It’s not time to analyze these times. It’s noon, and the light is enough. We can clearly see the details of these coffins. The golden yellow coffins look very strange, which is very different from the unified coffins. Besides, we haven’t really heard of this funeral custom here. These coffins should be very old. It’s incredible that with the technology at that time, these dozens of big coffins can be connected here in such a chain.

I’m not interested in these big coffins, but the two big chains that connect them in series make me shine at the moment and worry about jumping over this cliff. Now these two thick iron chains just help us jump over to clean up the ghost.
Thinking of this, I looked at Master. It was incredible to see all this in front of me, but Master quickly got used to it and said to me, "What do you think of Four Dogs?"
"This coffin is really strange, but these two iron chains can help us cross this cliff, Master. Let’s go there now," I looked at Master and said.
Master pondered for a while, then he looked at the dozens of coffins at the edge of the cliff and finally sighed and said to me, "According to my teacher, these coffins are unusual, but you can take risks if you catch the ghost husband."
When I saw Master agree, I hurried to the cliff. At this time, several huge coffins were connected by iron chains. These two iron chains are about two meters away from us. Now I can climb these two iron chains, but it is also very risky to catch these two iron chains.
At this time, Yi Genjin came from behind me. At this time, Xiaojin put the Zhongshan knife on his waist and said to me, "Brother Dog, I’ll go first."
I stopped Yi Genjin for more than a year. Every time it was the most dangerous time, Yi Genjin rushed to the front. This time, it was too strange. At this time, these two iron chains might be bad, and the ghost man set a trap. I really couldn’t bear to let Yi Genjin take the lead again, so I stopped Yi Genjin and approached the two iron chains along the cliff.
More than two meters high, although the distance is not too high, but at this time my feet are on a cliff, and if I slip, I will be shattered.
This situation is not tense. That’s bullshit. My heart is pounding. I really don’t know if these two iron chains will suddenly appear, but now I can bite my teeth. Thought of this, I put an iron chain on my right foot as soon as my heart crossed the cliff.
As soon as I stepped on the iron chain, I found that it was very strong and sturdy, and because the chain was thicker, it didn’t shake as I thought. My heart was a little stable, and I put my left foot on the iron chain with my hands digging at the cliff stones.
Master and others on the cliff face looked at me anxiously, and I sweated. At this time, my feet had an iron chain. At this time, I dare not stand up straight. I bent my body and held the iron chain tightly with my hands. My feet kept moving carefully and leaned my body a little bit towards a big coffin.
I can’t get up when I walk in the iron chain. I dare not look into the abyss at this time, and I am dizzy at a glance. I am really afraid that I will stumble and fall into it at a glance. I finally climbed the iron chain tightly to the nearest coffin step by step.
I saw that I was about to touch the huge coffin, but at this time, I was so nervous that my left foot suddenly slipped and I was crawling forward with a bend. As soon as I lost my center of gravity, I slipped past with a jerk.
Master Mian and others gave an exclamation at the same time, and I was worried that my heart would jump out at this time. After my foot slipped, I could hold the iron chain tightly with both hands, stabilize my falling body, and hook the iron chain with my right foot, thus hanging the iron chain upside down.
My head was cold and my brush was flowing. I looked around to see Master and others, and I was so nervous that I was sure to fall. At this time, Yi Genjin couldn’t hold back any longer. He also slipped down the cliff and climbed up to me like me along the iron chain.
I was so nervous with this iron chain on my legs that I forgot to climb back to the big coffin. Yi Genjin had excellent physical fitness. It didn’t take him long to climb up to me and said to me, "Brother Dog, don’t be afraid of me coming."
I feel warm in my heart. Every time I am the most dangerous, Xiaojin is with me. At this time, I look at Yi Genjin and climb over. I didn’t say anything, but I nodded at him, thinking that it’s not a problem to hang here. I looked at the huge coffin in front of me and gritted my teeth and climbed to the big coffin.
I was very close to this coffin, and in a few seconds, I was in front of this big coffin. At this time, I freed my hand and grabbed the lid of this big coffin, and then I climbed to this big coffin with both hands.
Yi Genjin also climbed up at this moment, and the two of us didn’t feel crowded in this big coffin. At this time, I saw that these coffins were very calm, because they were not light in weight and didn’t shake too much. Yi Genjin and I were also stable.
Looking at the opposite hill, we have to crawl six or seven meters away with iron chains to get to the opposite side, and even if we climb to the opposite cliff, it is not easy to climb from this cliff, but it is not easy to climb the cliff more than two meters high, especially if the ghost meets and cheats. It is difficult for us to go.
However, even if it is difficult, I can crustily skin of head. After sitting with Yi Genjin for a while, I am ready to climb forward. I can’t help but smile bitterly in my heart. I have experienced everything in my life. Sitting and resting on a coffin plate is not something that ordinary people can have.
