"Quietly listening to me today is also a way to accept it and cry on my shoulder for a long time!"

"It seems that you can’t tolerate the wicked, or you will bury a time bomb for yourself and it will be blown to pieces at any time!" It’s really scary to think about it. What would happen if Jia Xue took the child at that time? What would it be like if Yangyang couldn’t get it back in the car accident? It’s really terrible.
"What are you going to do with this matter?" Ping Li didn’t think about this answer in his heart.
"Look at her attitude when she comes over!" I feel that I really don’t want to do something. "I think it’s good to clarify my salary and avoid contact with her. She is really ruined now and there is no need to do something! After all, the car accident is not something she can meet. It is estimated that it will be a little embarrassing! "
"That’s what I want her to reflect on! Anyway, Xiaoyu Kindergarten has a piano teacher’s extracurricular tutoring, and the effect is the same! " Ping Li is not that kind of cruel person, but Wang Ni is too young after all.
Tick tock—
Ping Li was just about to look at it when the SMS tone just rang.
Sister, I want to go out for a walk. I won’t look for it. I’ll come back when I figure it out! The text message was sent by Li Jing’s mobile phone.
"What a dead end is this girl!" Ping Li said, and then set aside the Li Jing dialect, but it was a machine sound.
"What’s the matter?" The following don’t understand asked 1
"Li Jing this wench machine!" Ping Li looks incredible. Will a friendship really have such a big blow? Young people’s hearts are too fragile!
"What’s wrong with her?" I think that the text message just now must have been sent by Li Jing.
"Do you think this girl is out of her mind?" Ping Li handed the text message from Li Jing’s mobile phone to Miao’s eyes. "What’s the point of this? I should go to school the day after tomorrow. Why can’t I tell the difference? "
"Don’t worry, now that they are all grown up, they can handle their own affairs." I comforted lightly. "Maybe I will give you an answer in a few days. Just give her some time. She really trusts Wang Ni. It must be very sad to be cheated and benefited!"
"It’s really getting bigger and bigger!" Li Pingnai shook his head. "I begged her to be safe. It’s the Lantern Festival, and she’s running away from home. Can I not be upset?"
"Maybe one day she’ll figure it out. When you wake up, she’ll be right in front of you!"
"I hope so!"
"Thank you for telling me this, or I really don’t know what the result will be!" My heart is really grateful and I deeply reflect on myself. I feel so careless in my life that I have seen it somewhere. Why not let Song Yang check it out? We must learn this lesson later.
"If you don’t blame me for luring you into the room, I will be very amitabha. How dare you be grateful!" Ping Li didn’t dare to stay here for too long when he looked at it, and Li Jing wasn’t at home. If the children woke up together, it would be in trouble.
"I will go back first, and I am not at ease when the children are at home!"
"Well, go home. If you haven’t come back quietly in the evening, let me know. We can also help find it!" I know that Ping Li will never trust Li Jing.
"No, I believe she won’t mess around!" Ping Li thinks it’s time for him to let go, and always let them learn to fly by themselves.
"I think so!" Miao agreed and nodded. "Let’s go and I’ll take you there!"
Luo Luo—
Knocking on the bedroom door, the children came to the amusement room and laughed like nature. Lu Fengxing played games with the children in the amusement room. Now Xiaoyu has no fear of Lu Fengxing and his love for his brother has increased a lot. It is really a very gentle picture to look at the past.
"Do you know Xiaoyu?" I didn’t want her to know that the baby was too young. Let’s talk about it later.
"alas!" Ping Li sighed heavily. When a woman becomes a mother, she really can’t bear to see her children suffer.
"We told her that her mother went to the United States to handle the case of her father. She believed it and didn’t have any questions. She just didn’t know how to get to the party. Children miss their mothers and usually reach a peak in the evening. I don’t know what Xiaoyu will do!" Ying heart has always been pulled to the Ang Lee and color in accordance with the lead flying is also full of not trust.
"You can let her sleep in your bedroom at night. It is definitely not possible to sleep in the guest room by yourself!" Ping Li gave an opinion and went downstairs. The baby at home made her worry more.
"I haven’t discussed with Fengxing yet. I want to sleep with my children for a few days. Living is to let Xiaoyu sleep in our master bedroom suite. That’s a children’s room for Yangyang. I think we can put a bed in it so that there will be no problem!"
"Don’t worry, there will never be no problem. People live to solve problems. When a problem is solved, new problems will arise!" Ping Li encouraged him to clap his shoulder. "I’m going back. You can accompany the children. I think Xiaoyu can be given to your parents to take them. It’s definitely an experienced generation!"
"I haven’t told my parents about Sister Lan until after the Lantern Festival. I don’t want everyone’s emotions to be destroyed, so the children will always feel that Jia Xue and Sister Lan’s funerals are arranged after the Lantern Festival. I hope I can find Liu Gang at that time!"
"You also want to point out that everyone has a certain fate, so it is difficult to grasp the result because of many coincidences. I wish we had tried our best to be ashamed of the result!" Ping Li gave a sentence of comfort and walked out of the Liu Zhai car already waiting for her outside.
Looking at the car slowly disappearing in front of my eyes, I really feel that there is a vague feeling. It seems that yesterday everyone was still smiling and amiable, but today it is already separated from life and death, and I can’t tell how the kindness and enmity were manifested yesterday!
"Ping Li is gone?" Warm wool shawls were surrounded by men, and I don’t know when I had followed them with shawls.
Section 33
"hmm!" Miao nodded and went into the man’s arms. "Aren’t you playing with the children?"
"Of course, my wife has something to do with her children, and now she naturally has to accompany her!" Lu Fengxing touched his shoulder lightly. "What’s the matter? What did Ping Li tell you? I think you seem heavier!"
"Remember Wang Kunyu and Hua Caiyun?" I didn’t want to hide it from men.
"Remember the news earlier, isn’t it? It seems that death is not very glorious! " Lu Fengxing doesn’t know what will happen to these two people.
"Wang Ni is what their child Jia Xue can know about our whereabouts and she revealed it!" For such an answer, I feel particularly ridiculous!
At that time, it was Wang Kunyu’s persistent harassment that angered men’s normal business. It is also understandable that Wang Kunyu suffered a blow. Can you say that he should be eliminated? Does Wang Ni have any qualification to hate such a thing?
I don’t think it has anything to do with Wang Ni’s family’s ruin. When she bumped into a colorful cloud in the supermarket and her smiling face was blurred, she realized that it was only a matter of time before the problem arose. Men were unreasonable animals. He could indulge in drinking and partying, but he could never accept his women’s cheating on him. Even if she was in a wheelchair, she would have no man’s function. So Wang Kunyu’s thinking was a tragedy.
I really don’t think I should pay for Wang Ni’s tragic family. Those are just karma! Wang Ni just trapped herself in another causal loop, depending on whether she can turn over a new leaf.
"She is worse than her parents!" Lu popular surly a lot.
"What do you want to do?" Miao has seen that men gnash their teeth, and she knows that Lu Fengxing is absolutely not allowed to hurt their parents.
"What do you think makes a woman qualified to enjoy wealth and comfort? She should return to the bottom of society and be baptized by all kinds of hardships so that she can learn to cherish and be grateful!" Lu Fengxing never felt that he was a good man. He was willing to be a wicked man in many cases.
"At the beginning, it was a blow to Wang Kunyu’s career, which made him come to the brink of bankruptcy frequently. You don’t worry about forcing the rabbit to be anxious?" I’m not good at revenge.