Compared with Wang Yuan, Sun Hao didn’t get Taikoo Lei Shou, but the actual harvest was more and more comprehensive.

In the past three years, Sun Hao’s physical training has been catching up with Wang Yuan, and from scratch, he has also achieved small achievements in bronze warfare, and the foundation is more solid.
However, at this point in practice, Sun Hao found that the effect of concocting the first pair of medicinal soup on body building has been greatly weakened. If Sun Hao wants to continue to quickly build up his weight, he will be on the agenda.
Then Sun Hao’s knowledge of array symbols has also improved greatly in the past three years. Sun Hao once again studied several three-level arrays and memorized them in his mind. If you want to recover the true elements, you can try to lay them out immediately.
In the past three years, Sun Hao has also practiced the script of the hermetic seal and soul-washing symbol, and he has mastered it thoroughly. He will start refining immediately after Zhenyuan recovers.
The soul-washing operator is Sun Hao’s real card that can solve the problem of Wang Yuan’s soul-changing. In front of it, he really cheered with Wang Yuan.
Of course, Wang Yuanku’s practice will certainly help him, not to mention that his strong physique is the root of animal husbandry when he is really animal husbandry in the future.
Sun Hao refined gas is not much progress, and the gods are also occupied by two ancient monsters. I can’t see the specific changes, but Sun Hao refined heart has made great progress in the past three years.
Nowadays, although it is still more of a nightmare, Sun Hao has been able to slay his opponent occasionally in the nightmare instead of the dream in which he was completely played by the enemy in his dream.
There is also a refining shop attendant for three years, which can be regarded as a successful upgrade of his family to a monk’s world, and he has become a refining apprentice in a decent way.
The original forge should be able to learn faster, but in the past three years, Sun Hao has never shown his outstanding learning talent, but has been practicing his forge steadily step by step from forging iron.
There are two schools of refining, one is called "forging school" and the other is "dissolving school"
The Chinese Forging School emphasizes that monks should learn how to forge the refiner by physical forging, and pay the most attention to tempering.
On the other hand, the "solution school" believes that the key of the refiner is "refining gas", and that the refiner is mainly to urge the body to melt the refining materials and finally smelt the appropriate instruments for forging.
Wang Cun’s refining room is a "forging school". Sun Hao didn’t do it himself for three years, but he consciously learned various tempering methods of refining shop and laid a solid foundation for forging.
Finally, after three years of hard work and outstanding struggle, Grandma Bird finally made some achievements. Sun Hao felt that the initial transformation of Taigu Lei Shou was about to be completed.
On this day, Sun Hao finished refining and soaking in the liquid medicine as usual.
Suddenly, I felt loose as if a chain had been untied.
Then soul reiki filar silk in the sky entered the liquid medicine and entered his body together with the liquid medicine.
And the body wood Dan or the small flame is finally a long drought and dew, and it begins to turn slowly, slowly absorbing the soul aura to supplement itself and consume the real yuan.
Sun Hao found that at this time, after the soul aura entered his body, it automatically entered the sea of his own knowledge, flew to his sword spirit and thunder spirit, and left pure aura to gradually fill his abdomen, mudan and small flames.
This recovery Sun Hao fully recovered for more than three days.
Make Wang Yuan and Wang Wang Qiong worried.
It was not until three days later that Sun Hao walked out of the room in high spirits that they were completely relieved.
The completion of the initial soul-refining of Taikoo Lei Shou marks that Sun Hao has finally successfully taken the first step of soul-refining.
Sun Hao finally realized the soul-turning. Sun Hao named himself "Sword Spirit", which was generated by soul-turning agarwood sword. A "thunder spirit" is the soul of "ancient Lei Shou" and generated.
The first benefit of the initial completion of soul refining reflects the complete recovery of Sun Haosan’s attributes, which also marks that Sun Hao not only escaped from the white demon night, but also escaped from the damage
No matter how difficult the process is, it is a rare miracle that a monk named Tsukiji can escape from a monk in the later period of then.
The complete recovery of the three attributes makes Sun Hao feel a little relieved that he is no longer lacking in self-protection. Zhong Xiaohao himself has once again become a galloping battlefield and can be called the king then Sun Haosun Chenxiang.
At this moment, Sun Hao felt that he was truly reborn.
Send away and cut yourself. Wang Yuan, Sun Haoli, the reef whistling for a long time.
It’s time to start planning and thinking about returning to Qingyun Gate.
Over the past few years, Sun Hao has really become Zhong Xiaohao, and both Wang and Wang Qiong have deep feelings.
In particular, Wang Qiong, the younger sister, took care of him, relied on him, and believed in him, which made him really find the responsibility of being a brother.
Life in Wangcun is quiet, peaceful and hard, but it also has its own fun.
There is friendship and affection here, and there is warmth and emotion in Sun Hao’s heart.
At this time, Sun Hao had to think about going back to Qingyun Road. This time, he escaped from the white demon and chased Sun Hao at night. He left in a hurry. I don’t know whether Master Ziyan was saved or not. I don’t know if I lost my sheltered brother and friend. Is Qingyun’s protege alive?
And it’s been more than ten years since I left home this time, and I don’t know how my parents are now.
All this makes Sun Hao have to consider how he needs to get back.
If you want to go back to the southern continent, there is a way and the best way is to rely on strength. Everything is easy to say when you are strong.