Chapter one hundred and forty The prelude to the war ()

With the anger, tens of thousands of fallen demons began to rush forward, but the fallen wizards were far behind. Bishop had to die before they died, but if they died before they died, they could live.
Anger at the time when the fallen demon launched an attack is also a violent expansion of the blood field of hell, and the evil influence has swept into Rogge camp. In the past, humans and hell fought more than once, such as the devil’s means. Murazat unhurriedly launched a huge holy light in the angel statue in the camp, and a column of light soared into the sky and then broke out in the sky.
All over the sky, the holy power rained down and dyed the whole camp with a layer of sacred glory. At one time, Rogge camp was full of sacred gas, and the glory was even more full of hymns. Seeing this was like a miraculous power. The refugees in the camp were all kneeling on the ground and praying to make the whole scene more sacred.
The expansion of the evil blood field into the camp city village will make it difficult to get angry one step further, which is also unpreparedness. However, the fallen demons have been supported by the forces of hell in the field, and one by one they have become more powerful. The flames of the fallen wizards burst into their bodies, bringing up one aura light field after another.
There are also many fallen demons with powerful aura. At the beginning, all the fallen demons are blessed in various States. When it comes to gain power, it is not only a paladin hell, but also very transparent to play.
Wizards and paladins in the castle are not weak. Akara spread a red light from the crystal ball in his hand. The castle was covered with Rogge and paladin weapons, and all of them brought out a red flame. The paladins spread the aura square to all the combatants in the castle. At that time, the defenders in Rogge camp were all dyed with various aura light fields.
At this time, Deputy Knight Commander Eli launched a meditation aura among all wizards with mass destruction. As soon as this square was opened, all wizards felt a burst of spirit. The speed of restoring mana increased dramatically. Although Knight Commander Eli and Murazat shared two factions, he also put up a struggle at this time. We can’t let him share the achievements of this war of extermination alone.
Captain Grace is known as the Blessing Paladin. He is a combination of blessing hammer and blessing aiming halo. At this time, the blessing aiming halo is covered by Rogge shooters. He took the hammer in his hand and began to infuse divine power. When the paladin aura is turned on, his personal strength will be displayed. The stronger the strength, the stronger the increase of paladin aura blessing and the wider the coverage.
When the fallen demons attack the city, they don’t have siege props, but they hold some linen bags filled with earth and stone one by one. Their first step is to fill the moat, otherwise they will be as tall as the city and fill the moat before they can attack the city.
The fallen demons are advancing very fast. Although they are timid, they have wizards behind them. They will not be afraid of death. One by one, they scream, Lakanius is crazy to charge the front of the castle. The fallen demons are not big. At the same time, they are so dense that they can cover almost the whole front of the castle. However, these demons are not as stupid as they think. When they reach a distance, the fallen demons begin to carry sacks to the moat in batches.
"Don’t these fallen demons say they are stupid?" After sitting in the fortress, Princess Lavinia puzzled and asked Northrend. She was also watching the battle ahead through a water mirror. It seems that their family background has been more profound since the beginning, and they have mastered a lot of witchcraft. Even Horatim did not have such witchcraft instruments.
"The fallen demon is stupid, but the wizard of the fallen demon is not stupid. The head of the elite fallen demon is also smarter and worse. The fallen demon can become a huge force in hell, and it is absolutely not to be underestimated by Diablo." Northrend commented, "It’s a pity that this anger is too light. It is really stupid to attack before the arrival of Lakaniu and Bishop."
As soon as the city fortress Flavi ordered the Rogge shooters to start throwing when the demon entered the 150-meter range, "Don’t stop the waves and arrows. If you don’t destroy the fallen magic wizards behind you, these fallen magic roots can’t be killed." Kasha stopped Flavi and prepared to attack. "So just watch them fill the moat?"
"If you don’t give it to the elemental wizards, there is a halo of meditation, and their mana is strong before the meeting," Kasha said coldly. At this time, the elemental wizards in the camp began to do it. There were not many elemental wizards in Sakaram except Murazat. On the contrary, there were more witches in Akbar, Rogge camp. Watching the fallen demon approach Akbar, a dozen witches ordered them to do it together.
Low-level witches like Sarah can release firebombs to deal with a single individual, but it’s better to deal with this number of demons by flashing rechargeable bombs. The trajectory of rechargeable bombs is difficult to control, but it’s better to release them in a large number in a battle group. Sarah and a dozen low-level wizards around her make them charged for 150 meters in front of them in more than ten seconds, just like the impact of waves.
