"Well, this Dan contains an incredibly large psychic force, which is enough for you two little guys to share." Windson took Dan back and took out the "blue water". He just wanted to feed Dan one point and two points, thought about it, took it back, drew a knife and divided it into four parts, and then stuffed a quarter into his mouth and screamed with anger.

"I’m not stingy. I’m afraid you’ll die!" Lin Feng knocked on the small head, then held it on the forehead with one hand and held the jade slips with the other, and regarded himself as a translator’s soul communication method. The demon in the jade slips was practiced in the small head, but now I can’t check the jade slips, and there is absolutely no soul communication method if I dictate.
Clever closed his eyes and remembered Lin Feng’s demon cultivation method for it. Lin Feng felt a surge of spiritual force stirring in the small body and gradually running according to a fixed trajectory.
As time goes by, the expression becomes more and more painful, and the doll cries softly again. It seems to be cheering up. Windson frowned and put a spirit into the body to check the situation. If there is something wrong, it will forcibly suppress Jinjiao Dan’s energy explosion, even if it is repaired from now on, it will keep its life.
However, it may be that Lin Feng is concerned that the practice of spiritual beasts is different from that of human beings. Although their practice is not as fast as that of human beings, it is not subject to the shackles of the realm. If they are not exploded by spiritual forces, they can limit the absorption of spiritual forces for ascension.
Obviously, a quarter of Jinjiao Danli’s spiritual strength is not enough to burst the body, and the situation soon stabilized. The incoming spiritual strength has been completely on the right track, and a little bit of it has been absorbed and transformed into the spiritual strength that belongs to the little guy himself.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Kunlun School
When I arrived at Lin Fengsong, I took a bite of Qilong Linger and put a tight grip on my fist. "Is my brother all right?"
"Well, it’s not only okay, but it will make great progress when it wakes up." Lin Fengxiao smiled and took a quarter of a Dan and handed it to the doll’s mouth. "Eat it too, doll, or you won’t be able to beat it later."
The doll stared at Lin Feng, but then she ate the four-point Dan and concentrated on memorizing Lin Fenglai’s demon cultivation method.
Lin Fengbang Long Linger took advantage of this gap to deal with a few small wounds on his face and then quietly leaned out of the "Crystal House" to see if Huang Yuantian brought anyone back to find him.
In a messy valley, with three people, Huang Yuantian was scratched on the left side of his face, but the long wound made him look extremely ferocious. However, his attitude at the moment was very humble. He bowed slightly to the middle man and said, "Brother Head, I just met that little guy here. I didn’t expect him to run away so soon."
The man is slender and looks like a crown of jade, but he is dressed in a blue robe with a gold edge and a luxurious robe in middle age. His feet are purple and gold boots, his waist is long and black, and he is dressed in a bun with a small jade sword. The whole person looks calm and extraordinary, and he has a long-term dignity. When he hears Huang Yuantian’s words, he nodded and asked, "Is that man really as bad as you said?" Even the younger brother, don’t you take him? "
"That’s true. I would never dare to cheat the head brother," Huang Yuantian explained in detail. "That small workshop is similar to mine, but it has great mental strength and flexible posture. It is estimated that it has a good martial arts skill."
"Wushu?" The man on the right suddenly laughed. "Far-day teacher younger brother, you are the best in the whole Kunlun wonderland, and you have a magic weapon. I don’t believe that a famous man can make you so embarrassed by Wushu." This man is tall and thin, with a white eyebrow and a beard, and he is a foot long and mixed with a kind of dust.
"Yes, my brother said yes!" Huang Yuantian seems to be very afraid of this man’s smell speech and immediately nodded and added, "This dirty thing like Wushu really doesn’t pose a threat to me, but the little spiritual power is really strong and although he doesn’t have any magic weapon, there are several things that even in the whole fix true world belong to the point …"
"What is it?" The white old man couldn’t help but get curious and quickly asked.
"Five-element Lingying Baby and Five-claw Golden Dragon Soul!" Speaking of which, Huang Yuantian couldn’t help but lick his mouth and his eyes were full of greed.
"What?" The white old man and the middle man exclaimed at the same time, which can make these two people feel like ancient wells without waves and fix true masters. There are not many things in the whole fix true world, but Huang Yuantian said it was just two of them.
Huang Yuantian caught the interest of two people and quickly deleted the whole process of playing against Lin Feng. In the end, he added, "In addition to these two things, the small side in the Middle East and West still has two spirit beasts. If I am not mistaken, it is a chasing wind and exquisite dog. This wound in my face is accidentally caught by one of the little animals."
"I didn’t expect this person to have a chance to meet the five elements of Lingying and Jinlong Soul …" The white old man glanced at Huang Yuan Day with a look of Gherardini and sighed, "It’s a pity that once these two things recognize the Lord, no one can rob them."
"Yes, yes …" Huang Yuantian smiled awkwardly and knew that his little mind had been seen through by his brother.
The white old man ignored him again and turned to the man in the middle and asked, "What do you think should be done about this, Master Brother?"
The man hesitated for a moment and replied, "Although there are many people who have made a breakthrough in repairing the realm in Kunlun wonderland in recent years, even if they are in the whole federal repair world, they will not be in the distracted period. In more than a month, the Yibao conference will be held. Such a master who has never heard of repairing the truth will come to Kunlun Wonderland and I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse. However, it is an indisputable fact that he broke into the fairyland and injured me, and the elders of Shushan robbed my cousin of the magic weapon of flying swords. I think it is still the first time to ask all factions in the fairyland to help them pay attention to this
"That’s right. It’s good to bully others to return me to Shushan!" Huang Yuantian bite a tooth shouted
"Shut up!" White old man lightly drinks and turns his head and says, "Brother Head, if possible, it’s better to make peace and friendship. Although I have many powerful brothers in Shushan, I’m afraid I will suffer from poverty if I offend such masters. Please think twice!"
