But yesterday, the physiological period didn’t come. Hong Caicai was so happy that he quickly ran to his uncle’s drugstore to want my uncle to feel her pulse. Unfortunately, the day was too shallow and there was no root for a month.

Hong Caicai looked at her eyes, and Tao Mo, who was unwilling to be mediocre and ambitious, smiled indifferently. "It’s nothing. I just came to sell medicine. Rest assured that I won’t ask you anything. Of course, you don’t mess with me before all this."
Everywhere is Hong Caicai bullying Tao Mo, which will suddenly be threatened by Tao Mo. Hong Caicai immediately angered his eyebrows and picked him up. "Tao Mo, what are you? How dare you talk to me like this? Don’t you dare to show off in front of me if you can fight the Taos! "
"What I dare not? I’ll tell Tao Weitao that you climbed into bed with less money that night. I wonder if Tao Weitao will let you go? " Tao Mo sneered at the angry Hong Caicai. This woman didn’t bully the original owner from small to large. She didn’t say that Hong Caicai would treat her as a servant every time she came back from college.
The only two sets of clothes that can be used as a facade for the hostess were bought back by Hong Caicai on purpose in front of the original owner. When the owner wiped his feet with a rag, he was bullied, cruel and cowardly. Tao Mo is not a soft persimmon that is bullied and does not fight back.
Hong Caicai hesitated for a moment and then raised his head and retorted, "Tao Weitao is just a follower with less money. I didn’t even dare to fart with less money!"
"My brother in the lobby is really a punk, but there is a rage. His fiancee has run away with other men. Maybe he is impulsive, and you will die together." Said Tao Mo leisurely, as cool as a cucumber at the moment, but it is in fresh contrast with Hong Caicai’s guilty conscience.
Qian Siming and Wang Dynasty, these dandies, will let Tao Weitao follow them, but it’s only because Tao Weitao is a little mixed up, but he has a vicious sex, which is also helpful. If he really knows that Hong Caicai is cheating on others, he will probably be able to take a knife and find Hong Caicai or Qian Siming desperately.
If you are really pregnant, you are not afraid of either Tao Weitao or Tao Mo! Hong Caicai took a deep breath and pressed his anger. "My uncle won’t accept your medicine. Get out."
"How to talk about colorful colors" came out of the back room. A middle-aged man in his forties had a thin black face and squinted at a pair of mouse eyes. Uncle Hong smiled and apologized to Tao Mo. "This child is spoiled by me. Don’t be angry. Take out what medicinal materials and I’ll see the price. I won’t treat you badly."
"Hey!" On weekdays, my uncle is used to helping Tao Mo Hong Caicai today. His face immediately looks ugly and he is dissatisfied. He stares angrily and lifts his feet and leaves.
"The bigger the child is, the worse his temper is. You can’t compete with Tao Mo, can you? You are all college students, and you know that my family has never grown up until now. What medicinal materials do you want to sell? I will definitely give you a good price." Uncle Hong Nai looked at Hong Caicai and ran away angrily, narrowing her eyes and looking at Tao Mo’s corner, sweeping her hand with a plastic bag.
If ordinary people are afraid of having a good impression on Uncle Hong after hearing this, Tao Mo is not inexperienced after all. When college students just clashed with Hong Caicai, Tao Mo found that there was another person behind the counter, and his breath exposed Uncle Hong’s presence.
Since he’s hiding behind, he’ll come out and act as a good person, and his eyes will secretly sweep through his hands, carrying heavy buildings. Tao Mobai, this man is trying to sell heavy buildings for himself.
"Just give me as much as you can." Tao Mo smiled quietly and handed the plastic bag in his hand. "I have already handled this heavy building. I don’t know how much it costs a catty?"
Uncle Hong knew from the moment she saw that Tao Mo was carrying Chinese medicine that she knew this herbal medicine. The villagers around the town usually sell ordinary herbs such as Gastrodia elata. This Tao Mo is really different if she went to college.
"It’s nice to find this heavy building. This herbal medicine is very valuable." Uncle Hong smiled and flipped through the bag carefully. The flash in his eyes was still enthusiastic. "Few people in the town can’t sell it, but the market outside is 71 kilograms of fresh heavy building. This kind of expert has been treated. After all, it’s not easy for you to dig a little girl and then send it to me. I will also charge the price for other Chinese herbal medicines. You can rest assured that I will never treat you badly."
