But Liu Yu didn’t feel so good. Two vines were like snakes wrapped in terror. Lightning struck him, and his big virtual print broke out, and the huge palm print was overwhelming. Finally, it only dimmed the two vines.

"Come again!"
Liu Yu’s flying feather behind him was shocked, and his fists exploded at the same time, which was comparable to thunder.
In the face of one of the two vines, he caught three punches in a row, which was more powerful than the last one.
"Robbing the cloud is the ancient road."
Lin stepped on the fairy’s face and moved slightly, then stepped on the ancient coffin and rushed over.
We must seize the opportunity as soon as possible when the ancient trees have not launched the second round of offensive.
"Elder Fang Ghost King of Xiao Long!"
Xiao Long’s face was ecstatic and he rushed directly into the valley. "Ha ha ha is finally going back. The Big Dipper is the place where the elders can show their talents."
Asia looked at Chen Jiali. "Miss Chen is the captain now. We have found the ancient road before it is too late."
Chen Jiali nodded and then glanced at Win Keqin. "Sister Keqin … Goodbye, you must practice hard and follow Liu Yuge in the future."
Win Keqin’s heart is very sad, but she tightens her fist. "I’ll go there with Sister Jiali … Be sure to take good care of him … help me tell him that I will definitely follow him."
She is now beyond the fate of the ghost bird, and her talent has soared. She can’t believe that Takuya will be able to follow Liu Yu
There is some words
She will tell the teenager herself! -she loved him deeply.
"Well," Chen Jiali nodded his head, and his face revealed a smile that made Win Keqin feel at ease.
She disappeared in situ with her.
They felt that there was a gust of wind outside the valley, and the Invisible Yas rushed into the valley from their heads.
Liu Yu followed the ancient bronze coffin all the way against the sky, but his fist was golden and his blood was boiling, breaking layers of obstacles. Although the second offensive of the ancient tree had already stopped him from advancing, he smashed the vines one by one.
Battleship also with to sink in JieYun at the same time.
Just when Liu Yu and Lin Taxian disappeared into the robbery cloud, the grumpy old tree quieted down and slowly dissipated into the world.
The colorful clouds scattered all over the valley, and a large area of Du Jie was left behind.
"They … divorced."
Win can jean Mu Na watched Liu Yu disappear direction at the same time also gave birth to a very strong confidence in my heart.
"This world will never change, and the chase will follow you."
Win Keqin turned and left. From now on, Liu Yu left something for her to protect.
When she took the first step, her heart had an epiphany, which made her realm rise to the middle of the master, even if it was similar to the three-knife Wu Teng, she already had a fighting force at the moment
In the future, if you reach the peak of the master, you can compete with Liu Yu before, right?
The apocalypse broke out and many people dispersed.
A man raised his glasses. "This is a mythical paragraph but also a storm."
For others, Liu Yuli’s story of the world has come to an end, and since then, although he can’t know what Liu Yu’s way will be, major changes will surely take place in the martial arts around China today
Liu Yu and his party really found a star gate behind Shimen after rushing for nine days to rob the cloud.
Behind the Shimen is the ancient road leading to the Big Dipper.
Liu Yu looked at Shimen traditional Chinese characters and read them out.
"This is the ancient road to the Big Dipper. I’m back."
Lin stepped on the fairy’s face and shed tears of sadness in search of the ancient road. After 500 years of self-cultivation, she lost some of her strength and re-cultivated to gain a new life. However, this practice is very dangerous and will be doomed at any time.
And cut to this time, she finally turned into a bone from the tomb to accept the power of faith to avoid the liquidation of the sky.
But all this is waiting for the existing reward.
"Lord Lin"
Xiao Long came on foot and went home on one knee, and then presented the magic weapon of the Crystal Palace. He was excited and said, "Thank you, Lord Lin, for saving me that day. I will definitely give you a generous reward when I return to my hometown of Xiao Long."
He used to be a strong man in the divine realm. According to the truth, they are equally strong. However, the realm of both of them has been cut off, which is no longer the past.
"It turns out that even if the gods are strong, they will fly directly over the mighty star and return to the Big Dipper."
Liu Yu murmured
Otherwise, Lin’s strength will not wait for self-repair.
"Go in."
Lin stepped on the fairy and didn’t take back the magic weapon to directly drive the bronze coffin slowly through the gate.
Xiao Long didn’t pause and directly jumped out of the giant coffin and followed Lin Step Fairy into the gate.
"send two seniors"
Liu Yu said goodbye to them. For him, it is a personal matter to go to the Big Dipper. He is not going to walk with Lin Taixian and Long Xiao. It can be said that the rivers and lakes are far apart and will meet each other.
Of course, the main purpose is that he has many secrets and doesn’t want to expose them too much.
"Hum ~ ~ ~ ~"
Just as Lin stepped on the fairy and Long Xiao disappeared from the gate, the Yas also appeared, and Liu Yu’s huge basaltic shape was very domineering
"Asia will take me."
Liu Yu means looking at the real adventure road of the stargate, which is just now.
The Yas dropped a light and then sent Liu Yu.
"The captain has locked the big dipper, please order it."
Liu Yu sat in the driver’s seat and pressed a red button with her finger "Let’s go, Big Dipper!"
Lautz will be the first man in history to pretend to go to the universe. Is he … domineering and handsome!
Chapter 511 Yaochi Tianshan Mountain
"Sou" Yas rushed into the exhausted star.
Yas has the speed of light flight, and it doesn’t take much time for them to go to the wormhole ancient road
"How long does it take to get to the Big Dipper?"
Liu Yu asked
"It will take about half a month" and the eyes are drawn back from the mighty star.
She hasn’t seen such a beautiful galaxy for a long time, and she has been sinking into the dark sea floor. Since she was made, she has been dealing with various stars, and now she sees a sense of long-lost stars.
"Brother Liu is so beautiful outside."
Chen Jiali sighed and said that almost all the beautiful eyes were condensed into stars.
"Ha ha" Liu Yu smiled and he didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to take Chen Jiali with him.
After this half a month, Liu Yu and Chen Jiali entered the dreamland.
She must master her own strength as soon as possible, and when she gets there, a little stronger will be safer.
Liu Yu also broke through the half step and reached the peak.
He needs a look to release the exhausted coercion. If he fights Wu Teng three times on the same day, he can kill the town into a blood fog with one punch.
Half a step into the divine land, the strength of the divine land is absolutely horrible. What is the experience of this trip to the Big Dipper? Maybe he will be white then.
Those on the earth are tinkering around the edges, but when it comes to the big dipper, the fist is everything. There is no power to suppress, and when it is strong enough, it can shake the power.
Chen Jiali didn’t let him down. In just half a month, he mastered the July 7th by himself, and he actually had the master’s peak strength and explosive power. It was Liu Yu’s chrysanthemum that was tight and tight.
"The captain will arrive at the Big Dipper in ten minutes. Please get ready."