Soon Song Yun found that the knot was practicing Leijie in a mumbling way. It seems that a gas Dan can’t make me break through.

It is a very important direction to break through the realm of cultivation. From the cultivation of Lei Jie Song Yun, I feel that this door is not advanced, but it is quite difficult to practice.
At this time, breaking through the martial arts master’s territory, Song Yun, feels that it takes much more strength to break through than the general martial arts. According to Song Yun, it is impossible to estimate an air Dan foot now.
Fortunately, this time Song Yun refined gas Dan was so lucky that he actually refined three gas Dan. At this time, Song Yun no longer hesitated to directly put another gas Dan in his mouth.
The mighty vitality once again rushed to Song Yundantian to wash Song Yunshen’s two Qi Dan forces together, and immediately blocked the acupuncture points and meridians in Song Yun’s body and penetrated Song Yun’s gas to launch an impact on the martial arts environment.
Wang Jiazhen Wilderness doesn’t want you two to unite, and the Wangs will be afraid that you will be smart enough to leave quickly, or I Wang Guding will want you to know who is the overlord of Wang Jiazhen, and the Wangs four elders looked at Song Fenghan and said.
Wang Hua, with your strength, incredibly dare to be bold and dare to fight for the first world war. I will take your life in ten strokes. Song Feng waved his machete in his hand and looked at Wang Gusi’s elder domineering and said.
You, Elder Wangs, are tearing his hair out, but you dare not hand Song Fengwu’s Samsung strength to deal with the four elders in a week. I’m afraid it’s really possible to kill the four elders.
Say more, I’d like to see your family affairs in Song Guhan today. You can fight against me without two buffoons joining together. The Wangs are simply crazy. The Wangs are the first to take the lead.
Korea’s two martial arts masters confronted Wang Jiasan’s elders and four elders, while Song Feng fought against Wang Jiada’s elders, two elders and three great families. Wu also killed into a ball and shouted and killed the world.
Hanbitsoft’s body moves away, and his body is full of energy. By the way, the Wangs’ four elders are grinning at this time. I’ll figure out the general ledger with you this time.
Hanbitsoft’s fat body was unusually vigorous, and his hands wiped his mouth saliva and immediately waved it to the four elders. I didn’t expect Hanbitsoft to be so wretched and carelessly sprayed with Hanbitsoft saliva.
Haha, Wang Hua, you’re just a rat. I’ll show you my peerless style today, Hanbitsoft said, nodding his head.
I, I killed you, and the four elders were sprayed with hanbitsoft saliva, and suddenly they felt an unpleasant stench, and goose bumps fell all over the floor. The four elders suddenly became furious and went crazy and attacked hanbitsoft.
Hanbitsoft generally dodged and said, Wang Hua, I’m just peeking at your daughter taking a bath. You don’t need to say that. Your daughter is as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. Is it because your wife was born with someone else behind your back? I think this is very likely. You’d better investigate it when you go back.
I don’t have a daughter or a son. I’m crazy and I’m constantly attacking
It’s not too late to have a baby now, but it’s not too late to worry about having a baby without an asshole, Hanbitsoft said while dodging.
The four elders are depressed and want to vomit blood. Now he finds out that he has chosen the wrong target. Hanbitsoft’s strength is different, but the four elders in Hanbitsoft’s battle even give up.
The elder Wangsan, a strong martial artist in the Korean family, fought into a ball. Both of them are martial artists with one-star strength. The elder Wangsan is a little stronger, but it’s not something that will be decided for a while.
Song Feng fought alone with a machete in the hands of two elders of the Wangs. Although the Wangs held hands at the same time, they did not take advantage of Song Feng.
The machete in his hand keeps waving, and the Samsung strength of Song Fengwu Division shows the legacy of the Wangs’ elders. The second elder is also a master of martial arts, but the gap between Song Feng and his physical strength is still very obvious, especially the difference between Song Feng and his elders is two levels. Every time Song Feng waved his machete, he had to retreat again and again.
Song Fengwu division’s Samsung strength is superior to that of the big elders and the second elders, but the Wangs’ big elders and the second elders cooperate tacitly with each other. Song Feng will not be able to defeat the two for a while, and the situation will gradually become stiff. Haha, Song Feng, although the two of us can’t defeat you, look at you. Song Jiawu root is no match for my Wangs. When you die, I will be interested to see what else you have. My Wangs are full of pride in the big elders’ carefree smile tone.
