Miao felt a pain in her nipple, and Yangyang grinded her nipple again. Hearing Miao’s scream, Liu Xiaoyang frowned and her teeth became loose.

"Little villain, do you still want to eat well?" Tears are about to fall.
Luo Luo—
The child who did something bad laughed to please him, which really made me laugh and cry. I really couldn’t bear to punish such a little baby, but my nipple was really bitten.
"Baby, you didn’t eat it when your mother bit it. This is your own food. Do you understand?" How to communicate in a soft voice
"Oh-um-ah-"The little guy kept talking with Miao with his big eyes flashing, as if he understood everything and was very interested in listening.
"Do you really understand?" Miao pouted at the son and took such a clown. What else could she do? "Well, I’ll take it as a mistake and don’t let it happen again!"
Luo Luo—
Perhaps the child can really understand it. When Miao announced his Amnesty, Lu Xiaoyang laughed and his mouth was filled with small bubbles.
Looking at this, I miss the Dharma and become melancholy. I guess this is the feeling of pain and happiness! Miao smiled with relief. Her life will never be lonely again because there is an expectation in life-this is the common treasure of her and Lu Fengxing, the continuation of their life and the accumulation of love, the Lu family’s hope that she must wait in her life!
☆ Chapter 27
An hour later, Shen Li and her children have arrived at Liu Zhai Village, packed up and walked out of the bedroom. Little Yangyang has fallen asleep.
"Sister Wang, please take Che to the game room to play. I want to chat with Miao!" Shen Li gave the child to Wang Sao.
"What’s so serious!" Miao Xiaoying looked at Shen Li and sat down on the sofa.
"Want to talk to you is serious?" Shen Li wanted to relax herself as much as possible, but the stone in her heart was finally brought.
"Isn’t it a little uncomfortable for ink and wash to leave you?" Miao picked up the tea table and skillfully cut the fruit.
"It’s all an old couple, so what’s not to adapt!" Shen Li snuggled herself into the sofa. "Do you think ink painting has really forgotten you?"
"Huh?" I don’t know why Shen Li asked such a question, "Lily can’t get into the dead end of her life!"
"I don’t want to, but some things are really gone if I don’t want to!" Shen Li hung a wry smile on her face.
"What’s the matter?" Miao put the fruit in his hand and got confused in his heart.
"Do you know this buckle?" Shen Li scooped out Yuan Huaqiang’s button from her pocket and put it on the tea table.
Miao picked up the button from the coffee table and looked at it carefully for a long time. "Why is it so familiar?"
"That’s grandpa’s sleeve!" Shen Li revealed the answer.
Section 35
"Oh, it seems that Grandpa is here." Miao is really confused. I don’t know what Shen Li is trying to say.
"This is the day my grandfather fell down the stairs. I picked it up on the stairs. At that time, I couldn’t figure it out, so I asked the ink. As soon as he got excited, he grabbed my neck and told me not to talk nonsense."
"Ink and wash?" I look unbelievable.
"You are surprised, aren’t you? I was really scared at that time. After finishing the method, I matched the ink in front of me with the ink I knew. "Shen Li’s eyes were still wet."
"You didn’t come to Grandpa’s Hall that day?" I finally remembered what happened that day.
"hmm!" Shen Li nodded. "I was in a terrible mood. I didn’t know how to face everyone and I couldn’t explain the ink painting line."
"You don’t think grandpa fell down the stairs by himself?" The following frown tightly.
"I didn’t know that ink painting and grandpa had deep feelings. He wouldn’t do that to grandpa unless something happened!" Shen Li allowed herself to be as calm as possible. "I have been investigating ink painting but found nothing."
"Is it possible that we think too much?" I still believe that ink painting can have that performance.
"I comfort myself like this, but I feel that thing is really hard to say!" Shen Li shook his hand. "I didn’t want to say anything. His reputation and image are more important to me than anything else, but I’m worried now-"
"Worried?" The following is tense.
"Hey, you’d better call your cousin and let him take care of himself!" Shen Li doesn’t know what she really wants to say. She knows that she is very insecure and that ink painting is dangerous now.
Shen Li doesn’t want something wrong with ink painting, so she can’t let people around ink painting have any more problems, even if she is paranoid. She has been holding it in her heart for too long.
