Jinlong’s strength is not good for it, and now it wants to increase its strength rapidly.

Hua a star light rushed to condense into a statue of the spirit again, but the bracelet spirit of the Sun, Moon, Heaven and Earth was also shocked by the gods list.
This fairy device is serious. I can feel the monstrous energy and terrorist force. It seems that the ancient seal is extremely powerful. This treasure is terrible.
Heaven and earth would be so horrible, and I don’t know who succeeded in refining the fairy device, but it seems that it has not recovered. I am afraid that the bracelet spirit of the sun, the moon and the earth is also pale and very human, as if it were flesh and blood.
Shine on the Moon This is the first day of the year, the Jade Emperor wrote a letter to the Emperor, but it came to canonize the gods. I don’t know how many masters were killed in that year. After this list of gods was in the hands of Meng Dage, Dabeiyuan cocked his head and said, This baby seems to be a unique fairy, and it may evolve into a fairy with a little chance.
Come to the sun, the moon, the heaven and the earth, and the bracelet spirit is called the moon shine.
Well, such a treasure must be very powerful. I’ll wait for it to transform successfully, but it will be interesting to see how powerful it is. Moon Shine seems to have a fighting spirit and is very experienced in fighting.
It is absorbing the five elements of aura from the other side of the boat and transforming into blood. You Wang came to see the moon shine and said slowly, I didn’t expect the five elements of aura from the other side of the boat to be so strong and seemingly exhausted.
It has just been a month since Shine teamed up to deal with Yan Tianqing, and quite a few appreciate each other places seem to have a heart for Jinlong’s sudden strength.
It’s good that the five elements of the boat on the other side are full of aura. Compared with me, it seems that I don’t understand why this treasure has absorbed so many five elements of aura and hasn’t changed into a fairy. This is why the owner of this treasure wants to sell it.
The moon shines and the body is also a unique fairy. You can feel the intensity of the five elements in the boat on the other side.
In fact, this boat on the other side is still tried to be refined into a fairy after many masters got it, but they can’t transform it. All the masters are pouring a lot of five elements of aura into it, and it still doesn’t help. Finally, they can sell it for a huge amount of spiritual reality.
At this moment, a quaint sound came slowly in the list of gods, as if a mysterious door that had been dusty for years was slowly pushed.
Finally, the golden dragon emerged from the list of deities, and its body crystal yellow and yellow fog floated around in the virtual space, which seemed to be a sacred ratio. Behind it, there seemed to be a gate with a border seal in the middle, and the divine spirit was so huge that it seemed that the heaven and earth would become a deity world.
Ha, ha, ha, I’ve accumulated enough strength, and finally I’ve sealed the golden dragon and laughed wildly.
What’s that? Blood is deep and remote. Betty Wong Linger feels that the door behind Jinlong is very horrible. It’s like an array, an array, an avatar, an avatar, a treasure, a treasure, and a living thing. It’s a statue of a fierce beast in ancient times.
That deity-sealing instrument can devour all disrespect for heaven and power.
Even the two immortals and spirits felt very horrible, because there was a destructive force inside, and when they touched the past, they felt the pain coming from it.
What kind of horror is hidden in it? Mrs. Bei Yuantai also opened her eyes wide.
It is a large array in the list of deities, a treasure, and a magical power. It is a saying in heaven that once deities are sealed, they should adhere to the idea of deities.
In those days, the Jade Emperor refined this deity-sealing instrument, and I don’t know how many creatures I learned from it. It’s naive to deify the poor creatures. You don’t want me to compete with you. Come on, King of Blood, and let me see the strength of you two younger generations together.
Behind Jinlong, the deity-sealing instrument is talking, and the shadows are stacked one after another, from which all the gods come.
Good blood king’s eyes turn. Let’s have a fight with it
Speaking, it turned into a bloody hand and brought up a sea of blood. It was hard to grasp the past to Jinlong, and the power enveloped a list of gods. It seemed that it was going to catch this picture and imprison it.
And the moon shines as a star rises, and with a wave of his hand, a series of stars and sands wind up and explode repeatedly, but there is no sound, and it flashes slightly like fireworks.
But they all shook. Meng Fei knew that if a spark splashed on a person, that person would be turned into flesh and blood.
Two great spirits fight alone for the golden dragon.
Quack quack golden dragon duck’s strange laughter, huge claws, a claw pressed to the back of the deity, immediately showed the specific attraction, and the Xingsha Department was drawn in, showing no shadow at all.
At the same time, its big tail slammed and severely whipped in the blood, and the king turned into a bloody hand. At once, the lotus flower burst and showed the magic sword and the sky.
My immortal attacks on deities have little effect on me. You two young players, I will let you feel the greatness of deities, and let you respect the old-timer Jin Longgao, singing sacred and growling, and then the deities turned two deities again.
Every deity’s spirit contains an edge. If you sweep a little, you won’t be able to display any magical powers.
That’s not necessarily true. I’m a magic weapon. I’ll be interested to see how bad this so-called most horrible and sacred deity in heaven is. In the face of this situation, the body movement of King Youxue suddenly turned into a reunion, and lotus flower seems to be blood cells.
Blood cells drifted away from the spirit of sealing gods, and suddenly turned into a statue of bloody knife wheel, which roared violently and spun into the spirit of sealing gods. The high rotation of the knife wheel actually cut the spirit of sealing gods one after another.
I am a sacred fairy to destroy the devil, but I am not afraid of all the sacred spirits, and I am not afraid or dodging the body. The stars are surging and rushing to meet the gods.
When they touch each other, suddenly a big flame burns. The flame is bright, the color is the stars, the real fire belt is extremely strong, and the gas of the gods is twisted immediately.
How dare you dare to fight against the deity? It seems that I’m going to use my magical power to beat you all, turn the deity and do my best to restore the boom.
With the sudden expansion of Jinlong’s singing and sealing instrument, the air of border sealing enveloped everyone, and a sealing domain slowly condensed.
It seems that this world, along with the sun, moon, stars, mountains and rivers, has been swallowed up by the deity instrument, and all the people have lost their sense of vitality.
Meng Fei’s heart moved and felt that the speed of the world tree drawing vitality from heaven and earth was slow to know that it was cut off by the deity instrument field, which deeply knew that the deity list was fierce.
All right, stop fighting. Save your strength to deal with the three killers or wait for an opportunity to deal with Yan Nanfei. If both lose, the treasures will be damaged. I don’t have any extra talent to keep you concise. Meng Fei immediately moved his mind to stop the three treasures from continuing to fight when he saw this scene.
Inch by inch in the virtual light seeped in. It seems that the deity instrument vomited the world slowly. You and Betty Wong Shine all felt severe. Although they were just stopped by Meng Fei, they really fought hard. Even if they could break the deity instrument, they were afraid that their bodies would be seriously damaged.
On the whole, it’s really bad that Jinlong can still occupy the wind with one enemy and two enemies.