I laughed at myself. When I saw that there was nothing unusual in front of me, I wanted to climb forward. At this time, I didn’t intend to let Master and others come, because it was too dangerous for Master to walk with these two iron chains. Although Zana and Xue Jinhua were very good at it, they were girls after all, but they were still not suitable for such an adventure. So I was prepared to climb forward with Yi Genjin to the opposite hill, which helped me. I think that ghost can’t afford to turn over any storms.
But before I climbed out of the distance with Egan Jin, Master, Zana and Xue Jinhua came from the surface. They also learned that Egan Jin and I climbed another iron chain. Maybe they were afraid that five people would not be able to bear the weight of an iron chain, so they chose another one first.
After they came, I was most worried about Master. I have known him well for such a long time. Needless to say, his skill is strong, but I am a little worried about this iron chain walking. I really don’t know if he can catch it.
But the good master didn’t let me down. Despite his age, this iron chain can still crawl freely, which is not inferior to Zana and Xue Jinhua.
I didn’t feel free to say hello to Yi Genjin until I saw this. At this time, Yi Genjin and I had climbed to half of the iron chain, but just then I suddenly heard Xue Jinhua screaming behind me, followed by Zana screaming.
These two exclamations immediately scared me. What I am most worried about now is the situation of our two iron locks. This place is no better than the ground. If there is any danger, we will resist it at all.
Yi Genjin and I couldn’t help looking back at once, but it surprised me. The hand holding the iron chain was almost loose, because I saw that the three of them climbed to a big coffin behind me and Yi Genjin, ready to fall there first, but at this time, the lid of their big coffin was turned over and the three of them fell in.
No wonder Zana and Xue Jinhua suddenly screamed out like this, not to mention them. Even Yi Genjin and I will be frightened to disgrace, that is, a person as experienced and calm as Master can keep screaming.
At this time, Master and the three of them had disappeared, and their bodies all fell into the big coffin. The coffin was so large that Master and the three of them contained more than enough. At this time, Yi Genjin and I were surprised. Now I climbed the front of the iron chain and Yi Genjin was right behind me. When I saw it, I quickly said to Yi Genjin, "Xiaojin, hurry up and climb back and have a look!"
Chapter 17 Red-haired Zombies
As soon as I spoke, Yi Genjin climbed backwards very quickly. At this time, he and I both turned around and turned around and couldn’t come. I was worried about Master and their safety, so we both climbed backwards very quickly.
At this time, I am worried to death, because there may be something dangerous in that huge coffin, master. The three of them fell into that coffin and their lives will be in danger at any time.
The three or four-meter iron chain took Yi Genjin and me ten seconds to climb back backwards. At this time, Yi Genjin and I fell into the big coffin with Master and others at a parallel distance. I couldn’t see the situation in the coffin because I climbed the iron chain, but at this time, Master and them had fallen in for more than ten seconds and they hadn’t seen their heads. The situation was very pessimistic.
At this time, I didn’t want to bend my body, so I grabbed another iron chain. At this time, I grabbed the iron chain with one hand and bent my body with the other hand, and then I grabbed another iron lock with the other hand, and then my body stood upright, and the other hand also grasped the iron lock. Then my feet shook tightly and finally I came to the other iron lock.
At this time, Yi Genjin was also very flexible, and the two of them didn’t stop for a moment and went straight to Master before they dropped the huge coffin.
Just as the two of us climbed to the front of this big coffin, Zana’s head suddenly emerged from the coffin. At this moment, Zana’s face was full of horror. She saw me and Yigenjin crawling here at a glance and quickly shouted to us, "Don’t climb over!"
I was frightened when I saw this situation, but we can’t watch it no matter how dangerous it is. I ignored Zana’s warning and then climbed near this big coffin. Yi Genjin was even more worried, and his hands and feet kept crawling here. Now we don’t know what terrible things happened in the coffin, which would make Zana’s face white with fear, but it must be that something in the coffin must be dangerous and tight.
At this time, Zana wanted to shout something to us, but her body seemed to be pulled by something, just showing her head and disappearing, and her whole body returned to the coffin.
Yi Genjin and I were even more anxious when we saw it. At this time, the two of us had lost our hands and feet and quickly reached the front of this big coffin. I took the lead in the front of the coffin and then grabbed the coffin wall with my hands and looked inside.
Seeing that this big coffin is spacious, a scene happened in front of me, which made me never expect to see Master in this huge coffin. The three of them were desperately fighting, and all three of them were lying on their sides in the coffin, but in front of them was a red-haired zombie.
This zombie is full of horrible red hair and looks like an adult male from his figure. He must have been a powerful man before his death. His strong body has not rotted at all. On the contrary, he has a thick layer of red hair and is naked all over, just like an ape with fine red hair. He is fighting with Master and others in the coffin.
