Frost, I’ll write a letter. You send someone into the palace to the emperor.

Feng, you are responsible for strengthening the castle guards, especially strange faces.
Zhang Yu, you have served in the army and fought beside Six Sovereigns, and you must be quite familiar with the training arrangements. Now I want you to be in charge of training the Junge people.
Zhang Yu accidentally looked at her and nodded. No problem.
Xiaoxiao arranged everything not ugly. She was ready to fight a tough battle with Duan Xiaoqi. Since she had to give her everything here, she cried and cried and humiliated him. She would wait for him until the day he came back.
Everyone was relieved. This is the girl they are familiar with. The twins are even more worshipful. Looking at Niang, she will always be spoiled in front of Dad, and she is still so highly effective.
From this day on, Xiaoxiao was like a different person. She took the anti-abortion medicine on time to ensure enough rest, and then took charge of the size of the Monastery in person.
Girl Mark came in with a piece of Cambodia, which was sent by the mysterious rich man.
Xiaoxiao took it. Did you find out the identity of the man?
Mark hesitated to shake his head?
More than a dozen shops chose to re-open such a big scene on the same day. It seems that it is too small for us to celebrate without being present. We look calm and relaxed. I refused to let him join us, but he regarded me as a VIP. The goal was to be a royal pavilion from the first.
Mark didn’t answer the phone, but if he bowed his head, judging from the news he got, that person was probably Duan Yishen. He believed that the cabinet owner actually knew it long ago. It is enough to say that the cabinet owner believed Duan Yishen and was malicious. Since this is the case, he will follow the meaning of the cabinet owner and give everything to the girl.
During the day, no matter how dawn, I will grit my teeth to get through it, but at night, that kind of bone-eating yearning is like a scourge that keeps her in jail and suffers from pain every minute.
The room is full of his breath, light and clear, and the dust is like the wind, sitting in front of his case, holding his brush and scribbling his name on the paper.
Suddenly, a pile of thick packages on her feet caught her attention. Xiaoxiao put a pen and took a look. It was actually full of stationery envelopes with her name written on it. Xiaoxiao.
Xiaoxiao picked up the first letter and opened it. First, it was an accident, then it was moved. Tears slowly moistened and fell on the paper.
It was written to her, and the date of signature was nine months after he wrote more than 200 letters a day from that day.
No wonder she always saw him writing and writing in the room. The room was also busy with the royal pavilion. She didn’t care. I didn’t expect him to think of this way to stay with her until their daughter was born nine months later.
Xiaoxiao holds the letter and sticks it on his chest, prone on the table and closes his eyes tightly as if he were really around.
This is that she is not a man who loves her more than anything else.
Gently, she picked up these letters and put them on the bedside as if they were precious. From now on, every day before going to bed, she will open one, and it feels like he has never left.
Holding on to his letter, she fell asleep.
Xiaowu dividing line
The carriage stopped at a busy street and turned to the car to tell Xiaoxiao that the girl had arrived.
Yeah, bring the gift.
Xiao Xiao, accompanied by a apricot gown, walked slowly into the biggest restaurant in the city
Today, more than a dozen shops have joined forces to open a big day. They have hired a restaurant and come to the city to be the hostess of the royal court. This is the first time that Xiaoxiao has appeared in public. Whether it is her beautiful appearance or noble temperament, her arrival has instantly attracted attention.
Xiaoxiao walked in generously, first greeted everyone politely, and then was taken to the VIP room.