At one thousandth of a second, the purple bamboo is no longer a beautiful purple halo, but a simpler sword handle.

The sword in the sky is cold and sharp, and the blade moves gently like a breeze blowing through the wind chimes, making it crisp and sweet.
It is the first time that a white-faced middle-aged man has lived for ten thousand years to feel this feeling of death.
That kind of fear is gone, life is going away, the world is going to be dark, it’s dark and silent around, and I can hear my breath, but I can’t cry, but I want to move, but I’m bound by something in my form.
At this moment, I feel clearer in my mind.
chief of a gang
Inverted to night maple mouth smile a blood face Naijia sad.
Ah, I’m crazy. I’ve been fighting with you for black anger. At the moment when the night maple vomited blood and flew backwards, it burned to the point where Gu Feng was wearing a black flame. Black yelled at the speed of one star and suddenly jumped up and hurt his hand. The night maple went crazy.
Come and fight with me. It’s not enough to see you black. Shake like a chicken nest. Your hair has arrived in a moment. Before rushing forward, build a rotating energy ball with your hands and wait for the black to come.
Hum, hum, hum. You want to suck me. You haven’t the ability. Black will be extremely fast. When it stops, a black flame will immediately shoot at crazy.
Crazy is not eating idle food. One hand will hit the energy ball spinning at high speed with the other hand, and one circle will lead the black flame to pick it up, and then you can see clearly that you are in hell by rising three feet and laughing.
Haha, fun, eat me again. ong bak’s fist is black, and then he comes back from the madness. After the inferno, he turns over several times in the middle. Playing forward is stronger than punching a fist. When the energy turns from small to big, it finally turns into a huge fist, which booms at the madness.
Hard touch means I’m crazy, and I haven’t tried to play like this for a long time. When I’m crazy, I’m wrapped in a layer of red energy, and my right hand is clenched into a fist and I hit the black fist
Boom, two energy collided and made a big noise, and everyone was knocked over by this powerful energy, while Mad Black flew backwards and didn’t know where to go.
At this moment, it finally calmed down, and everyone flew back crazy. At this moment, a face was facing a white-faced middle-aged man, and dozens of humanity behind him. You should go home first. I will explain this to Xiao Sheng.
White-faced middle-aged man owed a little to protect adults for many years, but the clan owner ordered him to help.
Are you crazy about me and picking your eyebrows and asking?
What’s all this? As soon as the voice fell, the purple light flashed through the night maple. Now the middle-aged man with a crazy white face looks proud, his face is white and pale.
It took me a long time to be crazy, because others gave birth to me. I am a protoss to protect me, just to protect the protoss.
It’s better to say it than to sing. Xiaosheng wants to destroy me, but you help him to destroy me. This means protecting the protoss. Pingye Maple asked coldly, flashing purple sharp eyes and hesitating to see through the madness.
Because Xiao Sheng is Xiao Zodiac, Xiao Sheng is the protoss master. Xiao Sheng wants to destroy you, which is within his power. I can’t stop it, but if you want to destroy Xiao Sheng, I will stop the madness. I also answered Ye Feng coldly.
Haha, night maple laughed loudly. What a force. I feel ashamed of such a guardian for the protoss.
What is all this? After my mother died, you threw me to the sixth place, so my daughter never blamed you for a minute, never said a word of gossip about you. Now you can pursue something that has reached the realm, but you have to be a dog and always protect him. Do you dare to say that you don’t owe me enough for so many years? Is your conscience eaten by the dog and eaten by your conscience? Otherwise, you wouldn’t work hard for a dog, and you would be pale and ridiculed. Suddenly, you asked. Do you know what I was going to kill Xiaosheng 5,000 years ago? Are you and I really protoss territory? Sun Yan guardian asked me to answer you. That’s because I wanted you to love you and get a little fatherly love. I killed Xiaosheng and you came back to me to care for me, love me and cook for me. But today, it seems that I am so naive and my heart has grown for thousands of years. That little fatherly love has gone from strong hope to extravagant hope and now disappointed. The truth is that I am tired of a little fatherly love, because I have got it. A man loves him, cares for me, gives me what I want in my heart, and I have nothing to hate in this generation. I will also care for me and die for my lover. Xiao Sheng is our wish. You really want to stop my beloved from acting in the hot sun, so you must step over my body or you don’t want anything.
Raise a sword