Ary, it’s too late for you to wear a little skirt. Yao said to me before Mrs. Jiang could talk.

But I don’t have any late gifts, so let’s just say that it is impossible for me to spend a lot of money on it. I still don’t want to forget it, but I’m not interested in Luo Feng’s birthday, but in this grand ceremony.
Ary is not interested.
No, you’re Luo Feng’s girlfriend. Why don’t you go to Min Yao and stare at me? It’s telling me not to get stuck.
But I-
Don’t but feng specially specified that you must be beautiful. Before I finished, Mrs. Jiang grabbed it and said
I didn’t have the money to buy a late gift, and they both fought back with guns and sticks so that I could tell the truth.
Don’t worry, I’ll help you with this. Mrs. Jiang looked at me with her head down and a look of embarrassment and walked over and said
Well, I’ll see you the day after tomorrow. Go back to your school first. The class is coming soon. Min Yao urged Jiang Tai to go back to school quickly.
Enmin Yao Ye, see you then. Mrs. Jiang finished and waved and turned away.
Watching Jiang Taizhi disappear at the end of the corridor, I quickly returned to the classroom with red in my hand, which immediately attracted the attention of my classmates. They all came around to see Luo Feng’s birthday invitation letter, which was both jealous and envious of us.
I wanted to talk to Yao, but my mobile phone rang at this time. I gave Luo Feng the nickname chapter and I immediately hid in a quiet place and pressed the answer key.
it is me
I know I won’t be as stupid as he is.
Has the invitation letter arrived? His tone is still so strong.
Oh, he was speechless for a while, and I didn’t know what to say. So they were silent for a while.
You have nothing to say to me. He suddenly asked me like this.
Let me see. Please, even if I want to say something, I dare not say it to you.
Do you still want to talk? It’s so stupid.
I want to say …
This bad god always cuts off his words suddenly every time. He never wakes someone up in never say goodbye. Even if he does this to others, he can solve it, but you know I’m your girlfriend now.
Go to hell, I scolded the other side of the disconnection, and I angrily put my mobile phone in my pocket.
Day after day, the special day of June finally came. On the same day, Mrs. Fang called me to come with Mrs. Jiang, and actually returned the explosive head Du Jing.
Did you bring the evening gift? I asked him as soon as we met, but I have to admit that Du Jing is really not handsome in a suit at this time. It seems that they also bought this.
Ary dressed herself up.
What evening gift are you bringing? We’re here to dress you up, Du Jing. The collar of the suit glanced at my figure and said
Dress up. Didn’t I borrow evening clothes? What else should I dress up for? I was amazed at Du Jing’s answer.
Feng Ye has given you to us. Let’s go. That’s right. Du Jing smiled at each other, and then they walked over to me at the same time.
What the hell are these two guys doing? What gave me to them? It’s no use dressing up like this. Give me the evening gift quickly so that I can go home. I don’t want to be scolded by my mother.
Where to go? I asked them with wide eyes.
Then you will know that Du Jing pushed me to a Mercedes next to me.
Hey, where the hell are you two taking me? I’m going home and staying outside for too long. Mom will scold me, you bastards. Let me go and let me pull.
For me, I struggled and shouted that the two of them were completely wrong. They pushed me too far behind and were responsible for controlling my noise. Du Jing quickly got into the steering wheel seat, accelerated the throttle and drove us away.
When the car stopped in front of a luxury store with English written all over it, I was dragged from the car by the two of them into the decoration shop, where all kinds of clothes dazzled me. At this moment, I felt as if I had stepped into heaven.
Two young masters, you are Master Luo. Did you want me to wait for someone? Just stepped into the shop, a 37-year-old fashionable proprietress greeted him with a smile and asked.
Yes, it’s Master Luo’s birthday today, and this young lady will give it to you. Just watch. Mrs. Jiang grabbed me and pushed me in front of the proprietress.
Remember, you must dress up as a noble daughter, and Du Jing will not give me room to speak with another sentence attached.
Don’t worry, I will definitely turn this young lady from Cinderella into a princess. The proprietress smiled and looked at me for a while.