In front of the N beast, all the people who stand in front of him are frightened and flee. No one dares to face the awesome N beast, but most people don’t dodge.

Continuous collision with hundreds of experts who belong to the vertical forces, together with the big trees behind them, was directly smashed by the N beast, and people were directly killed by force and brutally collided.
Everybody run. this n beast is crazy
I don’t know who shouted, and soon the onlookers fled, and soon the beast finally broke through the camp.
Ha, ha, ha. I told you that this N beast was surrounded here twice before. There must be some problems here. Look at it. It has been delivered to the door again. Suddenly, a big laugh rang. This sound is the earth. Wang Guan Honglie is the strongest and the fastest. He is the first to hear the wind.
Xiaoyao Mountain, Green Sword Sect, Thousand Lake Island, Wanjialou also established forces into a five-pointed star camp. The way of stationing surrounded the N beast twice. The N beast broke through the camp of establishing forces, but it was good to come to the besieged core of the five major forces.
At the same time, the five major forces, the Ministry of Human Resources, surrounded them in three layers, and they came here to kill the N beast. Now the N beast knows that everyone is up.
N beast looks at more and more human beings, especially their own roads, which are blocked by the Ministry. N beast’s eyes are finally afraid, but he will not retreat and still move forward.
This n beast is really reckless. At this moment, Qianhu Wang Lin Yuxuan is also coming from another direction, and behind him is a large number of Qianhu Island masters.
It’s true that we’re surrounded like this, that is, there’s no master array of Xiaoyao Mountain Military Dream, and he’s also suspicious of death. Li Hongfu, the first master of Wanjialou on the other side, sneers
No, we don’t hum, we don’t rely on the array method. Let’s not say that we are fighting with each other. This N beast really can’t be killed. Don’t forget that it was because of various political reasons that he ran away in the cold night and autumn. You seem to have been injured. At this time, the sound of falling sky rang from the other side. It is conceivable that everyone will win this N beast.
After falling into the sky, everyone around you is not good at S.
At this time, n beast has rushed to a place south of the heart of the five major forces and then drilled directly.
What, is he going to dig a hole to escape? Li Hongfu’s face changed
Anyway, let’s kill this beast first. Officer Honglie drank a lot and people around him rushed at him.
Get out of here. At this moment, Guan Honglie roars instead.
A person was directly beaten by officer Honglie.
If you don’t bite off more than you can chew, you will get in the way here. Watch.
Be officer Honglie such a roar immediately before a person all dare not.
Seven people still kill him first according to the time limit. Honglie looks at the falling sky and others.
Free and unfettered falling into a thousand lakes, Wang Lin Yu Xuan, the king’s master, the master of military dreams, the sixth cold night and autumn honour list, the seventh Li Hongfu honour list, the fourteenth official Yu Ying, and the nineteenth honour list. I’m glad to hear that these seven masters have ordered the siege of Chapter DiYiQiEr at the same time.
Officer Honglie suddenly drank a big hand to humanize the ghosting image and killed the N beast at the same time. In addition to officer Honglie, the strength of the N beast is the strongest among these people, but the gap is limited to this person, and the N beast is almost the same.
Roar n beast seems to feel something immediately raised his head from the state of digging a hole, and then a growl in the face of a strong attack on the master n beast body motionless back into a body as ghostly as the strongest officer Honglie rushed to the officer Honglie N beast distance to the nearest.
Burst n beast officer Honglie has been face to face.
court death
Officer Honglie rapidly-changing punches directly pierce an N beast’s head. As soon as officer Honglie’s face changes instantly, he will see that the N beast is not a drop of blood at the same time, and the N beast is slowly dissipating.
The ghosting n beast ghosting rushed to the other side.
Animal wisdom is equivalent to human beings. He knows that persimmons are of course soft to eat.
I’m glad to hear that Elder Wang Lin Yuxuan, a thousand lakes, woke up and almost at the same time.
N beast claws are happy to hear that the knife surface bombards N beast. Compared with human beings, the strongest beast is not the degree but the strength defense. This N beast is as strong as the sub-artifact. I am happy to hear that he immediately flies back and his right hand has been injured.
Good strong body, fortunately, I resisted with combat knives, otherwise it would be unimaginable to hear it later, and I couldn’t help saying