Li Chu choked back tears and said, "Wife, hug it."

Ding Qiunan turned to look at her husband and then at the little black tears. He stretched out his hands and put his arms around the little black.
Blackie stuck out her tongue and licked her face.
Li Chu got up and shouted, "You three come out quickly."
The east wing door opened and the third brother came out in turn.
"What’s wrong with Dad? What are we doing?"
Li Chu waved to the children "Come and hug Blackie".
Wen Hui and Wen Xuan finally realized what they were crying at the same time.
There is still something unclear about the situation in Yueyue. She looks silly and then reacts. She walks to Li Chu’s side and holds his hand. She looks up and asks, "Is Chu’s father Xiaohei leaving?"
"It’s that Xiaohei is too old. It can’t stand it anymore."
Before the Spring Festival this year, Xiaohei almost didn’t survive. Li Chu even gave it all the ginseng for a hundred years, which is considered to make it live for another six months. This time, nothing can be done.
Wang Yueyue’s tears also fell. She loosened Li Chu’s hand and leaned over.
Ding Qiunan got up and looked at her husband with tearful eyes.
Wen Hui and Wen Xuan also loosened the black and looked at Li Chu as well.
They all hope that Li Chu can bring Blackie back to life like this.
Li Chu slowly walked over and pulled the little black king Yueyue up.
Xiaohe looked up and glanced at the host, turned around and walked slowly in the direction of the back garden.
See them a few want to follow the past Li Chu stopped them.
"Don’t go, just like Xiao Bai and Xiao Hua, Xiao hei doesn’t want us to see it."
It’s Xiaohei. Both children have already left before it.
Xiao Huang is too old to run.
Little by little, Xiaohei moved to the corridor leading to the back garden and stopped. He turned his head and looked at several owners in the courtyard. A tear slipped from the corner of his eye and then disappeared around the corner without looking back.
"Wow …" Wen Hui finally burst into tears.
She cried Wenxuan, Yueyue and Ding Qiunan all followed.
"Squeak" A small door was opened next to the east wing.
"What’s the matter? You can hear crying over there. "
Li Qin walked over and shouted to Wang Wen and came up behind him.
The courtyard next door has been given to my sister by Li Chu and Ding Qiunan. Now Li Qin and Wang Wen live there.
Family members’ hospital in the suite is now a Wang Jiadong family of four lived.
Yes, Wang Jiadong has come back from the army major. After ten years in the army, he finally didn’t want to stay in the army, so he switched jobs and came back.
"Aunt and uncle Xiaohei left" Wen Hui cried and said.
"Go …" Li Qin just wanted to ask where he went. What do you mean by suddenly talking to his niece?
She just glanced at Wang Wen beside her.
She is very white. What does Blackie mean to her younger brother’s family?
Li Chu face a bitter smile.
"Sister, husband and wife sit down and help me coax them. I’ll go to the back and bury Blackie."
Wenxuan listened to his father’s words, but he kept crying, raised his hand and wiped a handful of tears. He walked to his side and looked at him firmly and said, "Dad, I’ll go with you."
Ding Qiunan also turned to look at her husband and said, "Li Chu, let’s go together."
He said to Li Qin and Wang Wen, "Sister, please sit down for a while."
The little black family is really different in heart.
The former Xiaobai and Xiaohua were buried by Li Chu himself. Ding Qiunan and the children were too sad. This time Xiaohei is different. Even if they are sad again, they will send a ride together.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine
Li Qin took Wang Yueyue to let her wait here in the Intermediate People’s Court.
I didn’t expect Wang Yueyue to break her hand directly. "Aunt, I am Xiao Xuan’s wife and this family. I want to be with them."
Monthly words directly dilute the sad atmosphere at home.
This is also the first time she has said it in front of so many people.
Although Yueyue knew from childhood that she wanted to be a wife for Xuanxuan’s brother when she grew up, she was too young at that time to know what this meant.
As she grew older, she finally understood what it meant to be a wife, and she never said anything about it.
Although he didn’t say anything, he didn’t deliberately alienate Wenxuan. On the contrary, he was closer than before.
Go with dad. Wenxuan heard Yueyue talking behind him and stopped. He turned around and handed his hand to Yueyue.
Wang Yueyue trotted to him and held the hand tightly.
Li Qin and Wang Wenzhong looked at the scene and looked at each other with a smile.
It has been half an hour since a family of five returned to the Intermediate People’s Court from the back garden.
Wash your hands at the sink table. Li Chu poured a glass of water for her sister and brother-in-law
"What about the brother-in-law CPPCC?"
"It’s just that leisure is not as much as the Grain Bureau."
Several children have gone back to the east wing. Ding Qiunan and Li Qin are chatting in the lounge chair.
There are Li Chu and Wang Wen sitting on the stone table.
Wanted to think Li Chu looked at Wang Wen "brother-in-law, the chief …" And he did a.
Wang Wen looked at the little brother’s gesture and paused, then nodded to show that he knew who it was.
"After you pay more attention to his speech."
"You mean he can …" wang wen also pointed out a finger.
Li Chu smiled and took the front cup to drink a mouthful of water.
Wang Wending must look at my little brother. It’s a pity that he has been in Li Chu for years.
It’s a pity to be a doctor with such talent, political sensitivity and sharp vision.
If he also works in a government department, he will definitely
But when I think of my little brother’s current job, I have a wry smile when I come into contact with people every day.
This little watch is nothing and nothing is disputed, but every time I rise, I don’t see him fall down.
In his early forties, the vice president of the general hospital, the vice chairman of the audit Committee and the deputy head of the health care group.
It looks as if all the departments are deputies, but this is the result of his deliberate humility.
"Is the brother-in-law’s child all right?"
"Well, yesterday you prescribed medicine and drank a pair, and it was normal to eat early today."