"It is timid to say not to betray him. In the face of desperate war, he chose to retreat. Let’s go and see how our scientists are progressing."

Evergreen Space Mission’s laboratory Fang Qi’s face is complex, worrying, excited and urgent.
"You are here at last!" Fang Qi saw Yuwen ZhiJi Tianci pushed open the laboratory door and was greeted at once.
Before the two of them could speak, Fang Qi said hastily, "The satellite system has been destroyed, but I have released a miniature man-machine to detect the whole earth. According to the man-machine reading, several majestic energies are being remitted to Hawaii along the roots of five continents. Such a huge energy will definitely open the gate. I expect that the gate will be opened in the early hours of tonight."
Yu Wenzhi nodded. "You have a good inference. Can we stop it now?"
"If there is a magnetic pulse, we can stop it. I have reinstalled the MK- thruster, changed the magnetic drive, and it moves very flexibly. Now the nuclear bomb is ready for launch."
"Good. Let’s take your control equipment and go now!"
"Where to?"
"Mantle?" Fang Qi wondered, "Can a mortal like me be born in the mantle?"
"Capable mortals have been born there for thousands of years."
"ah? Is there really a mantle language? Many scientists have detected signs of life in the mantle before, and there are still people living there! "
Park Fang Qi looked at a dragon in front of him and felt a little nervous.
"I rode a horse and an elephant … er, this is the first time to ride a dragon. Where should I sit? Is it a dragon neck or a dragon back? "
Ji Tianci shook his head. "You’re sitting on a shaky surface."
"Not safe? Then I should … Ah! ! !”
With a loud cry, Fang Qiteng jumped up, and he saw that the scenery of his feet instantly became a "map mode". The exaggerated acceleration made him feel like he was holding a boulder in his chest, and this acceleration continued. Fang Qi had estimated that he had reached a speed now.
In the sky, he was firmly grasped by the dragon’s left front paw, while the other three claws of the dragon were grasping Fang Qi’s packing equipment.
Not long after, Fang Qi felt the dragon descending again. He was surprised to find that he was able to open his eyes at such a high speed and didn’t feel uncomfortable, just as the dragon sent out divine light to protect himself and let himself in the aircraft.
"Is it already in the Pacific Ocean?"
Not surprisingly, the dragon changed its "diving" mode again
"wow! This is more fun than taking a submarine. "
Fang Qi’s eyes whizzed past the underwater scenery, but he didn’t come yet. He took a closer look here and didn’t want the surroundings to become another scene.
Fang Qi entered a long and transparent channel, and this channel has been extended to Fang Qi’s heart. This is to enter the mantle world.
The speed of the dragon gradually slowed down, and when he looked at this magical passage curiously and praised it, the scene before him changed again. He saw a strange city.
"oh, my god! ! ! This is the world in the mantle? " Dragon stopped to Fang Qi Ji Tianci shouted at the dragon back.
"This is a city in the mantle, and there are many such cities in the mantle."
When they landed, Fang Qi looked around and became a little shocked. "How do people here feel like people from all over the world?"
Ji Tianci nodded. "Yes, this is a refugee city, where ordinary people and extraordinary people are saved from Hawaii Island."
Fang Qi took a big breath to adjust his state and stopped aiming around. "Let’s start working now!"
The seventh volume QingMeng again Chapter four hundred and six Bee man-machine
Zhou Zhe came to the foot of Los Angeles, where it was already a mess, and the nine soldiers still remembered their duties, and the personnel on duty were still there.
Many botanists have also been sent here by the army to study the birthplace of the tree root in Luoshan Mountain.
Another general came here with the armed forces and surrounded Los Angeles.
Zhou Zhe directly left six people on duty in front of them, and Zhou Zheliang showed his identification card in surprise.
"Good sir!"
After six soldiers passed the identification equipment to test Zhou Zhe’s identity card, they quickly saluted the commander of Jiuyou Sword and Shield. The military department is equivalent to the general level.
Although these soldiers are curious about what commander Zhou Zhe is still alive, they dare not ask more questions at this time.
"What will fluorescent trees grow in Los Angeles?" Zhou Zhe asked several personnel on duty.
"We don’t know about the report to the commander … maybe someone planted it in Los Angeles before," the monitor on duty replied.