"Miss Wang, the young lady, is here. She is waiting for you in the small hall!" Sister-in-law Wang came over to report one

"Wang Ni?" I’m surprised at this woman’s courage. She dares to come. Doesn’t she know how much harm she has caused others? She has the nerve to come!
"You eat, I’ll deal with it!" Lu Fengxing’s heart has relaxed. If Wang Ni can appear, say that Li Jing is not with her, then Li Jing should be safe. Maybe she really wants to go out for a walk.
"I’d better go by myself after eating. I don’t believe what she can do to me in my home!" Miao got up from his chair. He didn’t want to get caught up in these women’s right and wrong. It was too annoying. Men should be here to do big things. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t even cope with a little girl.
"Then I’ll wait for you in the living room!" Lu Fengxing doesn’t think that Wang Ni can make waves. She usually loves to show less contact in front of him.
Wang Ni is wearing a black wool coat today, and her hair is smooth and hanging down on both sides, which seems to be a little depressed.
"I won’t come after I pay you back. I didn’t expect you to have such courage!" There is no friendly attitude, and there is irony in the tone.
"Since I took this job, I must have an explanation, even if I leave, I will be responsible for saying that I can still do it!" Wang Ni seems to have been fully prepared, and her eyes reflect calmness without emotional fluctuation.
"Do I have to say thank you?" Did Miao really rush to give Wang Ni an impulse? Can two poor children really make her so calm?
"No, I’m going to leave this city for a while, and I don’t want to see you again!" It seems that it is only a matter of time before Wang Ni has a way to cover up the provocation.
"Don’t you feel guilty at all?" There are some ways to understand how to face life in this way.
"Do you have it?" Wang Ni looked at Miao tit-for-tat. "I just sent a message and it was kind, so the result was not what I wanted!" What about you? You made my dad have a good impression and thoughts on you, and then Lu Shao took revenge. Now that my family is ruined, do you feel guilty about us? "
"Wang Ni is not as unreasonable as you!" Miao is also excited. "Wang Kunyu has a wife when he comes. Should he have an idea for me? Is it wrong for Lu Fengxing to defend himself? Shouldn’t a bad man be punished for molesting others? If I hadn’t been soft-hearted, would you have planned it? Your family is ruined because your parents don’t finally have their own marriage consequences and others don’t! "
"You dare to say that you didn’t seduce my father?" Wang Ni got up directly from the sofa in a state of becoming angry from embarrassment.
"Gao Fushuai with me around her. Do you think it’s necessary for her to seduce the old man whose body has gone? You feel so good about yourself! " Lu Fengxing doesn’t know when he has entered the small hall, coldly shooting Wang Ni, who is full of offensive, and it is definitely a spike effect.
Looking at the man’s handsome face, I am really proud, smiling and proud. "You have been in our house for a while. Don’t you feel that our family is happy?" It must be different from your home! Do you think I would like to live with a man like your father? That’s disgusting! "
"Don’t bask in happiness here!" Wang Ni calmly and completely collapsed. "If it weren’t for you, my dad wouldn’t be paralyzed. If it weren’t for my mom, it wouldn’t be so wanton. There wouldn’t be a tragedy now! Now everything is caused by you, and you are the real sinners! "
"Wang Ni, do you have any idea of right and wrong?" Miao now realizes the importance of parents’ words and deeds. How can Wang Kunyu teach sensible children?
"What qualifications do women like you have to talk about me?" Wang Ni raised herself proudly. "You will be cursed. Let’s wait and see!"
"If she is cursed, whoever cursed her will definitely go to hell first!" Lu Fengxing’s cold audio-visual knife shot at Wang Ni, and the woman couldn’t help shivering. The pride somewhere in my heart was even more wanton and unwilling.
Wang Ni glared at Miao mercilessly and walked around two people. Why can Miao have such noble love? She is just a common girl, and a sparrow can fly to be a phoenix. What reason does she have to suffer as a daughter? If she stands in the way of happiness, she will die!