Low-level destructive magic has limited resistance, weak vitality and insufficient equipment. This kind of death can limit the resurrection of cannon fodder. Who will give them good equipment? However, after all, these destructive demons are members of the undead legion, and they still have machetes to recharge their batteries. The waves are pushed in two waves in a row, and most of the destructive demons are killed. The wizard’s strength in the war is vividly displayed.
For death, the fallen demons are not afraid to die. Hundreds of fallen demons are nothing but a piece of cake. At the same time, the second echelon has already started to charge. At the same time, the backward fallen demon wizard smashed the resurrection flame in the past wave and recovered the fallen fallen fallen demons. Sarah and her companions have limited mana and can’t release the second wave of rechargeable bombs. Fortunately, the effect of meditation aura is very good for wizards like Akara. The speed of recovering mana in the aura is extremely amazing.
Chapter one hundred and forty The prelude to the war (
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter one hundred and forty-two Prelude to the war ()
Chapter one hundred and forty-two The prelude to the war ()
It was almost Grace on Akara’s side. At the same time, Kasha did not show weakness. After pulling up, the huge long bow shot an arrow at the half-zombie guards. The long arrow slammed into the head of the zombie group with a sharp break in half, but the zombie attack was slightly delayed, which gave Akara a chance to get out and return to the city village.
Six Zombie Guards with an arrow also moved back to the array in a blink of an eye. He was angry and not a silly city village master. He just left at the touch of it and didn’t fight at all. It was a sinking demon. This cannon fodder made great efforts to fill the moat and then besieged the city. He was a Lord demon who had many years of war experience in hell, and he was not afraid even if he was a master of several times.
Back to the camp city, Murazat looked pale. If it hadn’t been for Grace’s hand just now, his life would have gone to heaven, and he would not have been able to go to heaven. It was suspected that it was a tragedy, and Akara really faced the devil. They didn’t know that the devil was powerful, and they didn’t know that they were angry and underestimating their enemies.
"Angry, shrinking in the legion, proficient in teleportation, hitting and leaving, we can come and go freely. Although there are many strange powers, there are so many demons in the root method, and the entanglement of mana is not exhausted. It’s too difficult to deal with. Now I finally know what was driven out of Taraxia by the sinking demon. Lakanius and Bishop are no longer in such a mess. Will the main force of the sword legion really come?"
Akara breathed a long sigh of relief. It seems that the more powerful these characters are, the more they value their lives. They almost died once. Now that she wants to think about it, she is still a little afraid to easily push the angry lords and kill Bishop and Lacanius. The dream of liberating Phoenix from Candelas and killing Andariel is completely shattered by reality.
Akara is very glad that he is angry at this time. If several big lords attack Phoenix in unison and come in person, it will be terrible. Seeing two great masters’ skills and returning, he was almost killed. At that time, the morale of the whole camp fell. Akara was immediately annoyed at this scene and launched a meteorite towards the more than 10,000 destruction demons.
Flame convergence meteorite projection molding day was a red moment, and a huge meteorite went straight to the rear array of the destruction demon. Watching the meteorite hit the destruction demon was not afraid, and even didn’t even look at the "timid" destruction demon. Everyone was cold in their hearts, so the meteorite hit the castle, and they had to flee in haste. I’m afraid this castle can’t support it.
However, apart from the demon king, Defense of the Ancients is not a legal force, and it lacks such a large-scale and powerful strategic witchcraft attack. Otherwise, it is difficult to stop the demon from attacking even the fortress behind this small town village. The high-speed impact on the earth caused a sharp shock wave and the meteorite center spread around.
Air billow transpiration mat is covered with dusty shock waves, and the bodies of the fallen demons are all lifted up high, and the shock waves have not yet spread and crashed into the earth. The meteorite violently exploded and once again set off a new round of shock waves, which will bring a big wave of former soil wave carriers and sweep them around at high temperature.
Akara’s blow changed the terrain hundreds of meters in the center of the meteorite in Fiona Fang, which made the center of the meteorite sink by the appearance of a circular crater covered by shock waves. The meteorite explosion was also violently impacted, causing unexpected effects. Nearly 2,000 fallen demons were killed and most of them were buried in the ground.