I was taken aback and immediately reacted. I thought that this red-haired zombie was so fierce. No wonder Master didn’t climb out of it for a long time. At this time, this red-haired zombie had his hands on Xue Jinhua’s neck and was being pinched. At this time, Master dug his fingers into this red-haired zombie’s left eye. It was shocking that this red-haired zombie didn’t shed blood in his left eye, but shed yellow and sticky slurry. The disgusting scene made people look at it for half a month.
Although the master and the three of them struggled with the red-haired zombie, the inside of the coffin was too narrow, so the roots were put to good use. Besides, the red-haired zombie was so strong that it was going to choke Xue Jinhua. When I saw it, I quickly picked the peach wooden sword behind me and jumped into the coffin with my legs floating. I thought that the red-haired zombie had become a fine man and I didn’t know if it had any effect on him.
At this time, I swung my peach wooden sword in the coffin and stabbed the red-haired zombie neck, but I didn’t expect that the red-haired zombie was quick and tough. Although he was grabbed by the master for his left eye, he quickly loosened Xue Jinhua’s neck and reached for my peach wooden sword as soon as he lifted his palm.
Seeing the peach wooden sword emitting blue sparks, it was the red-haired zombie who touched the peach wooden sword that inspired the power of the peach wooden sword. I exulted in my heart and thought that this would be easy to handle. It seems that the peach wooden sword still has an effect on this red-haired zombie.
The palm of the red-haired zombie was immediately burnt by the peach wooden sword, and his palm was also covered with red hair. At this time, the peach wooden sword sent out a blue spark and burned the red hair on his palm immediately. Even his skin was burnt by the peach wooden sword, and the whole coffin was filled with the smell of the red-haired zombie fur being burnt.
The peach wooden sword seems to have a strong suction. Although the red-haired zombie was burned in pain, he couldn’t get rid of it. The peach wooden sword was burned repeatedly.
Master’s finger is still stuck in the red-haired zombie’s left eye. At this time, see my peach wooden sword to stop the red-haired zombie. Master pulls his finger out of his left eye, then reaches into his arms and takes out a spell, which is about to be shot at the red-haired zombie’s forehead.
But it was at this moment that the red-haired zombie suddenly made a strange call that the palm of his hand burned by the peach wooden sword was lifted up and broke free from the peach wooden sword. He just grabbed Xue Jinhua’s arm like a madman and slammed it outside the coffin and threw it out.
This red-haired zombie has a great strength. He swung Xue Jinhua’s body so hard that he was about to fall into the abyss.
I was frightened to think that Xue Jinhua would have a life if he fell to a cliff. I grabbed Xue Jinhua’s arm and tried to pull her back.
However, the strength of the red-haired zombie was too great. He dumped Xue Jinhua’s body and flew out of the coffin at a very fast speed. I said nothing but let go of her arm. As a result, she was driven by her body and flew outside the coffin.
At this time, the master took back the spell and gave up taking another spell on the red-haired zombie’s forehead. He reached out and grabbed my clothes. My clothes were torn, but this also played a buffer. Half of my body flew out of the coffin and my feet didn’t fly out of the coffin.
Master and Zana did not care about the red-haired zombie at this moment. They hugged my leg tightly for fear that I would fall out of the coffin. At this moment, I clung to Xue Jinhua’s arm. At this time, her whole body was swinging. If I couldn’t catch one firmly, she would have to fall and fall to pieces.
It all happened for a few seconds. At this time, Yi Genjin climbed from the outside of the coffin to the front of the coffin. He grabbed the coffin wall with one hand and held me tightly with the other, helping Master and Zana to drag Xue Jinhua and me into the coffin.
At that time, we were all nervous, but the red-haired zombie was not idle at this time. Just now, Master saved me and Xue Jinhua’s spell and didn’t photograph the zombie’s forehead. If that shot had been shot just now, I think the red-haired zombie would have died.
The red-haired zombie made another strange call, swung the bus palm up and slapped it at my arm. I watched it, but I couldn’t hide because I was holding Xue Jinhua’s arm with both hands at this time. I didn’t expect this red-haired zombie to have such a strong strength. His slap on my arm suddenly made my arm hurt more than I felt that my arm was numb. I watched that I would not be able to catch Xue Jinhua.
At this time, Xue Jinhua’s whole body was dangling outside the coffin, and her little face turned white with fear. After all, this kind of life-and-death survival is human. She looked at me at this moment and her eyes were full of horror.
I clenched my teeth. At this time, I felt that my arm was being shot as if it were going to be broken. I almost lost consciousness, but I clenched my teeth and firmly grasped Xue Jinhua’s arm and pulled her a little bit toward the coffin.