Time flies. It’s May, and now it’s two months since the Republic of China. Zhang Yi and Tang Shaoyi have led the three northeastern provinces to pass the most difficult stage and regain their vitality.

Every day, the number of refugees from the influx has reached 10,000, and in many cases, it has exceeded 30,000. These people have been settled by the people of the Bureau of Reclamation after entering Fengtian, and some food subsidies have been directly moved to Heilongjiang, Jilin. According to the momentum, it is feared that the population of Jilin will exceed 12 million in two years, and the population of Heilongjiang will also surge to one million.
However, the influx of a large number of people has also brought great pressure to Tang Shaoyi. After all, the influx of so many refugees into Fengtian Naidong Province is bound to require a one-year subsidy from the government before it can be completed. It also needs help to build houses, otherwise the displaced farmers in Heilongjiang and Jilin will not be able to carry it.
At this time, Zhang Yi is somewhat comfortable. Anyway, political affairs Tang Shaoyi focuses on military affairs and Xu Huaijin focuses on special politics. Those who came back from studying in Europe and the United States gradually adapted to their roles and began to deal with politics. After all, they all came back from abroad to show their ability to take over new things. The vision of nationalization is far from that of those gloomy old bureaucrats.
Moreover, the three northeastern provinces are United as one. After all, this kind of peaceful, stable and prosperous life is hard to come by, but the blood and lives of the soldiers call for the people’s great support for the Republic of China, fearing that except the bandits in the mountains, one person will oppose the current national government.
On this day, Zhang Yi specially called back all the important people in the Republic of China, and we all know that something important must happen again.
Zhang Yi looked at the crowd and laughed. "Hehe, I’ve seen you all blushing for a long time. How do tigers stay in Heilongjiang now?"
Zhang Yihu chuckled, "The instructor is now the commander of the first regiment, and he wants soldiers to throw the general things to Jiang Baili, the punk, to take care of this period of time."
Zhang Yixiao: "Look at the promise of dog day, but it won’t be a year or two before we have a big fight. If we don’t have a gun, we’ll be the first to quit our job!"
Zhang Yihule: "Instructors can rest assured that whenever they hear the word war, their eyes will glow green. Even at the age of 70, they will still shoot and win the horse!"
Zhang Yi looked at Liu Guangdi again. "Guangdi brother Mongolia is the most difficult place. It is not only sparsely populated, but also the folk customs of Mongolian settlements are tough and afraid of suffering a lot."
Liu Guangdi ha ha laugh "firm calculation is wrong, if only one person really can’t do it, but don’t forget to help Ba Gen? Ba Gen can be born and raised in Mongolia, and Mongolians are the most particular about unity. Ba Gen arrived in Mongolia, but he was in charge of three divisions, and he was highly valued by Mongolians. Those nobles soon reached a piece of help from Ba Gen. Don’t be afraid, at least the flags of Mongolian leagues have been lowered, and all important cities in Mongolia are under control."
Zhang Yi asked, "What about Brother Guang’s Baotou?"
Liu Guangdi replied, "We are expanding Baotou City according to the instructions of Shaochuan Brother. Baotou City has built some houses in advance, and the technicians of Baotou Erdos are working together to explore all kinds of resources there. Now Americans have shipped a lot of equipment in the past. There is a problem that needs attention. As for the food problem of local residents, most Mongolians are nomadic, and they are almost engaged in farming. Once they enter a large number of manpower, it will take a day for the grain to be completely exhausted."
Zhang Yixiao "It doesn’t matter that this matter is negotiated with our Dadetong. The Jstars are close. Shanxi merchants can almost control 40% of the grain and rice in the south of the Yangtze River. Let them allocate it when they are ready. Now that Fengtian has achieved self-sufficiency, the surplus can also be put back to Mongolia at the request of Heilongjiang Jilin."
Liu Guangdi nodded. "The President is relieved. When he returns to Hohhot, Shanxi businessmen will seize the time link."
At this time, Zhang Yihu said, "Instructors, it’s not fierce for Mongolian Americans to toss about. Look at Datong, Heilongjiang Province, where the Germans have made a mess. I don’t know what we are doing with so many iron frames there. Now that place is busy with at least 1000 Germans."
Yang Ruixiao, governor of Heilongjiang Province, said, "One tiger, that family is drilling oil, and now this big guy is everywhere in the West, and the importance of energy, which is essential for the development of oil industry, has surpassed that of coal. In the future, we must also master the resource technology. The Germans look forward to oil, just like a wolf who has been hungry for three days sees a white rabbit, and his eyes have long been looking forward to green. Now he can finally get oil, of course, he can’t wait."
Zhang Yi sank to "Yang Xiong, we don’t want this matter. If we can do something, we won’t hand over such an important resource as oil to the Germans. This is not something we can laugh at. Let’s just give away our ancestors and be honest and unwilling."
It’s shameful for Yang Rui to laugh and stop talking because his skills are not good. Tang Shaoyi "We don’t need to ask others to develop this matter. Now we need to know what important things have been called up this time. Now we are all tied up with big shots. Let’s cut to the chase directly." Zhang Yi was a straight face. "You really called everyone on one thing this time, so let’s set up our first modern political party in China. party constitution, a big party like the American Democratic Party and the British Conservative Party, wants to unite people!"
