Yi Yu also nodded. "Yes! Even I feel a little too relaxed! Especially the last sword, Qiong Qi’s simply didn’t respond. Let me cut it there. Although I have great confidence in the thunderbolt shock light escape method, I am not arrogant enough to recognize and avoid this old devil’s eyes and ears. "

Treasure lady connect a way "and Qiong Qi’s what will follow the ancient god dove! if
When you get these two treasures, you should immediately find a secret place where you can’t run around with them! "
"Mrs. Bao Xiang said that makes sense! Just as the ancient god dove said, Qiong Qi’s family was afraid that it would leak out. Friar Feng Tian knew that he had got two treasures and gave birth to a peeping heart, but it didn’t seem to make sense. If so, it was necessary to abandon the original abode of fairies and immortals and find a secret circle to help him. It was a big place to find him. It should not be difficult to believe that Qiong Qi’s means to hide his whereabouts. Why does he have to exterminate the ancient gods? "
Yi Yu nodded and said, "So it seems that either the ancient god dove deliberately lied to hide the truth or the big silly bird himself didn’t know what Qiong Qi would kill it!"
Meditate for a moment. Yi Yudao said, "Although Qiong Qi’s family was burned down by me, there should still be a sigh of relief before you go to take care of his body and destroy it."
"well! I know you can rest assured! " Say "scale" immediately to the Qiong Qi’s has no gas.
Yi Yu also said to Bao Xiangfu, "Madam, if you are knowledgeable and can identify the authenticity, go and talk to the ancient god dove again to see if there is anything left unclear or if it is lying to us."
Mrs. Bao Xiang nodded, although she was very angry with Yi Yu, but she herself could not deny that she was now in the same boat with Yi Yu. It was a glory and a loss, so Mrs. Bao Xiang did not refuse to fly directly to where the ancient god dove was.
After Yi Yu looked at the others and laughed, "You are all going to study the mirror of heaven and science with the water!" This thing is a rare sight for everyone in Tianbao on weekdays! If you want to play, you can borrow it from Shuier. They are all good sisters. She won’t refuse, but you can’t mess up when painting eyebrows. Be careful to be photographed as a big face! "
Cold calyx a listen to these words suddenly cold hum a "hum! You scoundrel beat us all away. What do you want? There must be no good thoughts! "
Yi Yu immediately a listen to the bitter face, "you unconscionable little girl! Why am I not being kind? However, the nine-setting tripod is a treasure although it is broken! You can’t just leave it there! "
Cold calyx way "that can? Jiu Ning Ding has been broken like that. I’m afraid there isn’t even a leg left! What else can we do? "
Yi Yu laughed. "I’ll put away these nine tripod fragments for a while and see if I can re-forge them into a piece. If it’s really not good, I can’t throw them away! Waste profit is still necessary! "
Say that finish, Yi Yu will no longer explain that he flew directly to the altar and sat down to drop his mind into the "Pure Land of Blissfulness". Although those fragments splashed very quickly, they failed to penetrate the boundary of the "Pure Land of Blissfulness". Soon Yi Yu had already found all the fragments of Jiu Ning Ding. As Yi Yu’s mind moved, all the ten thousand pieces as fine as sand fragments were taken to the altar.
Yi Yu looked at a pile of "sand" in front of me and gave me a wry smile. "It’s really bad. It doesn’t even have a piece bigger than a fingernail! It seems that there is no hope to restore the nine-setting tripod. Besides, I’m afraid I can’t call it a nine-setting tripod just because of my refining level. "
It’s easier to think of Yi Yufei but not depressed here. In fact, Yi Yu didn’t intend to restore what Jiu Ding Ding originally, but people are greedy. It’s a pity to give up if there is hope to restore it. Now that it’s confirmed that the Jiu Ding will’ survive’, Yi Yu is relieved.
Yi Yu smiled at the pile of nine tripod fragments and said, "In that case, I will refine you all into my’ pure land of bliss’. I wonder what it will be like?"
Yi Yu waved and took a small piece of debris, looked at the glittering and translucent things like gold, gold and pain, and laughed. "Let me see what you are first." After that, Yi Yu mobilized his mind and wanted to have a peek at the structure of this debris, but to his surprise, he couldn’t extend into it! On Yi Yuru’s strengthening the strength of Yuan Shen, we still can’t get a glimpse of the performance and structure inside.
