"hmm!" Shen Li nodded. "This feeling is the most tormenting!"

"You know what? Is it ridiculous that I should want to have a child for pop? " The following also drank the wine in the cup.
"Why? Which woman doesn’t want to give birth to a lovely baby for her beloved man depends on whether there is such an opportunity! " Shen Li’s eyes are full of sadness. "By the way, what’s going on with you and ink photos?"
Yiliang laughed. "I knew you were looking for me!"
"No way, I will never get the answer in ink painting!" Shen Li’s lip angle is bitter
"Do you really want to hear it?" I poured myself another full glass. "The truth is a little cruel to you!"
In a wheelchair in the shadow of the garden, the man nervously usurped his fist. He didn’t know what the cruelty of the little woman was.
"Don’t worry, I am prepared!" Shen Li and Miao touched a cup and then drank it off. Miao was unambiguous and accompanied directly to drink it off.
"Remember the day when the two of us watched the catwalk alone at the venue?" Tell the story
"I remember you said that there was something popular in the afternoon and you had an interview room. I asked Shen Xing to arrange lunch!" Shen Li also recalled her memories.
"Yeah, that’s the day! As soon as the interview was over, I got a message from the hotel that Ink fell and you weren’t there, so I hurried to the hotel. "
"Ink arranged for me to go to Venice that day to help Mei Shi deal with the decoration problem. I didn’t know that he fell?"
"Still say?" I gave Shen Li an angry look. "Ink eyes have recovered their vision. I almost got raped by him in the past without saying anything!"
"Ah?" Shen Li has realized that these are all intentionally arranged by ink and wash.
"Ah what? If I don’t know kung fu and react quickly enough, it’s really finished! " The cup for two people was filled with wine again. "But in the end, he fell to the ground in great pain!" "
"What did you do to him?" Shen Li showed a little compactness.
I smiled smugly. "It is the most effective way to bend your knees and push the man’s penis straight!" I paused. "But this move is not good for Lu Fengxing, which makes my result even more sad!" "
The figure in the shadow suddenly relaxed. Think about the scene where a man once struggled with a little woman. The man’s lip corner was hooked with a wonderful radian, which was definitely a triumph.
"You are so cruel!" Shen Li gave a thumbs-up sign.
"Dear, do you have a class position that you are not cruel to the enemy? That is that you are very unlucky!" Gave Shen Li a white look and continued to drink.
"Did you tell Lu Shao about this?"
Following shook his head "no! After all, they are cousins, and their relationship has always been good. I’ve separated them, so I have to deepen them. Besides, ink and wash didn’t take advantage of anything, and I made it very clear that even the ring was returned to him. What is the need to worry about fashion? "
"alas!" Shen Li sighed. "You want to be good, but things have gone wrong and now everything is passive!" "
"Afraid of what? My mouth is already smashed. What else can I not hold back? " My face is bleak. "I have asked the newspaper people to help me find the informant. I will sue her for libel and illegal stalking!" "
After drinking the wine in the cup again, tears have hung in the corner of my eyes. "I will get justice for myself. I don’t want anyone to believe me. I just know I’m innocent!"
"I can’t be too sexual. I’d better explain it to Lu Shao sometime. He will certainly listen!" Shen Li tried to persuade.
Section 144
"Does he need me to explain?" The thought of a man’s cold eyes stung me. "Did he ask me a question? Can his mother give me a mouth? What are you trying to do to me? What letter do you need to explain? "
"This incident is so sudden that everyone can react with anger, including when I first read the newspaper. Today, the ink mother also rushed to the office to beat the ink. Everyone will always lose their minds in the face of emergencies."
"This is not what I want. What I need is by no means gorgeous and beautiful on the surface. If I want to be connected by bone and blood!" I wiped my cheeks and continued to drink.
"You are already luckier than me. Take advantage of it!" Shen Li also drank some.
Two women were chatting and drinking, and before they knew it, two bottles of wine had bottomed out, and there were more drunken words. Only when they became popular did they realize that they had a deep-rooted position in the hearts of young women, and they had already separated their lovers.
Looking at the little women sleeping and drunk, Yan Lu is very fond of them. It’s still a long way to walk, so we must have confidence in each other!
"Lu Shao asked Lao Li to take the young lady back to the bedroom!" LiuMa distressed to see two awkward young people.
"No, let Lao Li take Miss Shen to the bedroom!" Lu Fengxing said that he had picked up the following firmly. When Liu Ma pushed the wheelchair, the following was softly trapped in the man’s arms.
Popular in lujia courtyard, Lu became more and more upset. In my mind, a little woman with tears in her eyes was uneasy. Yuan Jiu fell asleep after listening to all the explanations. After knowing that this thing was behind the scenes of Shuilan, she almost fainted.
Lujia parents think that Yuan Jiu’s handling is too simple and rude. After Lu Fengxing comforted his family, he returned to lucky chance Pavilion. He wanted to see if the little woman was good or not, because he didn’t think about how to handle this matter. After all, he was not sure about the ink painting situation.
I didn’t expect him to bump into a little woman and get drunk. It seems that God is also giving him a chance to wake up. How can we make up for the damage?
Lu Fengxing cherished and stroked the little woman, looked at the faint tears in the corner of her eyes, and her heart was dull. How could he let her hurt her heart? Why would she hesitate when she agreed to believe?
Lu Fengxing discovered that it was not that he didn’t believe in little women, but that he suddenly lost confidence in himself or cared too much about her. He was so easily lost in front of her that he even lost his confidence at least.
"Don’t leave me in fashion!" The following mouth muttered to the man’s arms.
"I will never leave you!" A man holds a woman close to his arms. He can’t put her in his arms. A woman can’t be put away in this life. Even if she has someone else in her heart, he will keep her by his side forever and ever.
Luckily, she has him in her heart!