Instantly hundreds of black rattan frantically wrapped around the car, laughing, ankles, wrists, waist, dense and dark.

And fast ling pulled her up in a big character, and then every cane was pulling the tendency to dismember the eye prey.
Che Xiaoxiao didn’t think that she was suddenly attacked in broad daylight and hit her with one blow. She had been tied tightly and couldn’t move, so she blurted out when she was frightened.
She was already at the end of the small passage dozens of meters apart. Guten suddenly turned back when she heard the call-
"Little girl!" Cold as a knife, handsome face, ferocious eyes, instant red blood, a loud roar, a powerful murderous look, and a tall camouflage figure rushed back wildly-
At the moment, the car smiled and felt that the things were pulling itself tighter and tighter, especially the thick neck was getting tighter and tighter, and the gas came out into the lying trough and it felt like it was going to be strangled.
Goose egg face turned red because the neck was tightened and the blood in the head was forced to stay in the face. I didn’t expect my car to smile and die in this little thing. It’s a fucking shame. When my eyes turned, I spit myself out directly.
"ah! Nima! " Car smile is a scream.
It turned out that a black cane was holding high the most pointed point and stabbing straight at its pretty little face-
Nani was disfigured when she died. It’s not just any bad luck. The car smiled and there was a cry in my heart.
It happened just as the thunder flash car was attacked and was about to faint, ready to be disfigured and exclaim within two seconds.
Whoo! Just then, a tall camouflage figure rushed to the top speed and took the lead in strangling the cane directly.
Sure enough, as expected-
"….." The car smiled and looked at the man who arrived at the moment and was tightly strangled. I couldn’t name it if I wanted to call it. Guteng startled her-
At the moment, her uncle’s eyes are shining with a dense and murderous face. At the moment, her blood is as fierce as shura’s face.
Dare to hurt him, little girl, and kill him!
Hold the slim body trapped in front of you in one hand, and then the saber in your hand turns into a snow-white knife rain-
"uncle ….." was heavily pulled with a slight hoarse.
In less than half a second, Guten has cut off all the vines and breathed again. The car smiled and gasped.
"Little girl hugs me" still hugs her arms with one hand, and the saber still dances in her slender hand.
"Well," the car smiled and threw away the cane branches that were still stuck in the body, and then hugged the familiar warm neck and buried the flaxen head deeply in the camouflage collar
Seeing his beloved being hurt by sneak attack, Guten’s face is bloody and ferocious at the moment, like a hag, gloomy and cold, and the blood and iron are extremely full of this narrow passage.
Snow mountain across the so-called cunning than catching vines have fallen.
But this kind of thing is more and more risky. Thousands of black vines with spikes are constantly sticking out from both sides and gathering like terrible locusts to pounce on Gutenghe and Che and smile.
In an instant, the two men were surrounded by dark paint and seemed to be sealed in a dark and horrible world.
It happened very quickly in less than thirty seconds.
"Captain!" When Jiang Aitong shouted, he rushed back desperately, but several black vines and the man-eating flowers that were not extinguished behind him also rushed towards him fiercely.
Although it’s not a fierce beast, it’s ants that kill elephants.
Jiang Aitong is being pestered and can’t get close to Guteng at all.
Che Xiaoxiao knew that she couldn’t use saber. She didn’t give her man any trouble and didn’t say anything about helping.
I can hold my eyes tightly like a god, my body is like steel, my long legs are wrapped around him, my thin waist is on his chest, and he is breathing quietly together.
A short saber was shaken by Guten’s rapid waving from left to right, and it turned into a sturdy knife cover, which surrounded him and Che Xiaoxiao safely.
As time goes by, I slowly climbed over the boots, and the black branches accumulated more and more.
Counting the vines is like killing them endlessly. One batch is finished, and another batch is surging, wave after wave.
Section 112
But Guten is not afraid of him, and he hopes to come more and more fiercely. Those who dare to hurt him in the palm of their hands will be prepared to be extinct.
He didn’t retreat or advance, and he strangled the vines like a god of death in this world.
"Is there anything wrong with my little girl just now?" The sound is dull and dumb, with a hint of imperceptible trembling. The sharp saber in the hand is still harvesting.
Just now, looking at that slender body tightly wrapped, that little goose egg face with bloodshot face, Gu Teng felt that his heart suddenly stopped, and an unprecedented fear filled his mind tightly.
His world is black, desperate and afraid than black.
"Uncle has nothing to do."
Che Xiaoxiao’s pink lips are tightly attached to the warm neck.
Smell the familiar smell and gently print a kiss to tell him that there is nothing to reassure him.
"I won’t let you out of my sight again behind my little girl." The deep dumb voice was firmly determined.
Holding her guteng felt that it was still a terror.
What if I’m a little late? Should I go to the shade to find her?
He didn’t dare to think about it. He waved his saber more lovingly.