Li Xiang’s body blood merged into a small river, including Xiao Liuzi’s and his own. In fact, his injury was heavier than Xiao Liuzi’s, and he only survived with a belief. Now he can’t stand up for Lien Chan.

Li Xiang glanced at the last five soldiers around him, and their eyes showed the same meaning of death.
"Long gunner, stand in line!" Li Xiang said with difficulty.
"Yes!" Three people wobbly stood up on a pike.
"Knife shield hand behind the house! Target, enemy bandit leader! Attack! " Li Xiang issued his last command.
The last five soldiers of Changlin Town launched an attack according to Li Xiang’s orders. However, it is more a struggle than an attack. The main function of pike and knife is not to kill the enemy, but to support the body that has already been overdrawn and will not fall down immediately. Every step they take will leave footprints of blood on the ground, and the blood will slowly flow to the ground along their thighs, leaving a road made by blood on the ground.
It is impossible for these people to surrender, so the bandits didn’t show mercy, but sent them back to Changlin town, where they were haunted by dreams, with swords and guns in their hands.
Li Xiang was indifferent to all his last brothers who died in the battlefield, still patting the cold body of Xiao Liuzi gently. Perhaps he bled too much, and his hand gradually waved, leaving only the mumbling in his mouth.
"I said, Liuzi, you are not young, so you can find a daughter-in-law. I’ll be your matchmaker when I wait for President Lin Zhen!"
Mr. Zhan finally gave up the idea of persuading him to surrender. Out of respect for Li Xiang, Mr. Zhan intends to leave him a whole corpse. As for letting him go, don’t mention it. On the other hand, even if he intends to let him go, he may not survive.
"I said Liuzi, the most beautiful girl in town is the daughter of Zhang’s husband’s family. That little bitch’s skin can be squeezed out with a pinch." Li Xiang continued.
"Bury him." Mr. Zhan stopped looking at the dying Li Xiang and turned away. * * The kite and most of the bandits left the battlefield. It is meaningful to stick to it when the battle has reached this point.
A dozen bandits took out shovels from the rear army and began to fill the soil towards Li Xiang.
Li Xiang gently brushed the dirt splashed on Xiao Liuzi’s face and continued: "When you get married, remember to have a big fat boy to inherit the incense. I’ve decided to call him Xiao Qizi!"
The soil has completely covered up Xiao Liuzi and reached Li Xiang’s waist. Li Xiang doesn’t even have the strength to raise my hand now, just keeps talking.
"I didn’t expect Zhao Haishou to be cheap this time. This time, he took my place firmly, but it’s all right. He is stronger than me in fighting, at least it won’t happen again today."
The dirt has reached Li Xiang’s chest, and even breathing is difficult.
"I really want to go to the Northern Yan Army. It is said that the army of the four kings is the best in the world, but it’s a pity that I don’t have this chance …" The soil has reached Li Xiang’s neck, and his consciousness has begun to blur.
Not far from Zhao Haishou’s team naturally saw this scene. From Li Xiang’s soldiers’ false surrender to burying Li Xiang alive. Zhao Haishou hated himself for being the captain, or he could have a good time to kill him, so as to save himself from mental torture here.
Unconsciously, Zhao Haishou’s knuckles turned white because of excessive exertion. As for his nails, they went deep into the meat early, and blood dripped on the ground along his fist, but he was unaware of it.
In the end, the place where Li Xiang was located was filled into a small earthen bag, and the bodies of him and Xiao Liuzi became a monument forever.
"Changlin!" Zhao Haishou could not help but shout.
"Changlin!" All the soldiers in Changlin town are outraged!
"Changlin!" Knowing the cause and effect, Mu Qingfeng roared with all the residents of Changlin Town.
carry out/make a night attack/raid
Mr. Zhan naturally listened to the deafening shouts behind him and frowned. I didn’t expect Li Xiang’s military coverage not only didn’t hit the morale of Changlin Town, but the army of Changlin Town was United because of his death. Mr. Zhan didn’t think about eating all these people directly with cavalry at that time, but at that time, in order to prevent Lu Baishu from running away from the cold, he ordered to block their posterior road, which led to the inability to quickly defeat the army in Changlin Town, and thus the scene behind it. It’s too late to say anything now. Mr. Zhan is not a slow-witted person. It seems that Changlin Town still has to take a long-term view.
Mu Qingfeng learned of Li Xiang’s tragic behavior from Zhao Haishou’s mouth, and he was very unhappy. To tell the truth, Mu Qingfeng looked down on this rude Qiu Ba at first, and he didn’t take others seriously because of his own ability. This failure was also expected by himself. Like Mr. Zhan, what he never expected was that Li Xiang actually stopped the pursuers of the refugees with his own 100-man team and left seeds for Changlin Town.
MuQingFeng overlooking the position of Li Xiang and XiaoLiuZi monument, made up his mind that he would never let Li Xiang sacrifice in vain, and he must guard Changlin Town to comfort the martyrs’ soul in heaven.
"Captain Zhao, what do you think we should do next?" MuQingFeng, to the new chief asked.
"At the end, I will just be a rough man who knows a little about fighting. It’s okay to play it by ear on the battlefield, but if I am allowed to arrange the troops, forget it. Since Wuxian ordered you to give this important task to the prestigious North Yanjun, I will listen to the order." Zhao Hai is a taciturn man compared with Li Xiang, so he is not very popular among many captains.
"In that case, that you can be willing to lead your headquarters tonight. Go and surprise the bandits and avenge Captain Li Xiang! " Mu Qingfeng spoke out his plan.
"Captain Li’s sacrifice during the day was not meaningless," Mu Qingfeng continued. "Apart from covering the retreat of our Changlin Army, it also dealt a great blow to the enemy’s mind, so if I were the enemy’s command, I would definitely avoid the enemy’s edge and wait until their spirit passed before making plans to save my own casualties."
"No problem, I’m holding a fire, too. I’m sure I’ll turn them upside down tonight!" Although Zhao Haishou is not very talkative, he is also a warm-blooded man and wants to avenge Li Xiang.
"Also, I have a more important task besides disturbing the enemy. I don’t know how cohesive your team is." MuQingFeng, of course, is not going to simply make a night attack.
"Little general, what does this mean?" Hearing Mu Qingfeng’s question, Zhao Haishou was somewhat dissatisfied. "Although my subordinates dare not say that they are the strongest fighting force in Changlin Town, there is absolutely no problem in terms of unity. If there is a task that can be arranged directly by a few generals, if my team and I can’t complete it, I, Zhao Haishou, would like to raise my head to see it!"
"Well, I’ll tell you that I killed the enemy at night, but more importantly, you and your team should be integrated into the ranks of bandits!" Mu Qingfeng’s words made Zhao Haishou stunned.
"Captain Zhao doesn’t have to worry about accidents. I wouldn’t have done this if I fought against other armies or barbarians, but the army composed of bandits is different. It is composed of refugees and soldiers of fortune. Except for the core part, almost no one knows each other, so you don’t have to worry about being seen through." Mu Qingfeng told the reason for his arrangement.
"Then what should we do? Will Changlin Town be in danger? " Zhao Hai is more like a soldier than Li Xiang. He doesn’t care about the reason of the order, but only pays attention to whether it is carried out.