Chapter five hundred and fifty-three The Chinese Baath Party
Form a political party?
Everyone looked at each other. I don’t know how Zhang Yi suddenly came up with such a topic.
Zhang Yi slowly said, "Nowadays, countries in Europe and America are governed by political parties, regardless of whether they are empires or republics. Political parties are in power, which indicates that a country is moving towards maturity. People who want to move towards a world power cannot do without the irreversible trend of political parties!"
Tang Shaoyi asked, "Almost no one is unfamiliar with a strong political party. Most of them have studied abroad. Everyone knows a little about party politics. How to organize the articles of association of political parties? What can we do now? We don’t know anything about how to set up a political party."
Zhang Yixiao "Get ready early!"
Yang Du stood up. "The presidents handed it over half a year ago, and almost did this thing in more than half a year. Now it is finally coming to an end. Now we are going to form a party charter, from our highest goal to organizational structure and functions. Please have a look and give us your advice!"
This Yang Du handed out the album in his hand, and everyone began to read the articles of association in Yang Du’s hand without saying anything
Yang Du really worked hard from the establishment of the party leader and deputy party leader to the establishment of daily management institutions, from the establishment of functional committees to the application for joining the party.
Constitution of the Chinese Baath Party
First, the party named "China Baath Party" has its headquarters in Shengjing and branches in various places.
Second, the party expelled the Tatars and restored China’s equal commitment to ZTE’s purpose
Three, who are willing to join the party must abide by the oath of the party’s chapter, and pay the party’s silver one or two times a year to issue membership credentials.
Four, where the application of party member to join the party must be submitted to the Ministry.
5. Members of the Baath Party are generally recognized by all Chinese who have the same purpose and are willing to unite;
Six, all party member will implement the purpose of expanding the power to introduce comrades.
Seven, all members are elected, the benefits of being elected are all from giving opinions and suggestions to the party headquarters, and all the benefits are supervised by the party’s executive organs at all levels;
The party has a prime minister, who is elected once every four years by the members of the body; But it has to be linked.
9. The Prime Minister may discuss with the Parliament and refute the motion about the executive affairs of the representative meeting outside the meeting.
Ten, the party has a deputy prime minister to assist the prime minister in handling the vacancy or absence of the party’s prime minister;
Eleven, the party set up a secretary to be responsible for the coordination of the party’s daily affairs;
Twelve, the Secret Service has six departments: general staff, foreign staff, accounting staff, investigation staff, and accounting staff. The investigation department has a section chief and a staff member. The staff of all departments are assigned by the Prime Minister, but the investigator is assigned by the Prime Minister.
Thirteen, the party set up six functional committees, such as military, education, economy, agriculture, forestry, law and industry, to discuss and discuss the draft principles and policies in various areas in charge, and submit the implementation draft to the presidential palace for implementation by the government;
Fourteen, the members of the deliberation department shall be elected by the body members to vote for 30 people, and shall be elected once a year.
XII. Rules of Parliament of the Council
Thirteen, where the election of the Prime Minister of the local electoral district.
Fourteen, where the local members of the Ministry are responsible for the Ministry.
Fifteen, the local members of the Ministry may set up a branch president according to the province, and be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry in advance.
The Sixteenth Congress branch is divided into five parts in the country and four parts abroad, all of which are directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry.
Western Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu, Xinjiang, eastern Tibet, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, central Anhui, Hankou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, southern Henan, Hong Kong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, northern Yunnan, Yantai, Shandong, Shanxi, Zhili, Shaanxi, Mongolia and the three northeastern provinces.
Foreign Ministry
Nanyang-Singapore-Britain, Netherlands-Burma, Annan, Siam, Europe-Belgian capital-European countries-America-Jinshan Dabu-North and South America-Tanshan Dabu-Honolulu Islands
Seventeen, each branch must abide by the general rules of the Ministry, and it must be approved by the Prime Minister before it can be implemented.
Ten, each branch has a minister pointed by the Prime Minister.
Nineteen, the local members of each branch bear the responsibility of the branch.
Twenty, each branch shall report once a month.
Twenty-one, each branch belongs to the branch member league membership donation of one yuan shall be paid by the branch minister to the member credentials transfer person for receipt.
Twenty-two, local branches are directly under the jurisdiction of the branch.
Twenty-three, the president of each branch shall be elected by the members of the branch.
Twenty-four, the general chapter must be revised by fifty members or ten members, or the executive department will be revised by the Prime Minister after the resolution of the deliberation department.
It’s surprising that everyone didn’t shock the president when they read party constitution of the Chinese Baath Party in their hands. It was planned more than half a year ago.
Almost everyone except the military generals has returned from abroad, and is no stranger to party politics. In particular, Tang Shaoyi has noticed that a modern country has been established, but it is a modern political party. That country still lacks solid cohesion, a unified program, a unified goal and a unified discipline as constraints, so it is difficult for the political elites of that country to twist into a rope and fight their own battles like a loose sand. Now Zhang Jian relies on great prestige to support it. What if there is no more or an accident?
They thought that Zhang Yi had thought that the articles of association along with the party name had been drawn up in front of them.