The fallen wizards smashed fireballs one by one and revived many fallen demons. Half of them were buried in the ground, but they couldn’t get out. More fallen wizards were buried in it. Look at me. I look at you, but you are the target of resurrection. Rogge’s morale has greatly boosted Akara’s heart, and the pressure on her meteorite has also been reduced. The effect is good.
"Murazat’s blizzard must be good, too. We need to freeze these fallen demons in ice and snow, and they will be resurrected." Akara woke up and said that Murazat got the message. His power method extended to the fallen wizard, but the fallen demon was fine. He waved his staff and a snowstorm had begun to breed.
Clouds on the head of the fallen magic legion gather rapidly, and the temperature drops sharply. Several ice cones condense rapidly in the clouds, and then they are driven by gravity to cut off quickly to the ground. This snowstorm is also a physical and energy double attack. The ice and snow condensed ice cones are sharper than all kinds and contain strong cold.
"Brush brush" ice cone bursts with air, and the clouds cover the area, and ice cone rain rises layer after layer. Anyone who is hit by an ice cone to the sinking demon, except a few elites, is not killed, but then frozen. After six rounds of ice cone rain, most of the low-level sinking demons are swept away and killed, and buried in thick ice and snow, leaving a few powerful elites to avoid the ice cone and look around in the ice and snow at this time, forming a frozen area of more than 500 meters in Fiona Fang.
At this time, it is winter. If there is no external force, it is difficult for this frozen area to dissipate and sink by itself. Magicians are proficient in fireballs and smash them one by one to melt the ice and revive the demons in the ice and snow one by one. This is the case. They will release more fireballs. It is difficult for some weak and sinking wizards to release them.
The fall of two strange spells almost cleared up nearly 4,000 fallen demons, which made the front array of fallen demons greatly short of a piece. It seems that they were bitten by two dogs respectively. At this time, although the wizard of fallen demons was thawing the ice and snow, he revived the fallen demons one by one, but more fallen demons no longer felt that fear. How can they be revived because more than 1,000 compatriots are buried in the ground?
The spirit of the fallen demon was suppressed, and Akara and others were suddenly in a smooth mood. Many people were not afraid of life and death, but the short red skin put a lot of pressure on them. How many times can they smash their strange witchcraft? If you meet them in the plain, you have to send spells to escape, but they are not happy for long, and soon the sinking demon will move.
After a discussion, the wizard of the fallen demon soon ordered other fallen demons to dig out the buried fallen demon and fill the excavated soil into the moat. As soon as this command came out, the simple brain of the fallen demon saw that being buried in the soil was also saved, and immediately began to organize people to dig.
At this time, a fallen magic wizard’s mind flashed and immediately reported to the fallen magic legion’s temporary commander, the sword magic wizard, to inform the sword magic wizard of his thoughts. When he heard it, he was immediately overjoyed and let all fallen magic dig out the fallen magic and then let them fill in the wall.
The wizard of the fallen demon has been playing with fireballs for a long time. I remember fireballs, but when I saw the freezing effect, I felt something in my heart. I immediately mobilized many cold and strengthened the elite captains of the fallen demon. Zombies got angry and saw the changes of the fallen demon. I also sneered at these red skins. Only then did I think that the moat needed to be frozen continuously? Why fill in the city wall?
"I can’t believe that the Undead Sword Corps is so good." He is also happy to sit in the back and enjoy the success if the Devastator and the Devastator Wizard are all dead, which is better for him. In his blood field, the dead creatures will become zombies, not to mention the tens of thousands of sweet blood donated by the demons. It is also delicious for him. After absorption, this projection will be more powerful and the mana will reach the sixth order. It is possible at first.
People in the camp have no idea about getting angry, and the real war has just begun.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two The prelude to the war (
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter one hundred and forty-three Peace of mind
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Peace of mind
In the first floor of the torrent of heaven and earth, Zhi Li wandered quietly. Among them, when the torrent of heaven and earth hit him again after integration, it was really possible for him. For Li Zhi, this environment has a great way, that is, when the dreamland is generated here, the outside world can open a ratio according to its own needs. It has been a long time since the outside world was a moment.
At this time, Zhi Li brought himself into contact with all the knowledge here, and all the memories in the past were classified into a huge library. He read a lot, but at that time, he simply read, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, but don’t know, so what’s the matter? Zhi Li realized his own shortcomings, so he integrated himself into this place and opened up a dreamland. With the help of the power of dreamland, he obtained enough time and knowledge from the outside world in a short time, from knowing to knowing.
