Yao Jia, Kyoto airport, caught the first flight back.

For another three days, she didn’t cry or think about the man’s problem. She sealed up all the cookies made by the man himself and sealed up the memory of two people. In a box, there was a small lock and the key blamed her for rushing directly into the toilet.
She didn’t think of reopening those memories. There may be happiness and happiness there, but for such a sad ending, those are suffocating poisons. No one can’t let it go. People are all good for others, but now that man’s good has been with her, memories have become the least thing!
Maybe when she’s white-haired, she’s still willing to think about it. After all, she was a lost person then, but now she has no spare youth to squander, and she needs to work hard by herself in the future!
Yao Jia!’ As soon as I got my luggage, Yao Jia heard someone calling his name and turned around to find that Xie Zhengdong was holding roses in his hand and wearing a suit and tie at the exit.
Yao Jia cracked his mouth and gave the man a heart smile. For the man to give this consolation prize, Yao Jia is still ready to appreciate it.
"thank you! I’m not late! " Yao Jia took the flowers and handed the luggage to the man.
"With my driving skills, I guess we can get to the hotel first." Xie Zhengdong was glad that she didn’t see the smoky makeup of women. At least she didn’t cry yesterday.
"Aren’t you going to accompany the groom to pick up the bride?" Yao Jia thinks that Xie Zhengdong is too incompetent as the best man.
"The groom is already familiar with it, so don’t be brave with me!" Xie Zhengdong put Yao Jia’s luggage in his car. "Anyway, you didn’t go to watch the bride. You and I have to pair up!"
"Nonsense!" Yao Jia smiled and got into the man’s car.
"That’s true. It’s called symmetry, okay?" Xie Zhengdong seems to be quite serious
"Well, I lost to your fallacies!" Yao Jia closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. She was still adjusting her state. She didn’t want her to behave inappropriately when pressing the key.
Xie Zhengdong didn’t speak again. He knew that women needed some peace at this time.
At the moment, Hao Cheng is having a dialogue in the way of two men in Li Guguo’s room
"I have given my daughter to you once!"
"hmm!" Hao Cheng nodded his head in front of Li Jianguo. He had no words.
"I hope that no matter what happens this time, you can firmly hold her hand and never let go!" This is the minimum requirement of a father. Li Jianguo, like all ordinary fathers, also wants his daughter to be happy.
"hmm!" Hao Cheng’s heart is blocked. I don’t know what will happen to them.
"Hao Cheng, I know there are other women in your heart now, but since you agree to marry MengMeng, you should fulfill your promise like a man, no matter what the reason is, since you married her, you have the righteousness to make her happy!" Li Jianguo forbear and clenched his fist.
Hao Cheng took a deep breath and spit it out. When he looked at Li Jianguo, there was no uncertainty.
"Dad, don’t worry, I will take good care of MengMeng!"
Yes, no matter what he chose Li Mengmeng, he has already made a choice, and he and that woman will never have a chance to go back to the past. Choosing and giving up are actually the same moment. The thing is that he himself is not willing to accept the reality, but the reality is so cruel whether you want to accept it or not!
"No, take good care of her. You need love!" Li Jianguo deliberately emphasized it.
"I will work hard!" Hao Cheng also made his promise, although he is not sure whether he can really do it at present.
"hmm!" Li Jianguo nodded with satisfaction. "Go ahead and don’t let MengMeng wait!"
"hmm!" Hao Cheng got up and bowed respectfully to Li Jianguo.
"Did Dad give you a hard time?" At the sight of Hao Cheng coming out of the room, Li Mengmeng was nervous to meet him.
"Fool, your dad didn’t tell Hao Cheng a few words until he was distressed!" Fang Han really thinks girls are extroverted when she hears her daughter say this.
"Yes!" Hao Cheng took over her mother-in-law’s words, "Dad is just afraid that I will bully you!"
"You won’t bully me. I know!" Li Mengmeng bully seems to be holding Hao Cheng’s arm. "I promise I won’t bully you again!"
Section 446
"This child is getting younger and younger!" Fang Hanzhen didn’t have a daughter and didn’t have the confidence to be dizzy.
"Mom, I will take good care of MengMeng!" Hao Cheng knows that his mother-in-law is not at ease either. Does he choose a woman to reassure his parents or should he?
"hmm!" Fang Han finally smiled when he heard this. "We’ll leave our MengMeng to you. We held her in the palm of our hand and grew up with a lot of problems, but I think you should know and cherish her heart!"
"hmm!" Hao Cheng pressed the bottom of my heart bitter completely in the corner and took Li Mengmeng’s hand and walked out of the Li family villa.