Yi Yu a slight ash immediately exultation andao "surprisingly this thing can also resist yuan god invasion! If it can be evenly distributed in the peripheral field of’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, I’m afraid those old people who repair me a lot will not want to peek at it at will in the future. "
Although Yi Yu’s idea is very good, he soon realized that this "pure land of bliss" is too big, and these debris roots are not enough to cover. If they cover a part, they will not have the effect of resisting foreign gods. Nai Yi Yu can settle for the second best.
Yi Yu andao "can also be refined and melted first now.
It’s a pity that it’s better to throw away some things in the end if you win in the Pure Land. "Thought of here, Yi Yu doesn’t hesitate to dry the skyfire spirit beads and offer the earthfire essence to refine all the pieces of the nine-setting tripod …
Let’s put Yi Yuru refining nine pieces of tripod for the time being, but don’t say that Mrs. Bao Xiang got Yi Yu’s instructions to go back to the ancient god’s dove and ask again. But when Mrs. Bao Xiang came in, she was startled by the scene before her. In fact, Mrs. Bao Xiang heard it crying from a distance, but she was Qinger detoxifying the ancient god’s dove. It is conceivable that the toxin has been entrenched in the body for thousands of years. How can it be removed so easily? It is not surprising that the pain must be difficult to suppress such crying sounds.
It was when Mrs. Bao Xiang entered the temple that she couldn’t help but froze! See the hall, where is the ancient god dove with a length of more than 50 feet? See that a enchanting woman with a full body is lying on her face in pain, and that woman’s beautiful and round big ass is pouting, full of sweat and still trembling slightly. That cry of pain is exactly what she came out of.
At this time, Qinger is pulling back with a face of anxiety at the back of the woman. It seems that she wants to pull something out of the woman’s body. Qinger’s fingertips and the naked woman’s ass are connected by something rich and green, like smoke, smoke, fog and fog. Among them, the turbulent wood element is supposed to be poisoned by the ancient god dove.
Celebrate the son saw treasure phase lady came in hurriedly way "madam! Help quickly … "
Back to Yi Yu and others who went out to ambush Qiong Qi’s Liu Qinger, an ancient god, to drive away poison, Qinger was a wooden elf, and she was the best at poison medicine and method, and it went well when she was careful, but when she got to the ancient god, dove and Dan, something went wrong.
It turns out that the ancient god dove has been plagued by the poison of ethyl wood for thousands of years. Although she is ill all day, she can’t see her spirit, but she has to practice crazily all day to resist the spread of body toxins, but she has been deeply cultivated unconsciously! It is necessary to constantly suppress the body poison to repair the damaged mansion, and even the ancient god dove herself doesn’t know it yet!
Nowadays, in Qinger, most of the toxins have been excreted, so the mana originally used to suppress toxins has returned to the gallbladder. In fact, with the ancient god dove, it has been able to turn into a human being for nearly ten thousand years. It is because of the poison that it has been plagued for thousands of years that it has delayed the addition and helped it refine the horizontal ossification into a human form.
However, although the repair of the ancient god dove has arrived, it has no experience to drive poison into human form, and it is more painful than this ancient god dove. Fortunately, Qinger has already pulled out his hand at this time, otherwise the ancient god dove will be an adult on the first day … Hey hey! That’s evil!
However, it doesn’t matter that the ancient god dove unconsciously turned into a human being, which startled Qinger, who was expelling poison. She saw a large bird with a size of five feet, which was green and blue, slowly collecting its feathers and spreading its wings to become a beautiful and enchanting mature woman!
After the ordeal of the ancient god dove, it is close to the tail drive poison treatment, but it has been repeated. Although Qinger can barely control it, this moment change can’t make Qinger slightly distracted. That acetowood poison should take this opportunity to suddenly take a big bite!
To have excreted toxins in vitro, I want to drill back to Qinger. When I saw it, I quickly took measures. But at this time, Qinger has spent a lot of energy to regain control of these toxins, but the two sides are unable to do so. This is the scene that Mrs. Bao Xiang just saw.
As soon as Mrs. Bao Xiang saw Qinger asking for help, she didn’t dare to delay. She immediately shot a ray and cut off the deep and remote green poison fog. Qinger quickly took the opportunity to inhale these rare ethyl wood poisons. These poisons are a great harm to the ancient gods, but they are a great supplement to Qinger.
A moment later, Qinger appeased her new body, and with a long sigh of relief, she bowed to Mrs. Bao Xiang and said, "Mrs. Qinger thanked her for help!"
Mrs. Bao Xiang smiled slightly. "Miss Qinger doesn’t have to pay more attention. What’s going on?"
Qinger said with a wry smile, "It’s not that she turned into a humanoid without knowing what happened!"
