Shuilan smiled faintly and put the jade hand in Hao Cheng’s hand. "Thank you!"

Today, Shuilan is wearing a black tube top and a necklace of coral. There is a hint of enchanting in the atmosphere. To be honest, it is really tasteful, but even this has failed to attract Lu Fengxing to see her. If it is not Shuilan and the embassy are also very familiar, it is estimated that Lu Fengxing has no intention of taking her with him.
Not showing discomfort in her face, not sure that the attack will make her situation even more ugly. Shuilan knows that her greatest magic weapon now is patience.
I have to say that a model like Miao will have a focusing effect wherever she goes. What’s worse, she is surrounded by top Gao Fushuai figures with diamonds. The speed of attracting attention is simply to get things done in minutes.
When Miao stepped into the consulate, she and Lu Fengxing became the objects of discussion and appreciation. If Miao had no foundation for catwalk, it is estimated that such a scene would really be unacceptable.
"Don’t be nervous, you don’t consider anything with me!" The following to the following hand in the mind have a cold sweat Lu popular light comfort way
I smiled faintly. She didn’t feel anything about going to the party. What she feels now is that she is standing on the catwalk with a standard smile and professional pace. She won’t let others find fault with her discomfort.
For such a party, she really doesn’t need to think about anything, but it’s just a vase. Now she doesn’t know what she means to the men around her, but for her, everything here may be an opportunity.
"Happy birthday, Mrs Yin!" Lu Fengxing caught Miao and took out the gift politely in front of the hostess.
"It’s very kind of you to be popular!" Yishan smiled and accepted the gift. She looked at Miao with great interest. "Who is this?"
"This is my wife!" Lu Fengxing is very atmospheric and introduced.
"Happy birthday, Mrs Yin!" I gave my sincere regards.
"Oh my God! When did you get married? Still so beautiful, madam, you are too fast! " Yishan was very surprised.
"We just came here to make up the wedding after our honeymoon, and I hope you and the counselor can come and join us!" Lu Fengxing described his plan confidently.
When did you say that you want to hold a wedding with him? It’s strange that your future will not be completely destroyed when you hold a wedding with such a rogue! But Lu Fengxing doesn’t seem to care about the idea. In his view, it is to let the world know that this little woman is close to him and never give a woman a chance to escape from him.
It is normal for men and women to get together in party activities. Men will get together to talk about current affairs, finance and economics, and military affairs. Women get together, which means that there are endless fashion trends and Lu Fengxing are naturally planned in two camps.
Lu Fengxing will also pay attention to a little woman from time to time, fearing that she will have any discomfort. But I didn’t expect the little woman to get acquainted with everyone soon. The experience of talking about decoration has been recognized by everyone, and it is very professional to do publicity.
This is also the idea that since such a platform has been created, it is necessary to accumulate a good network of contacts, which is a great wealth and a foundation for her future development
I have to say that Mrs. Lu’s identity has given her great convenience. Everyone has all kinds of envy in her eyes. The young, rich and super handsome husband makes everyone envy and hate, and her own conditions are enough to make people envy.
"Mrs. Lu, you and manager Lu are so well matched. God is too eccentric to give you the best!" The translator’s wife envied and praised.
"Yes, Mrs. Lu should guide us more after she is a fashionista!" Counsellor’s assistant wishes he could have such good luck.
"Where will it be? But fashion design is my major!" I intentionally introduced my career.
"Really?" The counselor’s wife was very surprised. "Then you can build your own brand. I think your ideas are very creative. If you have your own brand, we will definitely support you!"
"That’s right! We really can’t underestimate the annual expenses! " The translator’s wife chimed in
"Great!" I gave a positive response. "I just have this idea now, that is, I want to take the route of high-end ready-to-wear customization, design according to the different situations of each customer, and then really tailor the clothes to ensure that each suit is suitable and unique!"
