Minding Baiyun Tower can’t help but put away your eye and open it with all your strength.

As expected, the integration of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea into the human world has also brought all the benefits to the human world
First of all, with the integration of the small world, all the cracks in heaven disappear with the gas-clearing mask at the East China Sea dome.
The sub-Baiyun Tower has an insight that with the integration of the small world of the Crystal Palace, there seems to be a lot more mysterious rules in the human world. With these rules, the magic method is deduced and changed.
The most important thing is that Baiyun Tower has clearly noticed that the human world seems to be much more stable.
This kind of stable Baiyun Tower has been experienced in the small world of exquisite towers.
At the beginning, the insight into the micro-small world almost caused the collapse of the tribal small world, and it was only after the exquisite adults made moves that the small world in that tower was stabilized and strengthened.
This time, the integration of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea has also revealed the same breath, and the Baiyun Tower can’t help but extrapolate.
According to early ancient times, it was because there were four great beasts guarding the human world that twelve ancient masters were not destroyed.
With the passage of time, the ancient power was earlier than the annihilation of the four great beasts, and the inheritance was almost cut off. Now only the North Sea Xuanwu beast is independent.
The white tiger beast in Xizhou inherits the reappearance, but the body of the white tiger is just a baby, and it is still far from the real beast.
Nanzhou Suzaku God beast has also left a legacy in this generation. It seems to be the little red bird Aly, but now Nanzhou is occupied and the buttonwood tree has limited strength after all.
The East China Sea Qinglong beast has long since disappeared, and the Qinglong Qi machine in the long river of years seems to have been completely annihilated
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Ancient runes
Although Xiao Chaoyang can be transformed into a dragon shape, it is not a dragon incarnation. The small green body hatched from the dragon egg is also a little mysterious.
The Baiyun tow, which haven’t hatched that dragon egg, have also been observed one by one, except for the abnormal places where the dragon spirit is still strong.
Now, although Qinglong Qiqi is not in the morning sun, this move has the same effect
It is sighing that Baiyun Tower suddenly noticed the abnormal fluctuation of Qi, and those waters just hundreds of miles away from the Crystal Palace trembled again.
The earth shook and the sea floor seemed to boil.
Xia Chaoyang hastened to run the cave and put hundreds of Caspian demon creatures in Fiona Fang into the Crystal Palace cave.
The siren lay prostrate around the cave and looked at the appearance through the enchantment. They were all full of curiosity.
Seeing the sea floor outside the cave changes as time goes back.
As the virtual shadows of skyfire meteorites are recovered and dissipated from the bottom of the sea, the virtual shadows of red magma also regress back to the cave of the Crystal Palace.
The siren exclaimed that there were more than ten ancient human cities on the seabed around.
The quaint and exquisite architecture, the strange and mysterious symbol patterns shocked the two brothers and sisters of Baiyun Tower.
Perhaps it is heaven’s understanding that the small world of the Dragon Palace is integrated, so it will reproduce the ancient city of Terran through the opportunity of integration.
"Once lost the ancient prose …" Baiyun Tower could not help feeling out.
"It seems that this ancient prose finally caused the punishment of heaven, and eventually the volcano erupted and the whole continent sank to the bottom of the sea." The fairy light reflected Xia Chaoyang and it was very transparent
After a moment’s reflection, Xia Chaoyang asked quietly, "Is Senior Brother Sister Xiao?"
"It should be, but that’s also because of the school sister’s choice of Sister Xiao." Now the words of White Head Yunxiao Manor are a little less fearful.
"But sister Xiao always doesn’t see me …"
Upon hearing what school sister said, the Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but bend the corner of her mouth. "There must be a reason. Maybe it’s school sister’s consideration …"
Xia Chaoyang nodded and answered, "Well, Sister Xiao has been secretly following my school sister … sooner or later, I will bring a big gift package to Sister Xiao to let her taste delicious food. I heard that Sister Xiao Yan is beautiful and I’ve always wanted to meet her …"
In the middle of the speech, Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but turn to look at it, only to see that the pool had put away Ruyi Pearl and immediately understood it.
Suddenly there was a muffled thunder at the place where the voice fell into the sky.
"Brother, did you listen to Sister Xiao’s response? Hey hey …"
"Yes … but school sister is tired today. Go to the bedroom and have a good sleep." See that Xiao Chaoyang is tired and tired, and Baiyun Building has a great affection.
"Sister, I can still hold on to my brother. Don’t I have to push a large array?"