In ancient times, there was a story about an absurd dream. At that time, when Zhi Li saw this story, he had a limited yearning for such a dream. If he had that kind of dream, his life would be eternal in just a hundred years. For this reason, Zhi Li once explored that dreams were successful, but how to live was also the way to get that effect. At this time, the torrent of heaven and earth touched his true meaning and inspired the dreamland, and all the knowledge suddenly became a huge library.
There are many advantages to reading here, because all the books here are embodied by your own memories, thoughts and thoughts. Reading is to read your mind and understand your own process deeply, and it is also of great benefit to practice to be in the torrent of heaven and earth.
At this time, there was no one else in the huge library. Zhi Li carefully classified the books in the library, then called one book and put it on the table and began to study it carefully. Now it is not the first time that he has seen it as a cursory look, but he skips over what he doesn’t like. It is really a matter of savoring and eating slowly.
China’s 5,000-year history contains all the treasures. Zhi Li savored every event from the left, and what was behind it. When I wrote it, my mind restored the real scenes. Soon Zhi Li was intoxicated with the simple brushwork and monotonous words. In his eyes, he seemed to have walked into the history, and everything came alive.
On the other hand, he looked on coldly, thought calmly and learned from it. It was no longer a problem here. When he finished reading the left carefully, it was already a month here, but the outside world was just a night.
Here, he was not unaware of the changes in the outside world. He came out of the dreamland one night. When he opened his eyes again, the world was a new look. Lina sat quietly next to him and taught her. She soon got used to this meditation.
The wizard’s perception is sharper than that of Zhi Li even in meditation. Lina began to adjust her consciousness and slowly woke up from the stillness, and her body feeling gradually recovered. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and her eyes rested on Li Zhishen. In the past night, Winster seemed to have changed again. Since seeing Winster in Lina’s mind, he has been constantly changing. At the first meeting, he seemed to be a capable and intelligent teenager.
However, the longer you get to know her, the more she feels that Winster is different. He seems to be growing at an amazing speed. Whether it is strength or wisdom or something else changes almost every day, especially after yesterday. If you don’t look at him like a teenager, you are as passionate about yourself. The vicissitudes of life in Zhi Li’s mouth almost make her feel that he is an old man who has experienced the world.
What on earth has he experienced to make such a change? The more you get in touch with Lina, the more you feel that you don’t know him enough, and the more you want to know Winster. Some people say that a good woman has a desire to read as soon as she looks at it. For Lina, doesn’t Zhi Li taste it? Every page is better than a wonderful chapter. Every day, it is updated rapidly, and it will never be finished, which will make people read it.
As soon as Winster woke up, Lina got up and went to Zhi Li’s side, hoping that even a gentle look would make her feel happy. A kiss is more precious than "Mm-hmm". Lina leaned over to Zhi Li and twisted her body like a little pet to ask him for it.
Zhi Li looked at Lina, but his eyes were so hot and gentle. He surrounded Lina with a smile and kissed her gently, which satisfied her little wish. At this time, in his view, Lina was like a little girl, and his love for Lina had become an elder and turned into a new thing.
Feeling Zhi Li kissing Lina didn’t feel that he was hot yesterday, but she didn’t know what to do. When she stayed with Zhi Li, she felt at ease, which made her feel as if she had returned to her childhood before she started learning witchcraft. That childhood was so beautiful and happy. She was happily swinging in the garden, while her father and mother looked at her kindly.
This is a kind of home warmth, but it is better than happiness. This feeling can no longer be found, but when Li Zhishen relives it, she does not feel the eagerness of her lover, but she feels the warmth of home. Love is just a moment when the youth is in full bloom, and it will disappear, but this warmth is lasting.
"What’s going on? So engrossed, "Winster’s insipid voice has a trace of precipitation, which makes his words directly reflect in Lina’s heart." I thought that my parents were so happy when I was a child, but I can’t find them anymore, but I feel as if I have returned to that time when I am by your side. "
Lina’s eyes are full of nostalgia and longing, and she is more satisfied with the status quo. "Peace of mind is my home." Zhi Li thinks of her parents’ past, and his family has already become the past. It is necessary to feel at ease, although the world is not my home. This world, this universe is my home, and there is always that spirit that makes people energetic, and there is always that force that makes people move, and this reassuring spirit and strength is doubtful.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Peace of mind
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter one hundred and forty-four The power of hope
Chapter one hundred and forty-four The power of hope