"I can tell you, but …" Jane was looking at Jane’s back for a long time before she continued, "I want 50 million."

"Fifty million?" Jane smiled and said, "You know better than me how much money I have earned all these years."
"What is your little money?" Jian Zhengtian sneered again and again, "I want 50 million, naturally asking Qin Yue to ask you. Don’t say that 50 million is a billion, and he will not hesitate to take it out."
As cunning as Jane, he knows very well that if he doesn’t tell Qin Yue, he will die. If he tells the secret, his lordship will not let him die.
Qin Yue just wants to know the secret from his mouth, and when he tells it, it will have no profit value, and Qin Yue will no longer protect him.
If the secret gets out, the old Qin family will kill him and vent his anger. By that time, if he is still in Jiangbei, he won’t know how to die.
At Jane Zhengtian, Jane said, "You are willing to say that Qin Yue will help you get to a city you want to go to, but you are unwilling to say that you can die in Jiangbei. You should know that you are unable to get out of Jiangbei now."
It is more efficient to find Jane Trinity. She doesn’t want Qin Yue to wave manpower, material resources and financial resources again. Who knows that Jane Trinity costs 50 million yuan?
Fifty million. What a sky-high figure. Although the money is nothing to Qin Yue, I still feel sorry for Qin Yue.
Chapter 35 The real murderer
50 million! 50 million! 50 million!
Jane, this beast is worse than something. It costs 50 million yuan in one bite. Why doesn’t he just become a robber and rob it?
Jane can’t wait to turn around and leave, but she really wants to know the reason and what happened to her, which is why all this happened.
JianZhengTian nature is also white Jane however psychology and then said, "Jane however this secret is so easy to find out, and Qin Yue won’t let you come to negotiate with me."
Jane looked at him without saying anything to see how many tricks he could play.
JianZhengTian gloomy smile again way "fifty-one thousand cents can’t be less, do you want to give it to you or talk it over with Qin Yue".
In fact, Jian Zhengtian also has no windtight wall during the day. If you want to spend more, you can find out sooner or later with Qin Yue’s ability
But Qin Yue hasn’t found out yet, not that he hasn’t found out yet, so he has bargaining chips in his hand.
Fifty million is indeed a sky-high price, but for Qin Yue, it is only nine Niu Yi Mao Qin Yue who can afford it and he will definitely give it if he is simple.
Jane is gambling in the heart of Qin Yue and occupies a place in Qin Yue’s heart.
Just as Jane hesitated, the mobile phone in the bag buzzed. She took out a look and saw that it was Qin Yue.
She was wearing a wire, and Qin Yue could hear the situation on her side. She talked to Jane Zhengtian every word and heard Qin Yue’s ear.
When she answered the phone, she heard Qin Yue’s low sexy voice, "It’s not a problem to ask him to be willing to say that money is not a problem."
Jane "Qin Yue, are you crazy? Fifty million is not the problem. How much is the problem? "
Qin Yue "promised him"
"Fifty million is really not a thing for Qin Zong. It seems that he also cares about you." Jane sighed and got to say, "What are you doing to save such a man who is willing to spend money on you? Are you going to leave it for him to give to Xiao Sanhua later? "
"Jane, shut up!" Jane grumpily shouted.
The secret is that she is eager to know that if it is her own money, she can give it to Jane Zhengtian without blinking an eye.
But the money is Qin Yue, who works day and night, sometimes in the middle of the night, he is still in an transoceanic video conference, which takes several hours.
The money is easy for others to make, and it is not easy to know that he makes money only when he is with him every day and sees how busy he is and how worried he is.
"Now that you are my junior, I can give you another hour to think about it. After one hour, if there is no result, even if you give me 100 million, you will never know the news from me."
Just listening to Jane talking to Qin Yue, Jane is able to guess that Qin Yue agreed to give the money, so he is even more scared.
I don’t know what Qin Yue said at the other end of the words, but every time I heard a word, my lips tightened, and my knuckles turned white when I held the phone.
It’s so fucking bad to be held in the palm of your hand and let you go east and let you go west.
However, Jane did not think of a better way to endure the heartache and listen to Qin Yue’s suggestion and agree to Jane’s request
She hung up and bit her teeth and said, "Jane, the money will be in your account in five minutes. Check it yourself."
"I told you, my son-in-law treats you like a treasure and hurts only 50 million. How can he be reluctant?"
Jane is smiling proudly, but she can’t wait to tear his face, but if she wants to know the secret from him, she must endure it.
In five minutes, the blink of an eye passed. Jane Zhengtian’s mobile phone received a huge amount of money to the account, and she woke up and looked at the back of Five, and the number of Jane Zhengtian days was several times.
When fifty million was finally confirmed, Jane smiled even more proudly and said, "Jane, how can I say hello?" You were not born to me, but I raised you, but you would rather help outsiders than help me as an adoptive father. "
Jane shook her fist and gritted her teeth. "Why do you say so much nonsense? I want to know what master Qin wanted me to die. "
Looking at Jane’s angry face, Jane said slowly, "Do you want to know what the old Qin family wants you to die? I will tell you."
The horse will know that he has been looking forward to the truth. Jane swallowed a mouthful of saliva and clenched her fist consciously.
She waited for a long time before Jane said slowly, "The old man of Qin family doesn’t want you to enter the Qin family, and he really wants to kill you. That’s because he is the real murderer who killed your father Xiao Yuanfeng."
The answer is that Jane never thought that the car accident that she had been judged as an "accident" was caused by Jane Zhengtian’s family. Why did she talk to Master Qin again?