In addition to the surface, a large number of sea animals surrounded the island from the side, and at the same time, the blood ghost made a big move to form a light curtain to block the sea animals from thousands of meters away.

I don’t know when a very luxurious warship appeared on the sea in the distance.
This warship obviously has the diving function and breaks the water surface from the bottom of the sea. Now the warship looks very luxurious. The hull is made of some very precious metals, so that the warship has remained unchanged even after being immersed in the water for tens of thousands of years.
The battleship is covered with all kinds of figures, large and small, in a very old style.
Most of these figures are similar to human beings. Obviously, they have been hidden in the dark, and the brothers of the sea clan are all surging with extremely powerful breath. One example is that the outside has reached a state of respect, which is extremely frightening.
These figures are surrounded by a gentle and graceful female figure like the stars and the moon.
This woman is completely human’s imagination. Her figure is graceful, her body is protruding forward and her back is upturned. She is wearing a golden tight suit and holding a golden staff that is more than three meters in trident shape. Her long purple hair almost drags to the ground.
With a delicate gold mask on her face, the only pair of dark purple pupils are blooming with cold light that does not belong to human beings, which shows that she is actually a noble and high-level sea family.
Hai’s brother is finally here.
Far away in a luxury warship, holding a trident gold staff, this woman is like overlooking the gods, and two purple beams have been shot in her eyes through the time distance.
It is even more apparent that there is a battle going on, depending on the number of dead bodies of lower sea animals, and the golden yellow brand is imprinted in the virtual boxing spirit and projected to Meng Fei.
Meng Fei noticed.
His knife-shaped eyebrows inclined to fly, his mind moved, and a pair of eyes shot golden beams to meet the purple eyes and went to the Princess Hall in Chapter one hundred and seventy-three.
In an instant, the two super eyes met in the dark night.
Gold and purple meet and there are several sparks immediately.
Meng Fei corners of the mouth up a hawk-like falcon radian.
This woman with a golden mask is supposed to be the Princess Gao in the strong memory of the two crazy sharks. I didn’t expect a princess hall of the sea clan to rule hundreds of millions of low-order sea animals and ambush him here.
It’s all right to say that in the sea, no one dares to rival his brother in the same class. Meng Fei will break this regular meeting today and hold a short meeting with this sea princess hall.
Feeling the distant cold eyes, Meng Fei smiled defiantly, holding a strange-looking longbow in his right hand.
This bow is nearly two meters long and huge, which exceeds the average person’s range. It is painted with black bow strings and light colors, and the metal texture is extremely oppressive. Obviously, it is a rare hard bow. It is difficult to pull even if you want to lift it.
Meng Fei’s fingers gently pulled a golden flame and turned it into a golden giant arrow with a texture of more than two meters long.
The arrow mans aimed at the sea princess in a golden armor in the distance.
Just make such a loud noise and almost didn’t let the old man be buried alive at the bottom of the sea. Now the old man can’t shoot you. Meng Fei thought angrily and viciously about his left finger and a golden arrow disappeared into the bowstring.
At the same time, the giant bow in Meng Fei’s hand was finally unbearable, and the terrible power of this arrow broke pieces from it.
This bow was transformed from Meng Fei’s true qi, but he couldn’t help Meng Fei. At this time, this powerful barbaric force shot an arrow and was completely scrapped
The golden giant arrow travels far beyond the speed of sound.
It instantly cut through the dark night and turned into a golden light, which shone on the ancient warship in the distance, the proud woman with the golden trident staff.
Thousands of sea animals don’t respond at this moment.
The ancient warship flashed a series of sea blue ripples, and the unknown powerful shield instantly tried to resist this arrow, but it was smashed by golden light in less than a second, and the speed of the golden giant arrow was not weak at all, and it continued to shoot at the eyebrows of the Golden Princess.
The faces of many brothers from the sea around her are now alarmed, and they want to intercept the roots. Has it come?
But at this moment, the eyes of the exquisite gold mask didn’t stir at all, and a cold hum came from the nose. She slowly moved her trident gold staff.
This movement seems to be very slow, just like a lover’s hand brushing her hair, giving people a sense of being orderly and extremely elegant.
But it’s really strong and white, but it’s almost to the extreme, and it contains the law of heaven and earth, and the ghosting of the golden staff deceives people’s eyes in front of the princess of the sea
And when a series of clear phantoms were still in the air, there was a sudden explosion of heaven and earth.