With Jose’s last low drink, all the bars blinked and galloped ahead.

Mal, the captain of the Moby Dick team, changed his face, and then he burst into blue inflammation. At the same time, he has turned an immortal bird into those strips.
When the ring rings, the whole day instantly blooms with burning light.
After dozens of seconds, I saw the damage. Marco patted the wings composed of green fire and slowly landed on the Mobidick.
It really scared me. Marco said with a face of fear, "It’s a good thing that high temperature works for me, or just now that estimate will be evaporated without even slag."
This is really troublesome. It is so easy to be blocked. He has eaten the fruit of the undead bird. Of course he knows how dependent it is to regenerate the green fire.
Jos spoke again while thinking, "Sakaski, how sure are you now if you fight against Bai Hu?"
Well, Red Dog took a look at Jose and shook his head to show that he was not sure. Then he said, "The battle between my teacher and me is 37."
Of course, Joss knows who’s 3 and who’s 7. His father told him that when he was young, Bai Hu fought with each other. At that time, they were 50-50. I don’t know. If we let the red dog, it’s estimated that we won’t be able to bear to think of it for ten minutes. If possible, Joss really doesn’t want this monster to fight him. He still remembers his father’s words, "If you encounter Bai Hu, you’d better choose to escape. That guy is a madman, especially when he really gets sick."
Sackaski Jos opened his mouth with a dignified face. "When the war starts, I will stop Baihu. You should try to solve the fruit of Melissa Zhou, Curidon, and then help me, otherwise the words will really go out."
"You?" Sakaski hesitated for a moment. Although he had never seen the strength of Jose’s department, his eyes were already at the same level as his own when Jose attacked at will just now.
"I can draw with my dad if I force myself to go out." A short sentence makes Saakashi’s eyes shrink. What strength does Zephyr have? But he has a deep understanding. Jose actually said that he was only about twenty years old. Does he really have this strength? And in Zephyr, can Zephyr be motivated to fight against his son?
Lock it down! Black-winged monster
Abrupt sound at the same time, black energy is ejected from Jose’s sword, and soon the whole body will be shrouded.
There were still snowflakes floating in the sky, which indicated that there was a black rainstorm, and at the same time, the center of Jos spread outward, and at that moment, other ordinary soldiers felt that it was difficult to breathe, and even its generals felt that their bodies were sinking
"This is the strength of his department?" Just now, I doubted Jose’s strength. At this time, the red dog looked at Jose with a shocked expression. He was closest to Jose, and he obviously felt the intense danger from Jose. It was only when he faced the teacher that he felt the feeling of shaking the law.
Jose, with his horn helmet and huge wings and tail, was stunned by his Cold Mo eyes just at a glance.
"55 open? What makes me feel more horrible than when I was in Zephyr? "Thought of here, the red dog’s mouth can’t help but show a touch of bitterness.
The Moby Dick suddenly got up and looked at the opposite warship.
"Strong breath" teams Marco also a face of shock "dad … what the hell is this …"
Not only he, but also the captain of his team got up one after another, looking at the distant warship with huge wings with eyes full of vigilance.
It’s not the Warring States period or Karp’s depressing breath. He’s never met when the navy added such a top fighter. No wonder Admiral of the fleet dared to send such a team of generals to lead warships to run wild.
Chapter 11 Navy vs White Hu (First Bomb)
When "Thunder Gun" is drunk, Jose’s paw is shaken, and then a green pike is shaken, and then the body is projected, but when it smells "sou", the pike turns into a green streamer and flashes by.
"Good Gollum Lala" Moby Dick laughed, made a fist with one hand, and a pneumatic hood instantly formed a fist and then compressed it
At this moment, the green light flashed, and the thunder gun shot by Jose was instantaneous and fast, even his captain looked shocked.
"Shock" as Bai Hu drinks for an instant, the fist with the air pressure hood has already collided with the thunder gun.
"click! !” At this moment, even cracks were shaken out.
One second, two seconds, five seconds, this moment is like standing still. Everyone looks at it with horror. They are shocked that the other party’s attack can actually lead to a deadlock, and it is still the kind of long-range attack without follow-up force. How much impact does it take to do it?
Bai Hu drank low for a moment, and the atmospheric rift spread again. Finally, the thunder gun with no follow-up force was shocked to fly thousands of meters away.
"Boom" green light went up to the sky, although it was a long distance, but thousands of meters away, they all felt a palpitation. If Torre hadn’t bounced off this attack, would they still be alive? Even they don’t know the answer.
It’s really fooling around. Bai Hu dumped his wrist. It’s very obvious that even he was scared just now.
Not the kui is the strongest man. The warship Jos took a step forward, bent over the body and pressed the deck with one hand. "Luo Dong and other team leaders Marco will leave it to you. You believe that it can be invincible with regenerative ability."
Before Lotung could answer, Jose’s figure had disappeared from the deck. When they looked up, Jose’s hands had already appeared 100 meters away with the thunder knife in their hands. At this time, after being hardened by armed domineering, the thunder knife had changed from green to dark.
Let’s go, red dog, drink and jump into the boat and rush to "Bai Hu’s side." At this moment, it seems that he will decide who will win or lose this battle.
Did you come? Marco, the incarnation of the immortal bird, rushed to the sky. "How can you rush to the front of Dad so easily?"
Flying Jose saw the bearer’s expression "In that case, you should watch your eyes and don’t blink", and the figure has disappeared from macor’s eyes.
Disappeared Macor was shocked. "How could this have escaped my perception of color?"
"His" a harsh to suddenly sounded.