"You go back and discuss it with Tang Shu. If you can give me 1 million, I will immediately sign a document to give up child support and never disturb your life again!" Shangmei put out the cigarette butt in her hand and simply made a condition. "I know I’m not worth that much. Just think of it as your money to buy cleanliness!"

"This is not in a hurry and look at the child’s adaptation!" Ping Li’s mouth twitched. I’ve never seen a mother who sells children so confidently.
"I’d better go through the bail formalities for you first, and wait until you have a good rest for two days!" Ping Li said and went out by the side door. She was worried that she would have the impulse to rush to slap Shangmei.
Miao and Ping Li were wrong for a month or two. The two children were crawling around the house very much, and Mark was also involved in the children’s game. Both children loved to jump on Mark. It was so cute.
Sun Xiaoyu followed Liu Xiaoyang closely like a grown-up, for fear that he might bump into something. This is especially like Yuan Qinghe Liu Ziyan’s state child. He is really a master at painting gourd ladle.
"I always wanted to know who donated the cornea, but Song Yang never found out!" Lu Fengxing is still very entangled in this matter. Although it is a donation, he also wants to be grateful. A pair of eyes is so important to him.
"Have you asked Shu Yi?" Miao suddenly thought of Shu Yuehua.
"Don said to ask, don’t you know!" Lu Fengxing sighed lightly.
"Well, this is fate. Since people don’t want you to know that there is a burden, you have to be grateful, don’t you?" Miao gently took the man’s hand. "Parents said that they miss Yangyang. Let’s stop in Kyoto for a few days when we are back!"
"hmm!" Lu Fengxing clenched the woman’s small hand, which made him feel particularly practical.
☆ Chapter 319
Tang Shu received a call from the hospital before he arrived at Liuzhai. It is estimated that the situation of Liugang is very bad, that is, things have happened these days. After hanging up, Tang Shuxin is in a mess. Now his eyes are popular in Lu. It seems that there is no such thing as Liugang, but in the face of Liu Feiyang, Tang Shu always feels that this topic is easy.
After all, it’s the last head of life. Isn’t it cruel if Liugang and Liufeiyang can’t see each other for the last time? Tang Shu wandered in the land house-
"Dad, I’m hungry!" Shang Beibei is pathetic, and the child hasn’t eaten much for a long time. He was nervous in the police station just now, and now his nerves are relaxed, and the requirements are coming.
"Hello Uncle Tang!" Liu Feiyang accompanied Wu to help flowers and plants in the courtyard and saw Tang Shu politely greeting him.
"Feiyang is really a big boy!" Looking at Tang Shuxin, who has reached his chest, is even more messy.
"Don, this is your precious daughter?" Lu Fengxing came out with an unkind voice, holding Lu Xiaoyang in her arms and Tang Jie in her arms, followed by "Xiaoyu practiced the piano, and we were afraid to disturb her, so we took the children out to bask in the sun!"
"That sister-in-law, please help me get something to eat for Beibei. She said she was hungry!" Tang Shu holding is beibei came to the following inexplicably made an expression of eyes.
"Oh-"Miao looked at Tang Shu and stared blankly for a moment. Soon Tang Shu had something to say to her. "Ok, come in with Beibei!"
"It’s so troublesome to let Wang Sao take out the food for the children!" Lu Fengxing is very upset about others coming to his woman, and his voice is domineering.
"Then I’ll go in and find Wang Sao myself!" Tang Shu gave following a wink again.
"Don, you don’t need an interrogation, do you?" Lu Fengxing was very keen and caught that look. He knew that men must have something to look for.
"That-"Tang Shu was speechless.
"Mom, you and Sister-in-law Wang will have a party in the courtyard with the children!" As soon as I saw Tang Shu being reluctant, I knew it was not a trivial matter, so I handed the child to Yuan Qinghe and Wang Sao Beibei or held it in Tang Shu’s arms.
Miao prepared some cakes and followed them into the room. The children were finally willing to leave Tang Shuhuai and hug themselves and sit on the sofa to eat.
"The child is also poor. It is estimated that it will take a long time to recover after such a thing!" When you become a mother, you can’t see that your child is wronged or distressed.
"What did the police say?" Lu popular or heart a mouth.
"It was mainly civil liability. At that time, the two of them couldn’t see whether the man was willing or not, but insisted that the medicine was the man himself. The man’s parents demanded 1 million compensation and finally negotiated to 35 because the man was also an adult and was responsible for his own behavior!" Tang Shu said the general situation: "But Shangmei’s image is ruined, and the brokerage company has already cancelled her contract. It is estimated that it will be silent for a while!"
"Didn’t you talk about a child?" I am most worried about children.
"Ping Li is still there. She asked me to come back with the baby in my arms!" Tang Shu sighed and shook his head at the absurdity of his youth.
Shang Beibei is shy to eat with a cake, and she is still strange to Miao and Lu Fengxing, but she still has some sense of distance in her heart.
"Is Beibei drinking milk powder now or drinking pure milk like adults?" I don’t know what to take if I want to give the child a drink.
"Sister-in-law, you’d better go to the hospital!" Tang Shu ignored Miao’s heart, and it was too uncomfortable to hold things in his heart.
"What’s the situation?" Lu popular brows knit up tightly.
"Liugang estimates that I have tried my best in a few days?" Tang Shu sad bowed his head.
"Liu Gang?" I don’t know why I suddenly jumped out of this character. Since I met him once in a dark alley, I haven’t thought about counting on him to be a flying father.
"What the hell is going on?" Lu Fengxing frowned. Tang Shu seldom meddles so much. He subconsciously feels that Liugang seems to have something to do with himself.
"Your cornea was donated by Liu Gang. He was found in the late stage of bone cancer after the car accident. He didn’t come back to find Feiyang. He felt that he was relieved that the spread of cancer cells would affect the quality of cornea. Liu Gang came to me and made a donation before and asked me to keep it secret. He didn’t want the child to be caught in a complicated plot and worried that he would not understand and would be resentful!"
Tang Shu gave a detailed account of the donation. He knew that Lu Fengxing hated others for keeping something from him, but he had to choose this time. He didn’t want Lu Fengxing to carry any ideological pressure.
Oh, my god