"Your idea is too good!" At first, the image of the vase was completely broken. "I’m sure your idea will lead to a different fashion route!" "
"Thank you, Mrs. Yin, for recognizing that I will work hard!" I am more determined about my own ideas.
"Can you come here?" Disappeared for a long time, Shuilan suddenly came along. It seems that there is something to find alone.
"Excuse me for a moment!" Ying nodded slightly to apologize to everyone and then left with Shuilan.
"I’ve almost arranged for you. The doctor is ready. The operation will be short, just five to ten minutes!" Shuilan dragged Miao around the crowd carelessly, glad that they didn’t attract the attention of Lu Fengxing.
Section 94
I don’t know what kind of surgery Shuilan said after I finished thinking. It seems that the current situation is totally different.
"What, you don’t want contraception?" As soon as Shuilan’s heart reaches her throat, if she goes back on her word now, her defeat will be qualitative.
"Contraception? Here? " I really feel a little weird. How can anyone be more anxious than her? Is it too unreliable to do contraceptive surgery here?
"Catgut embedding surgery is very simple, and it is very short when there is pain. Come with me!" See following didn’t mean to refuse water haze urged.
Miao was dragged into a bedroom by Shuilan, and the doctor was really ready.
"Are you sure they are all qualified doctors?" The following suddenly felt a kind of tension.
"I hope you can stay away from fashion. Now I don’t want you to have children, and you don’t want us to agree. Do you think I will be irresponsible?" Shuilan thinks that Miao is insulting her personality. "These are professional doctors in high-end private hospitals. Don’t worry!"
"Well, then!" I really don’t want a popular child. It’s too insecure. I don’t know when this marriage will become a bubble. She doesn’t want to be an irresponsible mother.
After the doctor asked the patient to lie flat on the big bed, his left arm was stretched flat on the pallet as required, and after local anesthesia, the patient felt no pain, but his mind was still clear and he enjoyed the operation.
Shuilan didn’t lie to her. The doctor’s level is really good, and the method is very skilled. There is no need to move for more than five minutes, and the whole operation process is completed.
"You can have contraception in twenty-four hours, and effective contraception takes five years!" Shui Lan directly translated, "There may be bruising and swelling in the local area a few days after operation, and it will recover itself after a few days without special treatment!"
"Oh!" The following response has sat up straight.
"There are a few things you should pay attention to yourself!" Water haze off the doctor’s face returned to serious.
"What?" I’m still sorting out my clothes and French style
"The couple’s life can only be carried out after the first 124 hours. You should think about it yourself. Second, your arm will be bruised and swollen, and there must be a reason to explain that you need to consider it yourself! "
This is really a problem. If the bad guys know about it, it is estimated that everything will be white.
"Well, I’ll go out and you have a rest! This is the guest room. I have borrowed it and no one will disturb it! " Water haze said and turned and went out.
This woman doesn’t care if she gets what she wants. It’s so ungrateful!
I want to be red and swollen for various reasons. In fact, it’s good to say that the weather is already wearing long sleeves. It’s not easy to find it. Just say that I accidentally touched it. But how can sex be guaranteed after 24 hours?
The word "run away" flashed through my mind. If I can stay outside for 24 hours and then go back, nothing will happen.
But when I look at my neck, I tremble. Where does she dare to hide with this thing? It’s too risky! At present, the situation has also been taken one step at a time. I hope that the man will directly get drunk today and then talk about everything.
I walked out of the bedroom with all kinds of ideas in my heart and didn’t notice anyone else in the corridor.
"Is it the following?" I can’t believe my ears with a beautiful sound behind me.
"Pilotage? Why are you here? " This feeling of meeting an old friend in a foreign country is more than a surprise.
"My mother is an interpreter. I’ll come to see her on her birthday!" Yin Hang doesn’t believe that the diamond necklace in front of his eyes is as bright as a sexy goddess. It is definitely not something that ordinary families can do.