"Laughing classmate, haven’t you heard that strange things are everywhere?" Jiang Aitong glanced at her in his busy schedule.

"I’ve heard you say it now."
Jiang Aitong "…"
Forget this Xiao Ni. I’d better concentrate on digging the grave and leave her alone.
The grave digger really went well. With the joint efforts of the two people, the hill bag was leveled to reveal a dark wooden coffin.
The wood is very new, and the black paint is also very new, but the coffin red paint says the date is very long ago, that is July 7, 13.
More than a thousand years ago, the coffin was still brand-new, as if it had just been buried. It was a hell of a derivative corpse. No wonder the origin of the crypt is so important that it depends on it to become a ghost after death.
Jiang Aitong poured the powerful burning liquid into the coffin and finally threw the bottle in the face.
I want to give you something disgusting. I am a generous and pure man.
Cha! Even a lighter was given.
Call the fire to burn in the cave
Watching Jiang Aitong burst into flames made the whole person happy. I wanted to hum a tune and personally destroy my enemies. It was really flying-cool.
Weeds and bushes around were also eradicated by Baili Army and Jiang Aitong to make a fire-proof zone.
Jiang Aitong’s burning liquid is not like gasoline. It is a technological product that has been improved by special forces to control the flame and prevent it from expanding.
In fact, without him, the fireball is even more powerful.
The coffin burned quickly, and a moment later the whole coffin was surrounded by fire.
Jiang Aitong smiled and his own production was really awesome.
Just as his pride happened, the coffin burning in the fire jumped up and down in front of him and the thyme army.
Peng Peng also has the sound of knocking on the coffin. The corpse of the derivative corpse finally couldn’t stand it and wanted to get out of trouble.
Section 174
The fire is still burning, and the sound is getting faster and faster, and the coffin is beating more and more frequently, and the increase is getting bigger and bigger.
"It’s just a corpse with such strong vitality. Will it jump out?" Jiang aitong is in a hurry
"I don’t know if it’s best to ask this question and smile." The thyme army also has some concerns.
After several experiences, the thyme army asked and smiled when it knew the strange events and didn’t understand them.
"Yes," someone blinks, and those blue eyes are as pure and clear as deer in the forest.
"What? !” Jiang Aitong stormed at the first moment.
He looked suspicious and then said, "How can my burning liquid have a high ignition point?"
Che Xiaoxiao curled his pink mouth. "Then look for yourself. Facts speak louder than words."
As she said, the coffin is burning, and there is a tendency to break out of it.
Then a similar animal bark came out of the coffin and echoed in this small mountain valley of the forest, which looked terrible and creepy.
"But it’s outrageous. I’ll get some dead branches to help fuel the fire." Jiang Ai Tong was very anxious and jumped like a cat on hot bricks.
Seeing that he will be avenged, he must not fall short.
The thyme army is as steady as Mount Tai because he has seen the narrow color in the girl’s eyes.
"Instructor, don’t you have a few dead branches in the universal burning liquid?" Someone added again
Forcefully stop Jiang Aitong’s footsteps.
"Lieutenant Jiang, don’t worry, smile. There is a way." The thyme army sympathizes with Jiang Aitong.
Why is this simple-minded baby still so honest?
"Hee hee hee ….." was punctured. The car smiled and laughed, and the slender figure swayed from side to side.
Just then, a ghost appeared in the fiery flame of the coffin!
"Smile!" Jiang Aitong conditioned response a shout loudly
Car smile unhurriedly god know move.
The fireball hanging from the tomb went straight to the coffin and hit it hard-
Boom The flames are skyrocketing! Splash up several times!
Wait for a while surprised the thyme army and Jiang Aitong and even stepped back behind them.
"Depend on you, girl!" Jiang Aitong a roar loud
With the escalation of the flame, it is an "ah!" Screaming and screaming!
Then move like a jumping coffin and quietly accept the baptism of spiritual fire and the burning of spiritual fire
"Instructor Major Baili, take out the headlights!"
"ah? !”
Then there was a rustling sound.
In this way, Jiang Aitong and thyme army were surprised.
Forty seconds later, the dark coffin was burned to the face, and no coffin residue was left, leaving a yellow cave.
Jiang Aitong was hit hard by his own high-tech production, which was not as good as this Xiao Ni-Zhang Ling Fu Paper.