The door was pushed by Korea, and she just wrapped her waist and tied her face. When she heard the excitement outside, she pushed the door and looked at it, but she saw several guards booing the bodyguard eldest brother. What happened? She asked politely.

Ah no no
I really don’t have Korea’s suspicious question. Look around and it seems that there is blood along the road. Smell it and make sure it is human blood and it is just blood.
Oh, an assassin has just escaped. I’m going to tell the report that Miss Han should go back to her room. Don’t let the assassin hurt Xu. Mo Xie is very happy with her, and the maid of the Wangfu bodyguard is polite to her and dare not offend her easily.
Korea is always uneasy when she visits the door slightly. She seems to hear Cass telling her to listen, but there is nothing at all. She misses him too much, and her heart is still uneasy like a ball of cotton. So in the evening, she slips into the room to treat Yan Yan’s illness, and goes to another garden. The report orders you to come in at most once a day, and every time you see a doctor, it will not exceed one hour. The lead bodyguard carefully warns her that the rules are set here.
Cascas Korea curled her eyes and sneaked into the right room, but she couldn’t see him. Where did this guy go? She mumbled and walked into the next door, creaking and pushing the ancient wooden door, Yan Yi, cross-legged and taking luck to adjust her body.
ill omens
Ears slightly move Yan Yi folding palm potential very fine asked.
Yeah, it’s me.
Why don’t you catch up with him? Yan Yi’s long black lapel fumbled for the edge of the bed, and was added by the merger of hot and cold corners. Sit down.
Cass hasn’t looked for you?
He came to see us, hahaha. If he comes, you will see me as a ghost. Yan Yi is cold but hearty.
Hehe, I guess it’s anger that I stepped on his foot and walked in the garden this morning. Come on, I’ll change the gauze herbs for you first. I’ll play the medicine box for Yan Yi to gently change the herbs and apply the gauze. If you are sad and worried about your wings, your eyes will make good progress. After a month or two, you will almost be able to see the light again. She is so playful that her mouth bends up and wipes out the disharmonious arc.
Uber, what’s the matter with you? Yan Yi instantly frowned and realized that she was wrong, but closing her eyes can see people’s hearts better than opening them.
Was it bullied by that damn prince that Yan Yan’s cold and handsome face floated up and sulked so cold and cold, and the breath was just like that night when Yamaraja consciously caressed Korea’s crooked jaw and moved it to his right cheek and fingertips, and his expression was even more gloomy when he felt the swollen skin. He hit you, and his tone was like the frost of the twelfth lunar month bursting and moving at any time, but there was no lack of potential tenderness and cherish.
It wasn’t Mo Xie.
Damn it, Yan Yi bit his lip and was furious. If he threatened our lives again, tell him to die.
Hehe, how come you are more and more like Kasah Han, laughing and pulling your face, and it’s getting warmer because of her, and your hands are very gentle. In the past, Yan Yi felt different, as if treating Yan with remorse and tenderness gradually divided into parts, giving her a feeling of discomfort. Han Yan hurried to hide from embarrassment, coughed twice and slipped over the edge of the bed, saying that I’ll help you with the medicine cloth and have a good rest. Good night.
good night
When the amorous feelings wake up, give him my regards. Run away awkwardly from the man in front of me. When the bad man is hateful, he is always afraid that he will change. She is afraid that he will change too fast. She is out of rhythm and afraid that his tenderness will somehow bind each other’s hearts. Once she was ignorant, she buried her heart early, but now she should continue if she rekindles.
The creaking door is gently covered
If the owner feels tired, rest. I’ll pour you a cup of refreshing tea and forget the mess.
Yan Yi’s cool and evil smile is a little desolate and sad through the door panel, as if the desert is rustling in the wind and his eyes are full of regrets. What is his tenderness? What has he changed? All this is off track. What should he do as an ex-husband
The wind is very cold at night.
The chilly wind blew the thin dress over the trees, pushed the door and quietly walked into the room, lit a candle and moved the candlestick to the window.
Take off the hair pin, take off the coat, roll up the middle coat, go to the window and glance at the dim moon, muttering, Have you abandoned me tonight? The eyes are full of grievances, and the slave cringes, leaning against the wall and glancing at the bronze mirror, her eyes are red and swollen, her eyes are red and her eyes are weak. Without his temperature, she always takes such measures and collapses gently.
Squatting on the wall breeds water mist, and the bronze mirror falls to the ground. Han Waiwai falls into his legs and feels faint. Cass, it’s hard for me to be slapped and beaten, but I have to endure it. I really want you to hug me. Don’t be angry with me. I can endure any crime. I can endure that you can get better. Tears slip quietly on your cheeks and blur along the bridge of your nose. The pink butterfly’s shoulders cringe and tremble all over the limbs. Tears quietly seem like a continuous light rain, swollen eyes and become two walnuts.
In the night, she was left hiding by the window, hugging her body and waiting for Cass. She didn’t believe that he wouldn’t come. She didn’t believe that he really abandoned her. He was always with her, whether it was a snake or you. I couldn’t sleep without you.
Chapter 10 Remembering
Chapter 10 Remembering
In the dark night, the thin back of the candle and fiber stretched out in front of the paper window for a long time, quietly listening to the lonely and sad singing with tears in her eyes.