"I think it’s necessary to give this woman some pain or she won’t know where she is!" Lu Fengxing took a woman’s waist and said that it was more dangerous than a man saying that the wind was light and the clouds were light.
"Forget how her parents died, she is already very sad, so if people want to leave, stay away!" Miao always feels that forgiving others is a kindness to her children.
"You just love to leave trouble for yourself!" Popular Lu took the woman out of the small hall.
"Not necessarily!" I feel that everything still has two sides. "Giving Sun Tianning a chance will make him turn over a new leaf and leave us a good relationship, right?"
"Well, if you have such an idea, I must support it!" Lu Fengxing always compromises in front of women. The most important thing is that he doesn’t believe that Wang Ni can do any more tricks. After all, the tragedy of this car accident can’t be blamed on Wang Ni. It is indeed a lot of chances.
"I hope you can be more patient with Fengxing if he is willing to live in Liuzhai." I think we should agree with Fengxing Lu on these issues before understanding Liu Feiyang.
"Have you ever thought that Feiyang witnessed the car accident between Chen Lan and Jia Xue? How do you want a twelve-year-old child to cooperate with you to cheat another child?" Lu Fengxing put a very realistic problem in front of Miao.
"But you can’t let Xiao take care of this child all the time. She’s not in love and married yet. It’s too unreasonable!" I really feel a little puzzled.
"I have asked Song Yang to intensify his efforts to find Liu Gang. Maybe I will hear from him soon. At that time, I will help solve all his troubles, which is an account for Liu Ma!" Lu Fengxing doesn’t want women to bear too much responsibility, so he will really feel bad.
"Well, I hope there will be good news in Songyang earlier!" Miao also recognized the man’s statement, "Then don’t let Song Yang accompany me. My own car will be fine. I haven’t seen that Jaguar for a long time, and I want to find a feeling!"
"Are you sure you can?" Lu Fengxing seems to be still not at ease.
"What do you say?" Miao Chong made a fist at Lu Fengxing. "My strength is never allowed to be underestimated!"
"It’s time to feed Yangyang!" Yuan Qing came up with her child in her arms.
"Give it to me. I’ll take him back to his room so that he will fall asleep in a short while!" Miao held the baby over. Little Yangyang looked for milk to eat and whine as soon as he smelled his mother. It was particularly pleasing.
"We Yangyang are really a smart card and know how to please our mother first when we are nursing!" Yuan Qing looked at his grandson and was elated. He didn’t feel any hard work at all.
"Wife, will it be like this in front of your wife after you say it?" Holding Miao back to the bedroom, Lu Fengxing was still very dissatisfied and attacked a mouth.
"You are as worthless as you are!" Miao is definitely to maintain the image of children.
"If he really looks like me, I will be satisfied!" Lu Fengxing doesn’t feel that he has any hobbies at all. It’s only natural to have his own wife! Besides, the way he possesses women is still somewhat special and absolutely masculine!
"I’m too lazy to care about you!" Miao was lying on the big bed with her child in her arms, and the white hill was in front of her son. Little Yangyang was so excited that he bit and sucked hard. After a while, his little head was covered with sweat.
"It’s so hard to eat a milk. It’s so sweaty every time!" Miao said and picked up the bedside handkerchief and gently wiped it for the child.
"Why don’t I help the children experience it and see if it is really so strong?" Lu Fengxing lay down, and the thugs explored the hill.
"Do you have orthomorphism?" I gasped and knocked out the man’s evil paw. "Didn’t we agree not to make any intimate moves in front of the children? How could you forget!"
"He can eat, eh, am I touching it too much? My son will think that I have no position like him! " Lu Fengxing is very dissatisfied with women showing reserve.
"You are so annoying!" Miao was made to laugh and cry by men. "Do you still want to be a good father?"
"A good father doesn’t mean abstinence!" Lu Fengxing put it up to cheat.
"Lu Fengxing, you are stealing the concept!" A white eye is ready to be ashamed of the man. "If you bother me again, I’ll leave without eating. I’m not responsible for it."
"You will be willing to give up his cry? You are willing to suppress me! " Men know women too well to feel threatened.