The vast majority of Tianwu are base species. They think that Tianwu people are very low, but they don’t know that Tianwu people also belong to the same kind of creatures. Tianwu animals, even those of the same race, kill each other less, can strongly unite with the outside world, but Wuwu is contemptuous of the same kind. Those who despise Tianwu people can say that they don’t even have beasts. Situ Hao’s strength is very poor today, but they also disdain these animals. If I meet them, I will definitely meet one and kill one.

When Situhao righteously said these words, several people had gathered around him. When his voice fell to the ground, the warmest applause rang out around him, and all the people were applauding.
The people in mainland China, however, know their situation, and they are ungrateful to be able to pretend to be a martial artist at this time.
Ordinary people were born in Xianmo mainland, but treading on thin ice was always worried that they would be killed by those martial arts. Their living conditions were really not even animals.
Everybody tell me quickly that Ouyang Fu is leaving. I’m going to destroy Ouyang Gu’s Dengfeng City now. In addition to this, the people have to wait for the scene to be quiet. This is why Situhao asked the people around him about Chapter 8, Surrounded by beautiful women.
Situhao’s words have infected the people. When he asked questions, those people pointed to Ouyang Fu.
When Stuart wanted to fly away, the holy beauty also asked her to go to Ouyang’s house with Stuart.
Although the holy beauty showed no signs of force, Situhao was with the beauty, but he didn’t refuse her because of her safety, but the holy beauty was adamant that she must go to Ouyang’s house with Situhao and euphemistically call him Situhao to help out.
The holy beauty has no force. If he really takes her to Ouyang’s house, it is not a support, but a burden. But no matter he refuses the holy beauty, he will never let go, and a pair of jade hands are still clinging to Situhao’s arm. Situhao can take her with him to Ouyang’s house.
Situhao royal flying crack thunder blade flew forward rapidly behind him, and there was a holy beauty. When the crack thunder blade flew less than 100 feet that day, the holy beauty surrounded Situhao waist with a pair of jade arms, and her proud breasts were so tightly pressed against his back.
Even though the holy beauty in front of him makes Situ Hao profane his heart, in the face of this direct temptation, if he can still calm down, he will definitely not be often.
The pair of meat balls gently collided with the feeling that Situhao’s back was full and elastic, and Situhao also felt that the pair of round two precious stones were on his left and right back respectively.
Here, it is obvious to stimulate Situ Hao to respond immediately.
In order to make this wonderful feeling continue for a while, Situhao immediately put the flight speed on the slowest day, and the thunder blade flew slowly in the sky, just like a bird gliding in the sky.
Why did the speed suddenly slow down? The holy beauty asked me a strange question in Situhao’s ear. The blue breath was bursting in Situhao’s ear, and the crispy itch stimulated Situhao more violently.
Damn it, I didn’t expect this beautiful woman to be more holy than a master at pulling together, but it’s not right. She is dressed in a delicate fragrance, but she behaves like this. Does she want to be a fairy brother?
Situhao was violently stimulated by the holy beauty Lan, and his heart immediately secretly analyzed. When he thought that this woman might be the younger brother of the soul fairy, he couldn’t help but change color with horror.
But he is facing the front at this time, and she is not surprised to see the expression on Situhao’s face.
Situhao is ready to struggle surrounded by holy beauty, but he also thinks that it’s not right. Although the younger brother of Soul Immortal Sect is practicing the Soul Immortal Dharma Master, they will also practice martial arts. I once entered the Soul Immortal Sect Department and saw that my younger brother used force to spread the girl in front of me, but I couldn’t feel her physical force. She can’t be the soul immortal Sect Brother. When he thought of this, Situhao immediately stopped his struggle, but his heart was full of doubts about the identity of holy beauty.
Hehe, slow down and look at the scenery. Situhao said quietly.
Aren’t you going to destroy Ouyang’s house? Then hurry up.
Don’t worry, don’t worry. Ouyang’s family is in Dengfeng City, but it’s impossible to move away, right
Well, that’s true
Girl, do you often pester men like this? When Situhao asked this question, he felt a little heavy in his heart.
Anyway, girls in front of them are rare to see beautiful women, and they are not holy to other women. A man is also very close to her at this time. It is also very common for a man Situhao to be so impulsive in his heart.
A man for a beautiful woman, even if the beautiful woman is not his own, will feel a sense of loss when he sees the beautiful woman and other men walking very close and thinking about being crushed by other men.
This is a man’s mind.
Luo Luo Luo holy beauty was not ashamed of Stuart’s straightforward question, but gave a long laugh like a bell. Yes.
Holy beauty answer almost didn’t let SiTuHao fall from it.
Although he had been prepared, this knot was not acceptable to him.
It seems that this holy beauty will be so dissolute
When I was at home before, I always let my father or mother fly with me, so I held them from behind. It felt good.