"What? Ten percent? No, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Can we still have the final say in the home company if it is really given? Otherwise, return your shares! "

Lin Yao is naturally reluctant to give shares to Zhao because he is distressed by his company. In this way, he can exchange the shares of Zhao’s company left by Lin Zhao.
See Lin Yao eyes Lin Zhao angry and said, "you have nothing can’t also covet my things! I’ll tell you what you want me to do for you. No problem. If you really want me to pay your dowry! No way! What if I return Zhao’s shares and there is still no result? So what should we do? Zhao’s shares are gone, and the Lins’ company has closed down. I can’t drink the northwest wind with you! "
Lin Yao denied that the company could not be saved, and Lin Zhao said that Lin Yao was so angry.
"Can’t you think about it?" Lin Yao pointed to Lin Zhao’s nose and said, "Why can’t you think about what life it would be if the company was rescued?"
But in any case, Zhao Lin is unwilling to return the shares of Zhao Jiagong Company. "What’s the rescue? What do you want? I’ll tell you to wake up! Now it’s Gu, Mu and Xue who want to deal with the Lins. Can you compare with others? "
I really don’t know what to do when I broke up with Lin Yao. Lin Zhao is not familiar with the company’s affairs when she comes. If it’s normal, it’s good that everyone does things in a disciplined way. Lin Zhao needs supervision, but now … it’s just the need for an excellent leader. Lin Yao doesn’t necessarily have anything here. What’s worse is Lin Zhao.
The company personnel gradually lost patience and confidence in Lin because of the impact of the three major groups, and soon the company fell into a downturn.
But it’s only two days since Lin Yao was detained.
On the day when Lin Qiao’s mother was buried, Muchen deliberately pushed everything away, accompanied by Lin Qiao, Isabella Xue Ranxue Han and Fu Ruliu, some relatives.
It is very uncomfortable to watch Lin Qiao suffer from embarrassment, but the person in front of him is Lin Qiao’s mother and his mother-in-law Lin Qiao’s reaction is normal.
The body of the Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Three days and three nights
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Three days and three nights
The funeral was very simple, and there was no complicated form. Lin Qiao quickly sent away those relatives and knelt in front of the tombstone himself.
Isabella didn’t want to leave, but she left here after being persuaded by Muchen.
The wind is blowing in the cemetery, and the branches are screaming, and the sun is not high. It is already winter.
"I still remember that it was a winter when my mother was away ten years ago, when I was a teenager or a little girl."
Lin Qiaogen didn’t pay attention to who was kneeling beside him, saying what he wanted to say.
"I always remember that my mother is a very important person. When I was a child, I was never laughed at because I didn’t have a father around me. My neighbors were very kind to me and took care of me because I didn’t have a father."
How can it be so relaxed, warm and sweet at that time? Now that I think about it, it’s like heaven
"I always remember that grandma Wang, my neighbor, stewed braised pork and pork dumplings with cabbage were particularly delicious. Unfortunately, after my mother was gone, I was taken away by the Lins and never ate that dumpling again."
Lin Qiao’s tone is very dull, but Mu Chen still feels very sad. If Lin Qiao can let it all go, will life be better?
But it is obvious that those are the most perfect parts of Lin Qiao’s memory, and there is no way to forget and erase them.
"I’m so stupid that I can’t even protect my own mother. Why should I have a daughter!" Lin Qiao knows that these words are unreasonable, but she can’t help thinking of living with her mother, but now watching her mother leave her heart is like being pricked by thousands of needles at the same time.
"Do you hate the Lins?" Mu Chen was silent for a long time and still asked this question, "Do you want to see the destruction of the Lins or do you want to grasp the assets of the Lins?"
After hearing this, Lin Qiao was silent for a long time and gnashed her teeth and said, "Hate! What don’t hate! If it weren’t for the Lins’ backing, why do you think Lin Yao dared to do this to my mother? I don’t want Lin Jiali! Dirty! I want to watch the Lins fall apart in front of me! "
After listening to this, Muchen nodded and said with a smile, "Very well, I’ll arrange it now. Don’t worry! You must see it. "
After the arrangement, Mu Chen looked at the tombstone and knelt there quietly and said seriously, "Hello, my name is Mu Chen, and Xiao Qiao, the president of Mu’s group, is now my wife. I will take good care of her. We have a lovely child named Mu Hao. We missed it for three years for some reasons, but there will be three years, thirteen years and thirty years later, even at the end of my life. I will love her with Xiao Qiao and cherish her. Please give her rest assured!"
Section 147
Lin Qiao is not easy to show a little smile because of Muchen’s words, but it is fleeting.
"Mother, the man around me is my husband Mu Chen. He is very kind to me. Sometimes I feel that I am soaked in a honey pot by him. Don’t worry, my daughter is really … very happy!"
Speaking of which, Lin Qiao’s eyes are full of tears again. Mu Chen wants to help Lin Qiao up. It will make people uncomfortable when kneeling for too long, but Lin Qiao can’t finish it.
"I don’t want to leave. I want to kneel here." Lin Qiao refused to get up and Mu Chen couldn’t resist saying, "I don’t mind if you want to kneel, but you must add a mat, otherwise I don’t want to see you become a cripple. My mother-in-law will definitely feel distressed."
Lin Qiao’s knees are concrete now. If they grow when kneeling, they will definitely become useless.
Looking at Mu Chen’s eyes, Lin Qiao nodded and said, "Can you give me a cushion to do something else?" I want to talk to my mother, so leave me alone. "
Things in the company have been really busy recently, and there is no time to meddle. If it weren’t for the fact that today is the time when Lin Qiao’s mother was buried, Mu Chen couldn’t leave!
Hearing Lin Qiao’s words, Mu Chen can say, "I may not be able to go home these days because of company affairs. Call me if you have something to do."
After watching Muchen bring himself a cushion, Lin Qiao’s clever kneeling on the cushion Muchen was relieved.
"Mother, do you think Muchen is very kind to me? You must rest assured that others will solve it for you one by one. Don’t worry! No one can live a happy life after bullying you. "