Tao Mo lightly raised his eyelids and looked at a face that took a big advantage of himself. Uncle Hong, a nice guy, really knows how to install a heavy building that has been processed outside. It’s more than 300 kilos. You can find it out by checking it casually with your mobile phone.
But Tao Mo, this is not an ordinary dried Paris polyphylla, but it has been processed. In terms of processing techniques, this Paris polyphylla piece is absolutely top-notch. It is also ten years old. With top-notch processing techniques, it can be sold even if it sells for 100 kilograms. If it meets a discerning person, it is estimated that 901 kilograms will be bought.
"Here are five catties and three ounces. I’ll count you five catties and a half, four hundred and one catty. That’s two thousand and two hundred yuan." Uncle Hong himself intimidated Tao Mo and quickly weighed the heavy building in the plastic bag.
Although I have to give more than 2,000 yuan, I think that the years of these heavy buildings are all good, most of them are about ten years, and they are still cooked and the prices of the buildings are rising. If I sell them myself, I will earn more than 4,000 yuan if I change hands. Uncle Hong can hardly hide the greedy color in his eyes.
Two more send you a kiss?
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I don’t know what to announce if I do activities, but I can get red envelopes.
After joining the group, Yan will give out red envelopes from time to time to many people’s evaluation areas, such as those activities of grabbing buildings and sending 52 novel coins, etc. Yan will go to get the scriptures first and then get one. Thank you for your support o(∩_∩)o~
☆ Chapter 31 Selling Medicine for the New Year
"The price is too low, I won’t sell it." In the joy that Uncle Hong was immersed in changing hands and earned more than 4,000 yuan, Tao Mo suddenly grinned and quickly took back the counter building.
Look dumbfounded. Uncle Hong looked at Tao Mo dumbfounded. Ordinary people usually send herbs at most, but they can sell dozens of pieces. Better yet, they can sell a hundred pieces of Tao Mo. This one can sell for more than 2,000 pieces. Uncle Hong will definitely be grateful and grateful to herself. Who knows that she has not sold it yet?
As soon as the smiling face disappeared, Uncle Hong’s cold eyes turned gloomy and cold. "What’s the matter with you little girl?"? I take care of you because it’s not easy for you to be an orphan. What are you doing? Are you kidding me? "
"Freedom to buy and sell, I can collect herbs, I can’t sell them, can’t I? Don’t treat everyone as a fool. "It’s a pity that Tao Mo wasn’t scared and ridiculed. He glanced at Uncle Hong Tao Mo and went out toward the door. He turned around and sneered." I can buy as much as you have a ten-year-old building of 410 pounds! "
You!’ Uncle Hong was surprised. Most people can rarely tell the year of herbs, so he would fool Tao Mo, but he didn’t expect Tao Mo to know that Uncle Hong’s face was gloomy and ugly, but he didn’t want to lose his fat.
"Forget it, I’ll give you an increase of 500 yuan a catty." Although Uncle Hong is unwilling, there is no way to concoct such a beautiful piece of Paris and the year is good. Uncle Hong is unwilling to let go.
"I’m sorry, don’t say that 500 is 5000, and I won’t sell it." Squinting, I shook my head and walked out without looking back. Uncle Hong stamped his foot in the gas pharmacy and wished he couldn’t rush over to take back the bag of heavy buildings.
There are only two pharmacies in the town. Uncle Hong wants to take advantage. Tao Moke is not so stupid. After leaving the pharmacy, he went straight to the last pharmacy. It is said that it was less than a year ago, but the pharmacy owner was young, but his speech was very strange.
"It’s a good year for Paris, or it’s been nine hundred and one kilo for decades." Yan Lixi was dressed in a blue robe and slender as jade, and her fingers flipped through the Paris in a plastic bag at random, but she looked slightly surprised and gave the price.
One hundred yuan a catty of Tao Mo was higher than he expected, and he nodded, "You can weigh it in that line."
Five catties, three ounces, three ounces, and Li Xi are generous to calculate directly according to five catties and a half. "Even if there is such a heavy building, send it back to me. I want it. By the way, you should go to Qishan first. How much is it for you?"
