Arch your hands forward, Lord Meng Fei Langdaoliu.

Liu Chengfu’s face is very dignified. He looks at Meng Fei with a hint of complexity. He sighs a sigh of Xuanyuan King. Today, I am challenging Xuanyuan Kingdom to protect the country on behalf of the wing country. You really shouldn’t get involved.
Meng Fei let go and laughed. His body suddenly leaps up with a powerful momentum to the extreme. You may not know it, Lord Liu. Just now, I, King Xuanyuan, pretended to be crazy. Today, it is the breakthrough of the king’s realm, the king of Xuanyuan.
He said these words to the civilians in Xuanyuan country, but it was quiet. Suddenly, it seemed as if the pot of hot water was boiling. Those people even forgot what they were talking about excitedly at the moment, as if they wanted to vent their hearts.
In this star field, there are absolutely no more than 100 foreign countries that can have two heavenly kings except the top three.
Meng Fei, if this sentence goes, then ensure that the surrounding forces of Xuanyuan country will shake.
Liu Chengfu’s eyes suddenly became sharp, but in the direction of the wing country, the faces of the two princesses showed a trace of disappointment and irritation.
They didn’t expect that Meng Fei would promise Robert to become the king of Xuanyuan country so soon. When their former Meng Fei was perfunctory for a while, they wouldn’t really stay in Xuanyuan country. Isn’t this a bit hasty for Wang Tianqiang to make such a decision?
Liu Chengfu’s eyes finally locked Meng Fei. He silently felt Meng Fei’s breath and his face suddenly showed a strange smile.
Not him, even Robert’s eyes not far away flashed a different color.
Both of them are heavenly kings, and they feel powerful in their breath released from Meng Fei.
Robert’s heart was shocked and inexplicable. He had been in contact with Meng Fei for so long that even his epiphany had been induced.
In his Meng Fei, he is definitely a strong singer who has just stepped into the world, but when he listens to Wan Li in the science of uniting, he will be inspired by the hidden wind talent.
However, he never imagined that this powerful force would suddenly break out in Meng Fei’s body. His eyes suddenly sparkled and he was full of new expectations for this young man who was also a bottom hole.
Maybe he can really defeat Liu Chengfu, a prominent man who had had an epiphany experience, on this occasion.
Slightly lowered his eyes. Liu Chengfu Gherardini tunnel Luo’s adult, have you decided to accept my invitation to fight by your king Xuanyuan?
On this issue, he asked Robert directly, and he also valued Robert Xuanyuan’s role as a king of protecting the country.
Robert, the old man, with a wave of his hand, said that Wang Di of Xuanyuan was the king of Xuanyuan, so of course he qualified for the war. Don’t adults Liu even understand this?
Liu Chengfu suddenly smiled, and his momentum was gradually huge and abundant.
It’s like a volcano that has been suppressed for a long time and gradually erupts at this moment.
Liu, the king of Xuanyuan, is practicing firepower. If you don’t know it, it’s time to change people. Although his voice is dignified, there is a hint of disdain in his tone.
It’s Robert’s war, so of course he’s afraid, but Meng Fei is a king who has just stepped into the realm, so what is he worried about?
In his fire, the offensive will only be burned out.
Meng Fei smiled proudly. His second-hand fists were gradually clenched, and a pair of fists were strangely radiant with a metallic color.
Then he strode forward and made a mistake with his fists. Immediately, the shadow of the fist flew to cover the sun and suddenly the same huge handprint was shot.
LiuChengFu face this just flashed a little surprised color this palm method in his eyes, but it is not a good thing, but the momentum from Meng Feishen let him finally have a little fear.
In his eyes, Meng Fei seems to have really turned into a huge palm, and the palm of his hand slammed towards him
Confucianism is the softest force, and it is the defensive force. Things can be broken in the battlefield.
But Meng Fei gave Confucianism another meaning at this moment.
In this palm print, there is an endless artistic conception. In Liu Chengfu’s eyes, he feels a little more like a breeze.
Confucianism played the wind palm.
At that time LiuChengFu feel big bucket Chapter one thousand and fifty-one A killer.
Seeing that the serial wrong palm print is approaching Liu Chengfu, it is finally angry to hum a pair of palms, which are as red as carbon. Even if you make a mistake, your anger seems to be getting hot.
Instantly, there seems to be a wall of fire in front of everyone, which is composed of several pairs of palms with flame-like ghosting in an instant.
Several dull sounds suddenly came from the two of them, and every loud noise was like a person screaming in his ear.
It’s just a matter of counting breath. Many people turn their ears and retreat until they retreat to a very far place. Then they look at it and their eyes are full of fear.
The wall of fire suddenly dispersed, and Liu Chengfu’s feet danced lightly, just like fireworks, which were unpredictable.
And when he crossed the ground, he immediately left a pair of clear footprints, all of which were blackened around.
His footsteps are very fast, and in a short time, the footprints on the ground are already overlapping and dense, and it seems that he has become a charred land that has been ravaged by flames in this area of his activities.
Mars burns a little.
The true meaning of fire power is also perfectly reflected in his boxing.
However, even this powerful force, even though the fist like the true fire has trapped Meng Fei in it, it is still the law that can stand this strange palm.
Meng Fei’s hands are still waving endlessly, and his figure is still moving as usual.
In his body, three kinds of true qi and water are running like fire, and the main wind is playing a set of unique palm techniques
He is like an elf soaring in the fire. On the rampant fire, he can also burn and melt the elf.
Meng Fei’s momentum is getting stronger and stronger, and a set of special palm techniques gradually volatilize. Slowly, in that sea of fire, the palm print volume seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and finally it has reached an incredible level.
Breaking Meng Fei’s bad luck, the thunder suddenly broke out, and he drank as cold as a thunderbolt. His hands suddenly held high, and the powerful momentum accumulated by the handprint was instantly triggered by this type and completely burst.