"Do you mean that ink painting still has revenge on fashion?" Ying heart can’t help but quiver.
"I don’t know. I don’t want them to be alone!" Shen Li has a tangled face, and she doesn’t know if she should do this.
"Don’t worry, nothing will happen!" Miao patted the back of Shen Li’s hand. "Wait at home. Fashion won’t let you have something to do or ink painting!"
"Are you sure?"
"I’m sure!" The comfort seems to embrace Shen Li’s shoulder. "Fashion won’t hurt ink and wash, and it won’t hurt fashion!"
Lu’s ability to be popular and argumentative is the letter of ink and wash. Even if you are careful, you won’t have a chance to pat Shen Li’s shoulder. It seems that the film is turning over and the ink is leaving a fragment. I really feel that this change is unbelievable.
"Aren’t you going to give my cousin a message?" Shen Li doesn’t know what Miao thinks.
"Grandpa is too important for fashion. Don’t talk nonsense when you don’t understand this matter. I don’t want the excitement of fashion to hurt ink and wash." I’m really worried that there will be an emotional situation without men. "They have something to do when they go out this time. Let’s wait until they come back!"
"Are you really not worried about your cousin?"
"We talk several times a day, at noon in the morning and at night. I will ask them about their situation, so don’t worry!"
"Don’t blame ink painting!" Shen Li’s eyes are pleading
"This matter is still investigated clearly!" There is no way to promise Shen Li anything. If grandpa dies and ink painting is popular, he will definitely not be soft.
"Lily is here. Let’s have dinner together at noon. Your uncle and I bought a lot of delicious food from the supermarket!" Yuan Qing came in with a shopping bag from the outside.
"Aunt is back!" Shen Li got up from the sofa. "I’ll come here to ask if Ink is not at home!"
"What are you talking about? It’s all a family. Let’s sit and chat. We’re going to prepare lunch!" Wu cheerfully answered the words.
"Hey, you are so happy to have your parents guarding you like this!" Shen Li cast envious eyes. Think about her parents who are far away in a foreign country. Think about their parents’ opposition to their marriage. Think about their hopes for themselves. Shen Li really misses them.
"Sometimes they come here and they like to be lively!" Miao also got up from the sofa. "Let’s go and see the children in our building!"
"good!" Shen Li nodded and followed Miao Lou as a mother. People always miss children in their hearts.
After two hours’ flight, the ink and wash have arrived at D airport.
"I haven’t traveled together like this for a long time. I still feel the most beautiful with my cousin!" Ink and wash sighed at the team that came to pick up the plane.
"Local governments have always paid attention to attracting investment. We are a high-tech factory. It is certain that we are valued!" There is no expression on Lu’s popular face, and things have long been used to this kind of scene.
"It seems that we have performed well this time, otherwise we will lose face for our cousin?" The corners of ink and wash eyes are glowing with cold light, and the smile is very cold.
"You never let us down, do you?" Lu Fengxing didn’t go to see the ink expression. He was already surprised that the ink asked to follow, but he wouldn’t do anything if he didn’t overdo it.
"Are you really so optimistic about me?"
"Do you think it is necessary for me to lie to you?" Lu Fengxing looked back at the ink painting. "We are not teenagers. We are all fathers. Let’s cherish what we have!"
Lu Fengxing is rich in meaning, patted the ink shoulder and strode to the long-awaited car. For Lu Fengxing, it is already very difficult to stop. It is meaningless to look at the ink and realize that it is difficult to have a dead end in life. If you think clearly, you should adjust your direction.
It seems to be too slow every day. I look at my mobile phone many times every day, always afraid of missing a man’s words. It seems that talking three times a day can no longer satisfy that kind of yearning in her heart. Fortunately, there are children with me. Fortunately, there is still a lot of work to deal with. Otherwise, I really feel that I will rush over like a girl who just fell in love.
It’s getting worse and worse!
I don’t believe that I will become like this one day. I really don’t know if men are too attractive or I don’t insist on it too much. Maybe God thought I was too dragged, so he arranged for such an uncle to accept himself. Now I really accept my fate!
Miao was looking at the calendar and counting the days when the phone rang. It was Ping Li.