Wang Jiu, who is ahead, is very happy that the light with small round eyes jumps with thick lips and small mouth can’t help whistling and humming a song. Even so, he doesn’t slow down, but turns forward as fast as he can and runs hard towards the beauty money. He is already considering which hotel room to stay in, hoping to bring that delicate and lovely little beauty to bed as soon as possible after the game.

In this way, I was so happy that I didn’t know that Wang Jiu looked at the finish line not far away, one kilometer, hundreds of meters, 100 meters and 50 meters! Wang Jiu was about to open his mouth and cheer, but a black Chevrolet flashed past him. Maibakh stopped firmly in front of him at the finish line. What is a one-step victory? Wang Jiu thoroughly understood its meaning at this moment.
The victory didn’t cheer, because it was expected in the eyes of SiShao club members. They smiled and looked at everything in front of them quietly, while Wang Jiu and his younger brothers were stupid and dull. It turned out that the black Chevrolet, which was far behind, magically reached the finish line first in their eyes. It was unbelievable, but the fact just happened aboveboard.
The racing world was crazy for a while, so the dark horse king was ruthlessly run over by a tender girl whose appearance was more delicate than innocence, stepping on her foot and subverting her mind. The world became mysterious.
Moreover, Wang Jiu and his younger brothers are already holding a beer in their hands, ready to wait until their brother Wang Jiu crosses the line to celebrate that he has both money and beauty, but now he is at a loss and he is afraid to speak out. It seems awkward to celebrate his first failure. Celebrate your first loss?
The car smiled and pushed the door proudly and stood looking at the back. Wang Jiu also walked out of the door and said coldly, "I am willing to lose the bet! Weiwei! "
"Yes!" Fang Weimar, who was absolutely in high spirits at the moment, took out Wang Jiu’s handprint contract just before the game and vigorously read it out word for word from beginning to end, announcing Wang Jiu’s fate to the world and the people.
There is still no sound in the field, and everyone can hear it very clearly. No one is wrong, just like a battle here yesterday. Although the winner won a disgraceful means, it is an eternal law and rule that the world will never change.
"Wang Jiu, you are my man, right?" Look indifferently at the approach, look dull Wang Jiuche smiled gently, but cold than tunnel.
"Yes" is not as good as people. This is a vivid and ironclad fact that people are arrogant and disgusting, and Wang Jiu can obediently admit it at the moment.
"Good, then I will do what I want. What are you waiting for?" The car smiled, white and green, and with a wave of his hand-
"Yes!" The top ten elites and the two emperors embraced each other, and each division of labor was rapid and efficient.
Fang Wei took the lead in a few steps and stepped across the skin. In the middle of stagnation, my younger brother grabbed a bag with 1 million cash in his hand and drummed it back to his car and stuffed it into the car. At first, he first protected his own East and West. This has been done very well. Then he took out a stick that had been prepared for a long time and waved it-
Boom Several other elites also took a stick and divided them into groups surrounded by potential. Wang Jiu and his gang were surrounded by hands, and they immediately hit the Chinese object with suspense! The shadows are flying!
On the other hand, Ye Yan and Yun Mo also punched each other on both sides of Wang Jiu, a small round eye, and then their feet danced for a while, which was extremely beautiful and beautiful and carefree-
Things are developing too fast, and I immediately prepared for Wang Jiu and his gang and Wang Jiu to be beaten unprepared and wailing.
I didn’t join the army of beating people. Ferrari took two elites to drag several barrels of liquid from the trunk and quickly went straight to Wang Jiu’s car, which was worth tens of millions of dollars. Next to Wang Jiu’s handcart, it slammed into the car towards the window, and finally it was generous and even the barrels were stuffed in.
At this moment, the surrounding people finally came to their senses and gave a burst of coaxing. Some people even took out their mobile phones to take pictures. As a result, some pungent liquid just flew to the screen of the mobile phone and magically gave a happy bang! It exploded! People who want to take pictures are scared to jump straight!
Then, an extremely cold, biting, and shocking audio and video, a long, sharp steel needle, got into everyone’s ear. "Whoever wants to take care of the difficult things for me or get out!"
As a result, no one on the crowd dared to mind their own business. They were watching the excitement and knowing the time. Everyone knew that soon everyone climbed into their cars, rolling and crawling, and their hands and feet trembled. They started the car and left quickly. In less than three minutes, nearly a thousand people and cars left completely, and both sides of Northwest Avenue were magnanimous again to restore the past traffic peace.
After a fist fight, the dark horse Wang Jiu’s small round face turned into a colorful round face. For example, Porsche and Ferrari have two more colors, and the interest rate for one night is really rich
If Wang Jiu still doesn’t know what it means for Che Xiaoxiao to spend a lot of money to find his racing car, he will be stupid enough not to be Wang Jiu any more. There is no unfair gambling contract in the world. It is already a watch that leads him into the game, but he has always been smart enough to be so easy this time.
Wang Jiu regretted being beaten so much that he even gave up. His regret was that he provoked the car to laugh instead of regretting it. This group of people were resentful because of those green, swollen, black and round eyes. They told the people naked that Wang Jiu must take revenge!
Section 47
"I wipe bitch, what’s that look in your eyes? Don’t be so dirty and disgusting. Look at us, a group of handsome guys." Yunmo punched Wang Jiu’s right shoulder and beat him hard. He was still very kind and picked a place that wasn’t fatal.
"Ya fuck ….." Wang Jiu struck back at two people, but there was still a force to retaliate, but it was beaten by Ye Yan on the other side, and then the words were forcefully returned to the belly.
Ye Yan’s strength is not comparable to that of the commercial school. Although Ye Yan’s extension is clear and handsome, beautiful and elegant’s gentleness is good. It is a big mistake for Gongye to grasp the chicken with one hand.
Ye Yan was born in a military family, and his skill as a cadet was a powerful training. With a slap, Wang Jiu’s teeth were so painful that he couldn’t help but burst into tears. Fortunately, Ye Yan didn’t send the second bus again, otherwise Wang Jiu would definitely have to spend money to see a dentist.
"Bitch unexpectedly hit our little Yingying with dirty tricks. I really don’t know what a dead word is."
"Mom also took people to hurt us, and we don’t know how to pronounce the word dead. Now we guys teach you to read."
"Grass mud horse, you are disgusting and disgusting, and you want to get your hands on our smile. His mother is as thick as old bark."
"Dead bitch we SiShao club people are good humiliate? How dare you provoke us! Damn it! "
In this way, Ye Yan and Yun Mo have a good time while beating and scolding each other.
On this side, Wang Jiu, the dark horse king, was badly beaten by Ye Yan and Yun Mo.
On the other hand, Fang Wei and other elites also played very well with sticks. Did Wang Jiu’s gang of rascally youths finish yesterday’s arrogance and arrogance? All of them were beaten and begged for mercy. Some of them still wanted to struggle to hold the beer bottles in their hands and try to resist. Who knows, they were beaten by Fang Wei before they lifted them. The bottles were broken and splashed, and the beer fragments hurt themselves first.
"I don’t want to see what is in the hands of my men than weapons!" Fang Wei was very proud, and the more he fought, the more he fought for the first time. He found that he had great potential as a fighter, and he became more and more excited as if he had beaten chicken blood.