"What’s the top? Go to sleep for a while and get enough spirit to get twice the result with half the effort."
"Listen, brother, it’s really sleepy. I can’t live …"
Speaking, Xia Chaoyang felt sleepy and habitually fell into the arms of his senior brother.
Baiyun Tower can’t help but gently hold the pool in her arms with a corner of her mouth.
"Brother to accompany oh …"
"With …"
Holding the small Chaoyang Baiyun Tower, I was not in a hurry to send it to the bedroom, but called several siren steward of Haiyue claw to the front and told a few words.
The main thing is to let these people restrain a group of sea monsters, and those underwater cities can go to occupy them, but those strange symbols should not be tried at random for the time being, and then they should be given to the sea monsters.
Told the Baiyun Tower and then said, "Your Lord Palace has just used his magical powers to move the Dragon Palace. Now it’s a little tired to worry about …"
"All scattered ….." In his sleep, Zhao-yang Xia actually followed muttering, and immediately let Hai Yue laugh and then turned around and arranged it.
Looking at the exhilarating sirens, they lined up from the cave gate in an orderly way and nodded with satisfaction, only to hold the little sunrise and escape from the dragon king’s bedroom.
As soon as Xiao Chaoyang entered the dragon bed, he immediately became a beautiful little white dragon, lying on the jade floor and sleeping.
I looked at the little white dragon lovingly for a while, and then I realized that I had escaped into the sea of memory to observe today’s harvest
From the morning sun, the wishful pearl was lifted up in one fell swoop, and the whole world of Dragon Palace was lifted up. The mysterious qi movement changed, and everything was printed into the sea of knowledge by Baiyun Tower. When you watch it again, more feelings poured into your mind.
This observation took three days and nights, and most of the time, the small world merged until more than ten ancient cities manifested this memory.
This memory contains extremely mysterious laws and changes, and also reveals more mysterious laws of time.
The biggest gain for Baiyun Tower is the combination of time and time. The laws of time and time complement each other and change a lot.
Nowadays, the crystal palace cave is much smaller than the former small world, but it is more rich.
The time flow in the original Dragon Hall backyard is slow. After this integration into the human world, the Dragon Hall backyard, the Treasure Hall and the Dragon King’s bedroom are connected.
That is to say, it’s only been one day since the Dragon King’s Bedroom in Baiyun Building observed Tuyan for three days.
Through this observation machine, the idea of Baiyun Tower revealed the seabed and explored more than ten ancient cities carefully.
Finally, the origin and rise and fall of this ancient prose have been roughly figured out by studying some murals and runes.
This article may have come from tens of thousands of years ago, or it may have come from a group of ancient people who lived in the giant island for generations.
There is a towering volcano on the giant island, and this group of ancient people sincerely worship the mountain.
At that time, the whole human world was ravaged by extreme cold, and there were glaciers and snowfields everywhere, but the giant island volcano reserved fire and warmth for the island terran
Volcanoes make the giant island warm like spring, and the life of the islanders is quite comfortable.
With the passage of time, several daring islanders ventured deep into the crater cliff and found miraculous symbols.
These stone tablets reveal a magical glow, which is taken by islanders and presented as a sacred object.
What’s even more miraculous is that observing and worshiping these symbols has made some terrans become magical. Some people are poor in manpower, and some people are as fast as flying.
These miraculous things, such as the Baiyun Tower, have their own speculation that the runes should be some kind of avenue manifestation, and the ancient terrans will leave a mark on their minds after sincerely observing the worship.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Push research operator
As the road meets the Terran’s sincere worship, the imprint of these runes will become more and more profound until the transformation becomes obvious, and the magical powers contained in these runes can be displayed by refiners, and this has the original power
Power is the name of Baiyun Tower. Maybe those who get magical powers are called runes or practitioners. Now it is not important. The truth has disappeared in the long river of years.
From the rock murals, we can see that those powers initially helped the ancient terrans to achieve great development.
Terran power rule learned a lot of skills, and gradually came into being, Wen broke free from backward tribal life.
The ancient terrans built the city and created the rune magic weapon, and with the rune magic power, they went into the sea to kill the monster.
Although the giant island is only a few hundred miles away, Fiona Fang has once divided several kingdom islands. After all, the resources are limited and conflicts are inevitable.
After several wars, those powers realized that runes were powerful, but then they didn’t think about developing terrans in their respective jurisdictions, but they fought for runes in the crater.