At this time, the three-headed magic dumpling, the scarlet and ferocious snake pupil, stared at the people around the lake with such ferocity that it was creepy.
Wang Dongxi, how dare you get your hands on a group of things that don’t know how to live or die?
And when the three-headed magic dumpling is staring at the crowd, its big mouth is also open, and then it swings in this half with an unusually cold growl.
At this level of strength, the three-headed magic dumpling is already able to spit out people’s words. If it wants to, it can also change into a human form. However, in that case, the combat effectiveness will inevitably weaken, and the situation obviously makes it do so.
Get out of Xuanling Island immediately, or no matter where you come, none of you will stay.
When the last sentence of the three-headed magic dumpling fell, it suddenly bent down and roared, and a terrible gas swept over and uprooted all the trees around the lake like a gale, which was quite shocking.
In the face of the murder of the three-headed magic dumpling, many people’s faces have also changed slightly. Anyway, the former is really a small strength in the mysterious environment, and it is even more difficult to cope with the increase in the monster beast’s physique. Although they are outnumbered, they still have some heart palpitations.
Hehe, such a talented and valuable person, since we can come here, that is to say, there are six mysterious spirits here. You want to monopolize your appetite too much, but when everyone is shocked by the fierce power of the three-headed magic dumpling, Wei Song is a faint smile.
Ladies and gentlemen, although we are competitors, now we are common competitors. I say, why don’t we join hands to solve this big guy first? Wei Song looks at all parties and laughs
He also knows very well that it will cost a lot to rely on their words to make the three-headed magic dumpling difficult, and it is obviously quite stupid to look after other people’s horses and lose them alone at this time
Listen to Wei Song’s words. Everyone around the lake looked at each other and finally nodded. They also knew what Wei Song was thinking, but the eye situation really needed them to join hands temporarily to get rid of this tricky three-headed magic dumpling.
Join hands, or no one will get the mysterious spirit.
Mo Zhan, the man who has been standing alone with one arm, is also hoarse at this time. This is the first time that Lin Dong has heard him speak. Obviously, this person does speak a lot here, so many people are looking at him when he is talking.
Haha, I still don’t know how to cut my brother. I’ve always heard that Brother Mo cuts his knife sharply. Today, I’m afraid I can also be an eye-opener. Wei Song smell speech couldn’t help laughing.
Don’t cut indifference saw his one eye, but he didn’t waver because of his remarks.
Do it.
A faint sound didn’t cut his mouth for a moment, but he was the first to violently plunder and master a black broadsword in his hand, that is, his hand flashed in a half-suddenly, and he slashed at the three-headed magic dumpling in the lake with a knife.
The knife light flashed a black light stripe, which swept at an amazing speed, and then quickly split in the three-headed magic dumpling. The huge body suddenly emerged with a blood stain, and the hard scales were directly cut by a knife.
It’s so sharp and knife-like
Lin looked at this scene and his eyes were slightly coagulated. It is no wonder that Mo kopis’s gas is obviously extremely sharp, and he is holding the wounded Xuan’s strength.
Don’t cut hand also immediately broke the field to rely on the three-headed magic dumpling snake pupil thoroughly scarlet up immediately snake mouth Zhang Sandao suffused with foul smell black light beam is directly to the don’t cut critical shot.
Don’t cut in half a step and even take a strange step to dodge the three forks and the black light beam. Then there are some screams behind them. Several unlucky guys are directly sprayed, and then they are screaming in the squeal of Sinochem. The energy of these three magic dumplings obviously contains extremely terrible and poisonous.
get to work
An offensive to calm down is also completely solved. There is also a blood-red color in the eyes of many people around, and then the wind suddenly resounds through the road. The figures are all violent and fierce, and the offensive is shrouded in the three-headed magic dumpling.
We all watch this scene carefully, and it’s also a light drink. At this time, it’s impossible for people to take advantage of it if they don’t get their hands on it.
Lin will stay if there is an opportunity, we will make a gap, and you will start to grab the beautiful eyes of life and soul and look at Lin and ask
Well, Lin nodded, and the situation is quite chaotic. If Gu Yan is involved, it can really save him a lot of effort.
The sound falls, the forest is no longer slow, and the body movement is the first to be violently plundered, and the green light surges to its body, and then a punch boom contains strong power, and the strong breeze is severely blasted into the huge body of the three-headed magic dumpling.
However, Lin moved so fiercely that the three-headed magic dumpling was sunk a little when it was in the boom. This damage is obviously nothing for the huge body of the three-headed magic dumpling.
Good strong defense
Lin looked at is also can’t help suck up make clicks raw xuan condition small monster beast worthy of its name.