When Hao Cheng and Li Mengmeng’s wedding car came to the hotel, Yao Jia and Xie Zhengdong had already greeted them at the door of the hotel.
Yao Jia’s pink tube top gift is particularly delicate. Korean hair style makes the whole person feel more gentle and white. The neck is equipped with a thin chain. The bright pendant is simple and clever. The whole person looks especially beautiful with the girl next door.
All Hao Cheng’s attention was like this. Yao Jia was attracted. Finally, he understood why he had a bang. He touched the warm side of too many women. That is the most lethal thing for women to men. He was completely captured.
"The groom seems to be watching you all the time!" Xie Zhengdong leaned in slightly.
"Aren’t you looking at me the same?" Yao Jia replied that no matter how you look at them, they are doomed to become stale and strangers. She is waiting to enjoy the sadness of passing by.
"I think you are legal because I am single now!" Xie Zhengdong got closer. "Do you think he will become the second runaway groom in Li Mengmeng?"
"Then you have to ask him!" Yao Jia hook lips slightly gave Xie Zhengdong a meaningless smile.
Yao Jia’s face is smiling, but she can’t feel the temperature and sweetness. Her heart is flooded with bitterness. When the man leads the woman out of the wedding car, it burst its banks, but the tears in her eyes are forced back into her stomach.
Today, she must not cry. Her blessing is definitely not her own tears. She really hopes that he can be happy, even if the woman beside him is not herself, she hopes that he can be happy!
"Hao Cheng, if you go to Yao Jia now, I’m willing to give you this wedding today!" When passing by, Li Mengmeng suddenly wanted to put Cheng Hao in Yao Jia’s body and mind in his ear before he took it back completely.
"MengMeng wishes you and Hao Cheng a lasting relationship!" Yao Jia didn’t wait for the man to answer. She gave herself the truest happiness, and she also resolutely expressed her attitude.
"All right!" Xie Zhengdong stretched out his hand and pulled over Yao Jia. "We have helped you for a long time. Get in place quickly!"
"It’s normal for the best man and bridesmaid to help with the wedding ceremony. Do you want to hide?" Li Mengmeng and Xie Zhengdong bicker, but the corner of their eyes is asking if Yao Jia and Cheng Hao have any interaction.
"The bride can’t be too vicious. It’s interesting enough for people to do this!" Xie Zhengdong pulled Li Mengmeng aside.
"Why are you distressed?" Li Mengmeng provokes lip-hooking.
Xie Zhengdong shook his head in a funny way, but his heart was inexplicably sour. "I’m very interesting that you grew up together."
"Come on, I won’t deliberately make it difficult for her!" Li Mengmeng turned and walked to the front of Yao Jia, and his words were frank. "Hao Cheng still has something in his heart, so I just want you to be the maid of honor. I want you to see clearly your choices and know the reality gap. I admit that I am really selfish, but I think you should understand the woman!"
Yao Jia smiled hard, hoping that he could smile naturally. "Cherish him. He is a good man and now he is officially yours!"
"You don’t hate him either. He loves you, but I know he wants to keep Lu Shaotuan before forcing him to submit!" Li Mengmeng took Yao Jia’s hand. Maybe she already knew how to cherish this man. "I’m sorry, I really love him. I can’t live without him. Thank you for not fighting with me all the time!"
"Love and marriage are not competing for this. I already knew it two years ago. This is your fate with him. Cherish it!" Yao Jia gave Li Mengmeng a big hug. "Can I leave now?"
"hmm!" Li Mengmeng felt that a woman’s blessing was sincere, and her heart was full of emotion and law to cover up her guilt.
"Thank you!" Yao Jiafang and Li Mengmeng gave the callous man a deep look. All the blessings and entrustment were in that deep look. "Goodbye!"
"Goodbye!" Hao Cheng’s eyes are rosy, and this woman is finally going out of his world.
Turning around, glittering and translucent tears slipped instantly, without running or riding, Yao Jia just went ahead step by step, hoping that her back was brave, calm and full of hope!
"Goodbye, I will leave first!" Xie Zhengdong said hello to Li Mengmeng and chased him out.
"Will you chase it?" Li Mengmeng nervously looked at the man in front of him.
"I have made a choice and there is no profit to chase!" Hao Cheng still took back his lingering in the back of Yao Jia and sincerely looked at Li Mengmeng around him. "I will be responsible for my choice. Don’t worry!"
"hmm!" Li Mengmeng’s eyes are wet. She has been thinking about the man in her heart and finally came back.
"Hey, you’ve been a bridesmaid for a long time and then you’re gone!" Xie Zhengdong chased Li Mengmeng in a few strides only to find that the woman’s face was already full of tears. "Are you all right!"