"Brother is right," the man nodded. "But we have to wait until we meet that person. If that person is willing to apologize, then the matter can’t be stopped. But if that person is stubborn, we can’t weaken the name of Shushan!"
"Exactly!" White old man smiled and shout
Huang Yuantian and some aggrieved eyes flashed a few yoshimitsu from time to time, but they didn’t refute them. The three men talked for a while again. In the sign that Lin Feng didn’t seem to come back, the man took the lead and disappeared into the valley.
"Want me to apologize? It’s a dream! " Windson is strong in spirit, and the three people in the valley know their conversation clearly. For the final decision of the owner of Shushan, Windson couldn’t help laughing. Don’t let him apologize. Even Huang Yuantian, in turn, will apologize to him. Windson will not necessarily accept it!
Although Lin Feng is also wrong in the whole thing, the behavior of Shushan is even more arrogant and despicable! If it weren’t for Huang Xing’s arrogance, Lin Feng wouldn’t necessarily be better in a fairyland. If it weren’t for Huang Yuantian’s indiscriminate start, the two of them wouldn’t necessarily have a conflict. Plus, Huang Yuantian was seriously injured and asked to get away and shot at Long Linger. The three dry sunrays greatly provoked Lin Feng’s anger and made him angry.
Secretly decided not to let Shushan or Huang Yuantian pay a heavy price!
In Huang Yuantian when they were talking, the dolls had already absorbed the huge spiritual force in Jinjiao Danli. Two little guys, every cloud has a silver lining, almost condensed their own Dan, and when they successfully formed Dan Lin Feng, they estimated that they could fix the true one-on-one hit in Yuan’s infancy.
The remaining half of Dan Lin Feng didn’t continue to practice for the two little guys. There are also similarities between spiritual and spiritual practices, that is, biting off more than one can chew, absorbing too much spiritual power but not digesting it will cause shameful waves. Only by laying a solid foundation can we get promoted more quickly.
"Linger, let’s go. Brother will take you home!" Windson bent down and gently picked up the dragon shine.
"Can Linger really go home?" Dragon shine upturned pink face YouZi can’t believe it.
Lin Feng ha ha smiled and waved to the doll. The little guy immediately jumped on his shoulder knowingly and licked his face affectionately. Although he recovered from the injury, the bone didn’t grow so fast. Lin Feng had to put it in his chest pocket to reveal a small head.
Out of the "Crystal House", Lin Feng flickered to a height of 1,000 meters and looked at his feet. Lin Feng took a deep breath with a sober smell of vegetation and laughed. "Does Linger still know the way home?"
"hmm!" Long Linger nodded his head a little bit, looked down and identified a terrain, then pointed to the east and said, "Flying about two thousand miles there is the Kunlun Sect!" " Although my little girl has never been out of Kunlun wonderland in her previous life, she still knows the fairyland like the back of her hand.
It’s a pity that it’s more than an hour’s journey for Lin Feng now. Otherwise, it can be faster. Although the journey is not too far, the vast Kunlun wonderland is beyond Lin Feng’s expectation. I don’t know whether this dimension of Kunlun Wonderland is natural or human. If it is human, it may be said that "the man of God" can do it …
In order to avoid being shunned by the people of Shushan, Lin Feng is still forbidden to cover his figure in the process of traveling now, unless the spirit is stronger than him, you should not want to talk in the valley now in your mind. The strength of those three guys of Shushan is already very clear. The white old man is the worst, and he is about to enter the fitting period in the late period of distraction, while the strength of the head of Shushan is about the same as that of Huang Yuan Day. If you recklessly fight in the middle period of distraction, Lin Feng is certainly not an opponent, but no matter the spirit, it is estimated that he can protect himself by picking three.
The Kunlunpai Dojo is located in the Kunlunwonderland. It is not clear what the joint forest air of Kunlun Mountain is outside this Kunlun Mountain and the fairyland.
Looking at the spectacular scene in front of me, Lin Feng was somewhat shocked. From the bottom of Kunlun Mountain, a wide white jade avenue runs continuously and goes straight to the top of the mountain. There are thousands of pavilions and pavilions dotted with small bridges, flowing water, exotic flowers and plants, cranes flying and animals playing. The Jade Palace on the top of the mountain is even more magnificent, with thousands of golden walls shining and beautiful scenery.
"I don’t know why this Taoist friend came to my Kunlun Sect?" When windson landed in front of the white jade archway at the foot of the mountain, two people dressed in blue robes immediately greeted them with fuels and asked politely.
Windson looked at Long Linger, but saw that she was confused and blinked. Her black eyes obviously didn’t know these two people. Windson wasn’t surprised that the top sects in Kunlun Wonderland sent many new brothers to get started with Long Linger every year. It’s normal not to know the low-level brother who is the janitor.
"I have something important to meet your leader, please inform the two." Windson also held the fuels and said.
"Master grandmaster is meeting with the distinguished guests. I wonder if this Taoist friend is important again? You might as well talk to me first! " Suddenly there was a flash of green light, and a stout man with a messy head fell into a symbolic fuels and said
Lin Feng secretly sighed, and Shu Shan’s younger brother was arrogant. Now it seems that Kunlun Gate is not much better. Although this statecraft seems to be a week in front of him, he obviously doesn’t believe that Lin Feng will have any "important things".