"I didn’t sell 500 yuan." Tao Mo looked at it thoughtfully and smiled slyly. Although Yan Lixi runs a Chinese medicine shop, he still looks a little weird in a blue robe.
But fortunately, Yan Lixi has a fox-like handsome face when he smiles, and the peach blossom eyes shine slightly. It’s really a bit of a breeze. The charm of his former Qi Shanshi’s smile is particularly complicated, which makes Tao Mo have to wonder if Yan Lixi and Uncle Hong Yuan are enemies.
But it’s nothing to do with myself. Tao Mo received five thousand dollars and put it in her backpack. After about a hundred meters, she turned around and felt something. Tao Mo suddenly turned around and looked at the drugstore.
Yan Lixi, wearing a blue robe, leans lazily against the door frame, squints slightly, smiles mysteriously, and wanders. In winter, the sun is warm and bright, but people who are in the sun still give people a breathtaking and refreshing feeling.
Looking back, Tao Mo secretly plans to spend 5,000 yuan in the future, but it’s not too much for Tao Mo to have a good year. But it’s still more than half a month before the Chinese New Year. Tao Mo originally planned to go back to school directly after the war with the Tao family, but since the Tao family wanted to rob themselves of their old house and several acres of land, Tao Mo smiled leisurely and his eyes sparkled like a sly fox, and it wouldn’t be himself.
Didi’s car horn sounded Tao Mo surprised and looked back, then retreated a little toward the side of the road. Behind him, the black Mercedes slowly stopped beside Tao Mo and the back seat window came down.
Tao Mo was surprised at one leng and then reacted to rob the old house. It seems that the Taos are going to let their three uncles come forward to ponder and smile and hide their calculations in the fundus. Tao Mo politely shouted "Three uncles"
"car!" Three great uncles snorted and smiled brightly. "It seems that you already have countermeasures."
Pull the door and sit in. Tao Mo reveals a face of koo and timid little expression. "Three uncles, what are my countermeasures? It’s just that the enemy will have means to resist, but it’s just money. I’m poor now. What am I afraid of? "
As the saying goes, people fear not death is afraid of death? Tao Mo is alone anyway. She is a dead pig, and she is not afraid of scalding water. In the face of greed and shame, Tao Mo is not afraid at all.
"Give me away what your face looks like!" Although it is a cold reproach, it is obvious that the third uncle appreciates Tao Mo’s mind. Everyone is timid and timid, but who knows that this is a small wolf who is very ruthless.
Even before the disguise, Tao Mo was young, and now he has gone to college. Tao Haiping, a filial father, has passed away. Tao Mo naturally reveals his true colors, complains and takes revenge.
"What are you doing at the drugstore? Selling Chinese medicine? " The third uncle asked Tao Mo, although he was cruel enough, but he was still a child after all. She lost 500 thousand Tao and died. The life of the third uncle Bai Tao Mo must be stretched.
"I went to the back hill to dig for a week and sold 5,000 herbs. My uncle didn’t worry about my study." The brisk tone sounded Tao Mo patted his backpack in an ostentatious manner. Although his uncle always kept a straight face, he liked Tao Mo from the time he contacted him at the police station. He was cold-hearted and warm-hearted about himself, which was a weak blood relationship.
My uncle Tao Mo can sell two or three hundred herbs. I didn’t know that she sold so much money at one time. It seems that the owner said that Tao Mo won’t suffer a loss or starve himself. Smart people can be self-reliant whenever they want.
Section 11
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☆ Chapter 32 Diaphragmatic foam
Taojia village
Tao Dabo knew that his uncle was coming today, and he was worried that his uncle would help Tao Mo. In addition to his uncle, he invited several elders who spoke with weight in Taojia Village that night. First, they would help their side to talk. Second, they saw Tao Mo interrupt Tao Weitao’s leg with their own eyes, which is also a personal certificate. Even if his uncle wanted to help Tao Mo, he had no position.
Knowing that the three uncles of Taojia family were coming to Taojia village, almost all the people surnamed Tao gathered outside the courtyard of Taodabo’s house. When they saw the black Mercedes coming, young people immediately went to the house to call people, and several elderly people also came out to meet them. After all, their seniority was similar to that of the three uncles, but their status was much worse