Empress Dewey has been in Haikou for a long time, but it is important for the princess to be happy. It is important for our country to meet the princess. I believe that the noble and excellent day king can bring happiness to the princess. After all, it is a wily prime minister who will not give up easily

At night, Liao minister said that the emperor of our country was very fond of Princess Aya Snow, and she would discuss the marriage of your country. First, she wanted to be closer after the two countries, but it was also important to recognize that the day report was excellent enough to make Princess Aya Snow happy. Wang Ming also smiled
Happiness is not happiness. People in the bureau always know when to be well-intentioned, but often lead to a malicious ending. I glanced at them coldly and lightly, knowing that they would not give up. Our country Tianyao has always been a polite country and will never impose its wishes on others.
Dewey Wang Ming couldn’t help frowning when he heard the cold and curved words. This day, the queen said that they are barbarians who will marry regardless of the princess’s wishes. Is this simply too polite?
Does the emperor dare to ask if your country’s politics should be interrupted by a little girl? Wang Ming is finally impatient. He was forced by a little girl when he was always respected in Uttar Pradesh.
Wang Ming said that it is a rule that ladies-in-waiting can’t be in charge of politics after all the officials and concubines in the dynasty changed color one day. Today, it is really rude for the queen to take over the country’s affairs.
The Empress Dowager is even more angry. This little queen is too indiscreet. It’s all right to do this nonsense in the palace on weekdays. Today, it’s disappointing that the emperor even longitudinal her in front of foreign countries.
Xuanyuan night smiled and glanced at Wang Ming with deep ink eyes. Obviously, he didn’t put his words in his eyes and saw him gently holding the cold curved hand with a limited longitudinal domineering.
Is minister Bei Bangchen teaching me to act?
Turn your head to spoil and laugh at the bottom of your eyes. A sharp arrow is shot at Wang Ming coldly. It seems that Taitai in Uttar Pradesh takes himself seriously and dares to teach him a lesson in Tianyao.
Xuanyuan night a word all outcry again.
His attitude is too obvious. I didn’t expect the emperor to call a spade a spade. Isn’t this embarrassing to the northern state minister? If Liang Jie is afraid that the country will be in danger from now on, alas, it is said that the little queen is a disaster, but she is only a nine-year-old girl, but she is far more dangerous than the one who has a beautiful appearance.
I didn’t expect Xuanyuan night to be such an attitude in this unique way.
I think I didn’t mean it either. Xuanyuan Night suddenly smiled and gave Wang Ming a step.
Wang Ming couldn’t help laughing at his words.
The issue of marriage seems to have been shelved, and the atmosphere is a little weird.
How can the emperor dare to ask about this marriage that Du Weihai has been preparing for it for so long?
Xuanyuan glanced at Du Weihai at night. This old guy is still unwilling to give up.
The queen was right just now. The happiness of relatives is very important. Since your country and your country are both interested in the day, I asked him to look at the day, and the king responded to Xuanyuan Night. He looked at Xuanyuan Day without saying a word.
Day in marriage, you say
Xuanyuan day raised his head and looked calmly and lightly at Dewey, Wang Ming and Princess Tina, Ling Xue, handing the way
Thanks to the praise of the two ministers, the king has responded to the marriage proposal by heart.
Xuanyuan Zhouyi, a crowd, even talked about the elegant and extraordinary dragon king of the day. Officials have always wanted a son-in-law. I didn’t expect that not only the northern state of Liao at night coveted him, but now he is also mad. Which daughter can be favored by the king of the day for this happiness?
Princess Jia opposed Xuanyuan, the other side, and refused Dewey’s Wang Ming. No matter how clever he was, he was also resistant to the present situation.
Now that the day king belongs to the princesses of the two countries, let’s do the marriage. Xuanyuan night waved his hand and concluded
Du Weihai, Wang Mingyan is stupid.
Chapter ninety-nine Mysterious assassin
The sunshine outside the temple is still charming.
The atmosphere in the temple is cold.
It is unacceptable for such a state in northern Liaoning, Yui night. However, they both agree with the queen’s happy speech and can’t slap her mouth. Besides, it is good for the princess to refuse them.
make a din
A sharp arrow suddenly flew from outside the temple, mixed with strong air pressure.
All the people were stunned by this sudden accident until the messy sound outside the temple started.
As if hay were lit and the temple was boiling.
A few masked black figures broke in when everyone didn’t come during the meeting, and they were murderous and finely divided. The sun shone obliquely from outside the temple on the black clothes, which added more horror and chill.
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