At this time, both of them looked at the ancient god dove who was still lying on the ground panting … If you want to know the funeral, please see "Xuanyuan Surprise"
The two hundred and thirty-third time Xuanyuan was shocked
It is said that Mrs. Bao Xiang rescued Qinger and the ancient god dove Qinger from the predicament, but at this time, the situation of this ancient god dove is somewhat …
Although Mrs. Bao Xiang’s skill is almost to stick to the ass of the ancient god’s dove and cut it off, and then take the opportunity to get into the ancient god’s dove, those who are still in the ancient god’s dove’s body have not been pulled out, and the residual poison is rampant immediately after they lose their concern.
But fortunately, the ancient god dove and the poison of the wood poison have been entangled for thousands of years, and they have already known each other and immediately reacted to suppress the work. At this time, most of the poison of the wood poison has been extracted by Qinger, and where will a small amount be the opponent of the ancient god dove? Soon, the ancient god dove will suppress all the remaining poison.
At this time, although the ancient god dove has become a human figure, she doesn’t know the ethics, and naturally she is not naked and ashamed. She is a beautiful and well-proportioned flesh and blood, and she sweats because of pain. It’s really a rare sight to see a large piece of shiny skin. Fortunately, there are others here, and Mrs. Bao Xiang and Qinger are both heterogeneous and female.
The ancient god dove looked slightly pale, but she was quite happy and cheerful. She walked beside Qinger and gently rubbed her head against Qinger’s body. At this time, the newborn of the ancient god dove could not change that when she was a bird, she was used to flying with her arms and her head and neck touching each other, which was the way to show her kindness and gratitude.
Although it was very comfortable to be dawdled by the soft show of the ancient god dove, Qinger gently pushed her. It was strange to look at Qinger. Although the ancient god dove was born in livestock and poultry, it was already white. It can be seen from her loyalty to her old master for thousands of years
At this time, Qinger will get rid of the bone poison that has been pestering the ancient god dove for thousands of years, and solve her pain in vitro. The ancient god dove naturally remembers it, but at this time, Qinger refused her kind approach, which made the ancient god dove not sad and wronged.
Celebrate the son saw this scene couldn’t help a wry smile heart andao "this big bird into a person how still so clingy? Presumably, if the ancient god dove pesters the bad master like this, he will be very happy. "But although he thinks so in his heart, Qinger’s mouth should politely advise him," The ancient god dove! I’m not … I mean, I like you! You’re not sad, but you can’t communicate in the past when you become a person. If you still meet someone, it’s rude and people will laugh at you! "
In fact, the ancient god dove is not the first day to live in human society. These statecraft are naturally known, but she has just turned into a human form and has not yet become a person consciously. At this moment, after Qinger said, the ancient god dove looked at Qinger and looked down at herself. I was shocked.
The ancient god dove frightened her hand and slowly gathered it in front of her eyes. At once, she was so charming and charming that she was scared that she murmured, "Where are my wings?" Where are my feathers! How can I fly without wings! "
Mrs. Bao Xiang smiled and patted the ancient god’s dove head. "What’s there to worry about me or a fox?" Have you seen my tail? Now we have all turned into adults and are goblins! "
When the ancient god dove looked up, she recognized that she was a tian hu, which made the ancient god dove immediately attack and prey, but soon the animals could tell the ancient god dove that the tian hu was too strong to hunt any more, otherwise it would suffer.
The ancient god dove gradually put away her posture and said, "Although it is food, you are too strong for me to eat you."
Mrs. Bao Xiang laughed. "You ancient god dove really saved you just now. I also did my part. Why did you turn your face and deny people?" Don’t you want to eat my benefactor if I’m not strong? "
The ancient god dove turned red and faltered for a long time without saying a word.
Mrs. Bao Xiang laughed when she saw her embarrassed and lovely sample. "All right! I didn’t say anything about you just now, even if it passed. "
The ancient god dove immediately nodded at Bao xiangfu with a bright eye. "I’m sorry!" I … "
Mrs. Bao Xiang gave a smile. "I didn’t say it just now. Is it over just now?" Don’t do it again, but since you are a person, you can’t always be naked. What a shame! Wear it quickly. "Say, Mrs. Bao Xiang’s hand turned into a goose yellow dress.
The ancient god dove nodded and took the clothes, but where did she know this in the past? I was in a hurry, but it was not a magic weapon. My wife and Qinger looked at each other with a smile. The affection of men and friends came from wine tables and trenches, while the sisterhood of women came from clothes and dressing.