Do a special area all the time.

Although there are various problems here from time to time due to Olga’s bad taste.
But I don’t know when
Here is already sprouting a different from the past …
It’s like a whirlpool engulfing everything.
Is a steady stream of [when] together with a [universe], constantly engulfing …
At the same time
Here also spit out some strange things.
Let all kinds of things that shouldn’t appear here be forcibly presented to the world like some kind of mosaic!
Making everything strange also makes the whole "multiverse" [limited multiverse] more than the outside change …
This situation
You are welcome to say
It has touched the whole family to a certain extent because of the actual interests of more strong people!
It is precisely because of this.
Not long ago, the better guy [Sandman] took the initiative to find Olga.
Dig into the reason
Really also want to take this opportunity to explore the truth …
But it’s a pity that a rotten salted fish may not be able to figure out what to say at the moment. [Sandman] has never asked questions after drinking inferior drinks.
It’s just like being drunk.
in this regard
The other sister [death] secretly scolds the other side. After all, I can be there in person.
So, not long ago, sandman chose to run away and changed his death field …
At this moment
In the face of [death], that goes straight to the heart of the matter.
Olga didn’t answer directly, but looked a little dignified and fell silent.
It’s as if I’m pondering whether to answer the question or not.
….. probably thinking about gains and losses?’
Seeing this picture [death] is a bit uncertain, so I guess.
I think things may involve a lot of her
There is also no questioning or urgent persecution, but waiting quietly.
After all, it seems to her that Olga can make this noise, which is obviously acquiesced by Gaudi …
that’s it
After waiting for a few minutes
Olga finally said
"It’s okay to tell you, but I have conditions."
[death] eyebrows slightly pick but didn’t feel any surprise.
Because she knows that the other person is unwilling to suffer.
Is a little confused about what conditions Olga will have.
"What are the conditions?"
"If you want me to turn a blind eye to your mass murder, then I have to refuse it before."
A serious guy with a sense of responsibility.
That’s true love and dedication!
It’s many times more reliable than the rotten salted fish in the sandman.
But at this moment, Olga has been making trouble everywhere, but he just waved his hand again and again.
"Who do you take me for?"
"I will not take advantage of people’s danger?"
Make [death] is also a little puzzled and not sure about the situation.
"So what do you want?"
Even some peepers don’t quite understand what Olga wants to do, so they pay attention and listen carefully.
Olga didn’t let them down, either. The tiger and the wolf words came out immediately.
"It’s very simple. I just want to have a movement with you to promote great harmony in life."
Even as the sound of one’s voice died away
"Snow …"
Then I can’t help laughing in the distance.
Many guy who watched that situation secretly immediately found it difficult to hold their breath.
If it’s a certain earth that acts as a bar owner [Lucifer], it’s straightforward to laugh.
"Ha ha ha ha ~"
It’s very meaningful to exaggerate and laugh at the dancer’s security.
And then painted with smoky makeup [death] face expression was immediately stuck and became darker than stiff and ugly.
Then her dark pupil instantly blaster out two black light.
"bang ~"
In a huge explosion
Violent than energy directly destroyed everything at the scene.
Tables, chairs, drinks … are all lost in shape.
And that guy who was hit directly, Olga, was blown tens of thousands of meters away.