Song Feng turned around and saw that Wang Jiawu occupied an absolute advantage. Although the Song family was not weaker than the Wang family at the peak martial level, the two Wang family forces, which had been weak for a long time, could not be compared even with the two joint forces.
Song Jiahan Jiawu has lost a lot of people in a short period of time. Song Feng seems to be torn apart. Even if Song Fengsheng wins in the end, if Song Jiahan Jiawu suffers heavy losses, this victory will be a disastrous victory.
The machete kept waving in his hand, and Song Feng’s strength suddenly increased by a few points, which drove the two elders to retreat, but it was impossible to beat the two elders’ roots urgently.
Two Qi Dan in the back of Song’s home turned into a flood, which passed through Song Yun’s body, opening up the occluded channels and acupoints in Song Yun’s body one by one. Song Feng took advantage of this momentum to launch an impact on the territory of Wu Shi.
Booming Song Yun felt as if something had broken in his body, and his vitality was surging in the abdomen, and Song Yun’s face was full of excitement.
Finally, I reached the territory of the martial arts division. Song Yunchang breathed a sigh of relief and his face was full of joy. After such a long time, Song Yun finally broke through to the territory of the martial arts division and felt that the terrorist forces in his body really reached the territory of the martial arts division. Song Yuncai knew how big the gap between the martial arts division and the martial arts division was.
I don’t know what happened to my father. Recently, the Wangs don’t know that nothing has moved. Song Yun turned away from the back of the Song family and hurried to the Song family.
This chick is good-looking. After defeating her, I want her to have a good time. The Wangs are a martial artist, and Song Rong Er is struggling to resist Nai’s strength gap.
Wang Jiawu’s constant attack drove Song Rong Er to retreat repeatedly. Wang Jiawu kept attacking Song Ronger’s private parts like cat and mouse. Song Ronger’s pretty face was dizzy with anger, but her four-star strength root could not be this martial opponent.
Hey, hey, buddy, remember that brothers are constantly teasing Song Ronger, and Song Jiahan’s family is completely ruined by the wind.
Song Feng, did you see that the destruction of the Song family and the Han family is just around the corner, and your death is not far away? Haha, the elder laughed and his eyes were full of pride.
Song Feng’s offensive became more and more violent, but in this way, it was found by the big elders, and it was in danger. Song Fengran knew that the big elders were not trying to mess up their minds, but seeing the heavy losses of the Song family’s Han family, Song Feng was not in a hurry
Eldest brother, we Wang Jiama can slaughter this group of wastes of Song Guhan’s family, and then Song Guhan’s family will be removed from Wang Jiazhen. Haha, the second elder’s smug words constantly affect Song Feng’s mind.
Ah, Song Feng was furious and rushed to the crown, and the machete in his hand kept waving his violent vitality, pushing back the elder and the second elder, but the elder and the second elder were like gangrene, and the horse surrounded Song Feng.
Wang Jiaweu, you are looking for death. Suddenly, a big figure came from a distance and quickly approached the three big families. Chapter 23 The Wangs lost.
Chapter 23 Wang Jia retreats Wang Jiawu. You are looking for death. A figure comes from a distance. It quickly approaches from heaven and earth, and soon it reaches Song Ronger’s side.
Die LeiShi fist roars and a pair of huge fists are sweeping Wang Jiawu, who was just besieging Song Rong Er. At this time, the skull fell to the ground and died.
Brother Yun, you finally came. Song Ronger threw himself into Song Yun’s arms with tears in his face.
Prevent losing contact and remember to prepare the domain name.
It’s okay. No one can bully you when I come. Song Yun holds Song Rong Er in his arms and says in a low voice.
Song Yun rushed to the Song family after breaking through the martial arts master, and then he knew that Yuanjing Mine was now on the way to the wilderness. Fortunately, at the most critical moment, he arrived at a recruit and killed a Wu Liuxing Wang Jiawu.
Today, I will be interesting to see how strong the Wangs are. Song Yun looked at Wang Jiazhong’s domineering double and said
Song Yunjin is already a strong warrior in Wang Jiawu, and no one has reached the root of the warrior’s territory. No one is Song Yunyi’s close enemy. In a short time, the Wangs suffered heavy losses, and the warriors of the Song family and the Han family rallied to save the momentum.
Little Rabbit, Young Er-gan, the elder Wang Jiawu suffered heavy losses in front of him, and his eyes were torn apart. At this time, where can he manage that the elder besieged Song Feng but pulled away and rushed to Song Yunchong?