"hmm!" I don’t want to be the object of everyone’s memory, so I still nodded very well. "I’ll put the surrounding frame together today and put it together once or twice a day to ensure that it won’t affect normal rest and exercise!"

"Then eat first!" Yuan Jiu felt that it was necessary to supervise.
"All right!" After thinking about it, I still put the block in my hand. My mother-in-law is also kind, so it’s better to follow it.
It seems that it is rare for Lu Da to go home for dinner now. Today, he came back specially to express his welcome to Miao Lai and took the initiative to say, "You must take good care of yourself when you come back from this hard work!"
"Fortunately, Ximei took care of me all the way, and the time base of the plane came to sleep!" Miao walked with his waist and sat down at the dinner table. Liu Xiaoyang was still in a free-range state. Nai sighed in his heart and finally saw what a distant relative was.
"This year, we are going to the grassroots to offer condolences. I don’t think we can stay at home. I suggest that you arrange a tourist project to relax in a comfortable place for a few days!" Lu da is very considerate and arranged.
"Or arrange it in Hainan, where the weather is more comfortable!" Yuan JIU took the initiative to consider it.
"We certainly have no opinion!" Xin took care of Sun Yuanmei at home and was the first to respond.
"Hainan is fine, and there are ready-made houses." Yuan Qing also expressed his opinions as a representative.
"Dad, is the situation going well in your side recently?" The following insipid asked 1
Ma is about to celebrate the Spring Festival, and I still have a good idea of many things. Some time ago, my mother-in-law said that it was very unfavorable to transfer the group shares to other people’s names. Although they are all reunited in her name, I still worry about the situation of the old people.
"hmm!" Lu Da nodded firmly. "I finally made it through, and it’s a real help from God!"
"Huh?" I didn’t understand the second half of Lu Da’s sentence. My father-in-law really doesn’t look like a theist.
"When I think about it, I feel strange that there is no sign at all. Almost overnight, those who have problems have been exposed to the details. Then I will stop investigating and lift all my crises!" Lu Da’s face can still see incredible expressions.
"That’s really God’s help!" Wu agree with Lu Da’s statement.
"That’s right. We all feel very strange up to now!" Yuan JIU also issued a sigh.
"That’s my brother-in-law’s magnanimity. He must have received support. Congratulations!" Yuan Mei took the initiative to raise the goblet in her hand.
"Yes! Finally, my wife can spend the New Year! " Yuan Jiu still has a lot of feelings in his heart and responded by lifting the goblet with everyone.
Miao chuckled and raised the milk in her hand, but she was thinking about such a bizarre thing and whether it was popular in Lu. Now, whenever she understands something, she will consciously think of the man. She unconsciously increases her confidence that he is still alive. It seems that all this will be true!
"Hey, now you are our favorite. You must take good care of yourself and your children!" Putting down the glass, Lu Da turned the topic around to the body again. "We are all sad when fashion is gone, but the fact is that it is necessary to never accept it. Now is a new era and we don’t ask for any chastity archway. Your mother and I won’t object if we meet the right one!"
"Yes!" Yuan Jiu took over the topic, "We hope you can take good care of the two children. After all, they are the only flesh and blood that is popular and the only blood of Lujia!"
"Don’t worry about your in-laws. We will help her take good care of her two children whether or not she will choose a new life!" Yuan Qing didn’t expect that two in-laws would take the initiative to say such a thing, and he was particularly moved.
"Mom and Dad, what are you talking about!" I am particularly uncomfortable in my heart. "How can you say that when the fashion is less than half a year away from us? I’m pregnant with his baby. How can I go? Do you have any other ideas? I promised him that I would be his wife for the rest of my life, and we will be together like this! "
"Good boy wronged you!" Yuan JIU covered her mouth with emotion. I didn’t expect Miao to be so persistent.
"It’s lucky for us to meet you!" Lu Da also gave birth to a lot of regrets. Think about Shen Li and think about many people around her. It’s so rare to be in this daughter-in-law!
"Well, don’t say these sad things, it will affect prenatal education!" Yuan Mei stopped the spread of sadness.
"Yes!" Yuan Jiu took the initiative to give Miao a dish. "Eat more children. Now it’s up to you to absorb nutrition!"
"Thank you, Mom!" Miao’s unhappiness has stopped here. Is it because of Lu Da’s bizarre incident or some nostalgia?
However, Miao didn’t express his thoughts. After all, his thinking is chaotic now. These intuitive things can make everyone upset because there is no evidence to say that they can make everyone gradually calm down and ripple.
After dinner, everyone gathered in the living room to chat. Liu Xiaoyang and Shui Che also played a game led by Feng Ximei. Everyone’s eyes would float to the child from time to time, and the laughter would keep ringing. It seems that those sad things have gradually moved away from this family.
She didn’t sit in the living room and chat with everyone. After eating a fruit meal, she went straight back to her bedroom. What she misses most now is the puzzle. When Yuan Qing came in with Liu Xiaoyang asleep, she realized that she had been sitting still for more than three hours.
"Hey, you can’t do this!" Yuan Qing’s obsession with her daughter has an opinion on it. "Now you are a double body, even if you don’t think about it yourself, it is not the time to think about it!"
"Exactly!" Miao please her eyes and glanced at the picture she had just put together, feeling that she was really worried.
"Mom, I just forgot the time!" Miao came along with an excellent attitude of admitting mistakes.
"I wish you knew!" Yuan Qing put Liu Xiaoyang in the Tai big bed. The child has changed his pajamas and the sample is already finished washing.
"Wash up quickly and sleep with the children. Don’t let us worry about you!" Yuan Qing worried that her daughter would do superficial kung fu and directly took Miao into the health care.
"Mom, I’m not a three-year-old and I need your supervision!" The following sneered at Yuan Qing’s neck.