of 100 feet. In the long river, the water was fast, but the river was crystal clear. There were no creatures in the deep water for about two meters.
"What does this mean? Do you want me to practice in this river?" Feiyang hesitated a little and soon became white. Anyway, people around here shed their clothes and threw them on a boulder on the bank of the river and then jumped into the rushing river.
Just entering the water and flying, I feel that the strength of the current is extremely strong. Besides, if the water depth is more than two meters and the bottom mud is added, I’m afraid it will have to be three meters deep. It is extremely difficult to keep steady and swim in it.
Feiyang tried to control his body to float in the water, but he was quickly washed down by the huge current towards the downstream.