This is the spirit power?

Looking at that messy cave, Lin couldn’t help mumbling. I’m afraid this destructive power is comparable to that of the late master of heel Tianyuan.
What the hell is that damn flower?
Return to absolute being, Lin moved to think of the previous severe pain that made him crazy, but he couldn’t help but turn pale. He could feel that his spirit was several times stronger than before, and this change should be brought by the latosolic red flower.
For the spirit, Lin Kinetic Energy is a layman, but he didn’t expect this to be the most superficial, but the spirit has become his strongest thing now.
Although he hasn’t really tried it, he is mentally strong to the point where Lin Dong has a strange confidence. Even if he is a master in Tianyuan’s later period, I’m afraid he won’t be afraid at all.
Spirit cultivation seems to be easier than Yuan Li’s. Although the last two layers of the article are opportunistic, according to his feeling, he should be able to complete this progress completely in the next six months even if he doesn’t have this adventure today, which is much faster than Yuan Li’s cultivation.
Of course, this is Lin’s self-recognition. If you let the rock master know this, maybe he will have an old blood spray to the first three layers of his original practice of God’s movement. That’s a good time for several years. Who dares to tell him that spirit is better than force?
There is still a little pain in my head after I dumped him. My eyes suddenly glanced at his right palm. The change just now was obviously caused by the stone symbol hidden in his flesh and blood, and I don’t know that he always has a strange feeling. It seems that a lot of the strange energy that was condensed by latosolic red flowers just now was absorbed by the stone symbol.
The energy he has absorbed is part of the crimson flower, but fortunately it is part of it. If it is a Ministry, Lin believes that his head should have exploded into a blood fog by now.
Finger lightly across palm, eyebrows slightly wrinkled, this stone symbol is really more and more mysterious, just don’t know what its origin is.
Frowning in the forest suddenly caused the sound of gravel falling in the crack leading to the cave, and then several figures rushed in quickly, which made them breathe a sigh of relief when they saw the forest moving in the cave.
Grandpa dad
See that a few people move is also one leng Lin immediately hurriedly call way that rushed into the cave a few people is Lin Chen day Lin Xiao several people.
You’re too small and ignorant to venture anywhere.
Lin Chen-day several people quickly fell beside Lin’s departure, and their eyes were alert, and they swept around and then whispered.
A quick laugh about this Lin Dongneng.
After seeing Lin move, it’s okay. Lin Chen-tian is also at ease to look at the environment in the cave, followed by amazing faces.
It’s so full of yang and vigorous gas
Lin Zhentian several people took a sip of the hot air here, and then his brow wrinkled. Unfortunately, it was too violent to inhale, otherwise it would be an excellent place to practice.
At the end of the day, Lin Zhentian was also disappointed. I don’t know how much stronger Yang Gang Qi is here than the ordinary Yang Gang Qi in the outside world. If he can absorb words safely, he may be able to make a breakthrough in his strength for more than ten years.
Now Lin Zhentian is Tianyuan’s late strength, and then he will step into Yuan Dan’s territory, which will be a great event for a Lins.
See Lin Zhentian that disappointed face Lin Xiao and others are also lightly sighed. Lin Zhentian can step into Yuan Dan’s territory. Don’t say that in this Qingyang town, even in the inflammatory city, their Lins will also hold a seat on the floor. Then even Lei Xie and his two families will join hands to pose any threat to them.
Look, one is silence. Lin Zhentian, several people are moving, but his face shows thoughtfully. The right palm gently spins a suction palm and immediately sucks the yang gang around him into the palm.
These vigorous forests are not directly inhaled, but first poured into the stone symbol. With this spirit, Lin seems to be able to gradually explore this stone symbol with a little ability.
Move! What are you doing?
Surging yang gang gas around is also immediately attracted the attention of Lin Xiao when complexion is upheaval up and complete way
Hear Lin Xiao drink Lin Chen day, they also return to absolute being, see Lin Dong actually suck here Yang Gang gas face is also changed.
Dad, you think it should be this kind of yang and vigorous gas, right
In all the discolored faces, Lin moved but smiled and raised his right palm to see a slightly reddish gas hovering in it.
Looking at the reddish gas in Lin’s palm, Lin Zhentian and others are stunned. They can feel that Lin’s hands are full of that special yang gang gas in this cave, and at the moment, this yang gang gas is violent because it is all dissipated.
That is to say, this group of yang and strong gas can make people suck.
A few people were stunned and looked at this scene for a moment before returning to absolute being. Lin Zhentian grabbed Lin with his hands and his arms trembled with excitement. How did you do that, lovely Sun?
Not Lin Zhentian this gaffe excited, after all, this thing is about whether he can step into the Yuan Dan territory, which is extremely important for him or a Lins.
Well, it’s just to inhale the yang and vigorous gas here and turn it around, and those violent reasons will move away. Lin Dongran won’t say that Shi Fu is a secret, but he blinks, which is quite a koo’s way
Hearing this, several people in Lin Zhentian are also Zheng. How is that possible?
Father don’t move some special constitution can move these harmful things away Lin Xiao frowned and mused.
It’s a little mysterious for Lin Zhentian to frown like this, but besides, he seems to be unable to think of any other answer and finally nodded his head.
Hehe, father, no matter what the cause is, it’s always a good thing. Lincoln laughs at the side
Grandpa, if you want to practice, I’ll first refine these yang-vigorous gas inhalers and then give them to you so that you can suck them, too. Lin Dong took a message and said,
Smell speech Lin Zhentian’s body is a tingle, almost a conditioned reflex. He yelled for two times, but he didn’t return to his senses until he was embarrassed. He looked at Lin Xiao and others whose majesty in the past was lost.
Seeing Lin Xiao, a few people who had no heart, also had a smile on their hearts. The person who could break through to Yuan Dan in the fastest time in this family was Lin Zhentian, and Lin also knew that a family with a master of Dan’s environment would have a kind of earth-shaking change.
Really by that time, the Lins will no longer worry about "Lei Xie’s two families."
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A quiet mountain and rock forest sits quietly around the world, swaying a little bit, and finally pouring into the forest body.