But what about the truth?

Yinyin doesn’t like children!
Yinyin doesn’t like children!
Then what else does he rely on? !
Is it understandable that it is dispensable even if Yinyin has his own flesh and blood? !
What should we do?
He has a terrible headache now!
See the night Jinze didn’t make a light tone, I guessed it, and my little face suddenly became primly. "Is it hard? Where is Jue? Did Jue help? Did she know about her fath? In her palace? Or have you already gone back? "
She couldn’t come up with the idea of inviting Jue to the bedroom to play these days, and let the other party put aside their psychological burden, but on second thought, the dog is now helping to deal with Yunlu, and they are too busy to help, so they have been holding back their thoughts and didn’t dare to bother.
Jinze nodded at night. "Well, it’s hard."
Waiting to answer the light tone "?"
Seeing that Jinze didn’t intend to answer the following questions at night, I realized that the light voice suddenly turned black and raised my hand and pushed it in the eyes of my predecessors. I asked Jue! "
Chapter 669 His name is Guan her name (2)
At night, when Jinze heard the words, the bitterness in his eyes was even worse. He quickly pushed his own person back into his arms and rubbed his head against the female neck. His tone was stuffy. "I don’t know!"
"Don’t know?" The light tone blinked and looked puzzled. "What do you mean, I don’t know?"
"I don’t know the literal meaning!" A feeling of tightness sounded in my ears. At night, Jinze held her waist and her hands tightened again.
He and Yinyin are now in a sweet period. If it weren’t for Yunlu, it would have to be solved early. If it weren’t for Grandpa’s saying that Yunlu would be solved before he could marry Yinyin, he wouldn’t even want to leave Yinyin.
Now he has two things on his mind every day to deal with Yunlu and accompaniment.
But at the end of the day, it’s also right to deal with Yunlu, and you can get married with Yinyin.
Sound is the most important thing in his heart.
In that case, where can he spare time to manage that stupid woman?
I’m afraid he really forgot about that woman if it wasn’t for the woman in the sound.
It seems that Jinze is dissatisfied with the night. At this time, he quickly raised his hand and rubbed the man’s face against his neck with a pair of ink-like eyes and looked at each other in surprise. "Don’t you tell me that you have visited her these days?"
Night Jinze picked his eyebrows. "Why should I visit her?" He’s busy, okay? Besides, that woman is a fox family who came by herself. It’s good that he can take her in. Why should he visit her?
"But but you, she, after all, she didn’t have a father, you don’t care." It seems that you were shocked by the indifference of Jinze at night and couldn’t completely burst into a word for a long time.
If she had known that the dog had been ignoring Jue, she should have visited Jue long ago.
"Don’t worry," I know what night people in my arms are worried about at the moment. Jinze blinked seriously and relieved. The sound suddenly softened. "Although she is a father and daughter with Lebeda, Lebeda has no feelings for her like strangers over the years. If it is really sad, I am afraid it will only take a minute."
"I didn’t take the initiative to tell her about Lebeda, but I didn’t stop the news. She must have known about Lebeda’s death by now. It’s good for her to stay here and ignore it. Some things have to be understood by herself. Everything others say is."
"Now the Hai clan is being turned upside down by you. She is the first daughter of Lebeda, but her lineage is undoubtedly inherited. No matter whether she is interested in that position or not, some forces will definitely push her to that position, but she is by no means your opponent. It is not necessarily a good thing to return to the Hai clan. It is better to stay in this palace."
Light tone smell speech silence for a long time and then echoed nodded his head.
that’s right
In order to compete for the position of the sea clan, you will definitely be a thorn in the side of the killer who hinders others. If Lebeda’s first daughter has the inheritance of the sea clan, she will become a thorn in your side.
If you change to Jue and inherit the throne of the sea, you will be opposed by all the elders of the sea. But now that you are an illegitimate person, those elders are bound to push Jue out before everyone else.
But where is your opponent?
I can’t help but feel cold at the thought of your gentle voice by malicious means.
In other words, if Jue goes back to Haizu to mourn Lebeda at this time, he will die.
Chapter 67 His family name is crown her name (21)
"Then I’ll go and see her today." The light voice thought for a moment and hurried out.
Although Jue hurt her by mistake, it was also out of kindness to do bad things.
How bad will it be for a noble princess to help a milli-person biochemical person several times?
What’s more, these days, she still feels that Jue is a person to talk to. Her father and daughter are so weak that her friend should finally visit her.
Night Jinze smell speech lip Angle immediately pursed the sip.
Hum, he knew that stupid woman could attract his attention by doing nothing!
What a pain in the ass!
I want to get up and clean up when I make up my mind, but the man hugged her too tightly. She couldn’t break free for a long time and paused softly. I couldn’t help but turn my eyes. "Now that I wake up, get up quickly!"
"no!" Greed sniffed at the smell of the man holding the woman’s waist in his arms, and his hand was tight again, as if he wanted to crush the man’s arms.
I feel that the man can’t help but hold his forehead and laugh. "How can you stay in bed like a child when you are so big?"
"I won’t!" The man seems to have made up his mind not to let go.
Before the person in her arms pushed her again at night, Jinze rubbed her head against the neck of a woman like a pet and stroking a humanoid dog "unless you make me a steak to eat"
"steak?" Light tone immediately leng.
"That’s what you did for Yue Sheng yesterday."
Light voice suddenly zheng "you know?"
The light heart suddenly surprised the dog that even they ate steak, so she drew blood.
"I smell steak in my kitchen, and there are two pieces of beef missing from the box and a lot of salad dressing missing. You can’t lie to me." There was an angry resentment in the sound of Jinze at night.
If it weren’t for yesterday’s special circumstances, he wouldn’t have let Yue Sheng come over to nurse the sound. I thought Yue Sheng was a workaholic and would have stayed in the temple to do my own thing. I didn’t think they even had dinner together!
(of many people) talking/arguing
Night Jinze suddenly regretted it.
You know, the steak has a special sound. He marinated it and waited for it to be marinated, and then they had a candlelight dinner together. But now it’s actually eaten by Yue Sheng. I feel like I lost dozens of billions.
oh hell no
It should be that losing more than a billion dollars is worse than making steak without eating sound!
Light tone ""
"Yinyin, you not only let other men eat the marinated steak for me, but you also forbid me to hug you. I knew I was better than Bujue and Yuesheng." The man’s voice became more and more wronged, but it happened that his hand slipped into his arms, and the temperature of his satiny soft white body suddenly rose a few minutes.
The light tone shape couldn’t help but tremble, and the strange face jumped out of my heart. Don’t turn your face away and gently calm down the breath. "You, you don’t touch and let me get up quickly."
Looking at his body, it’s hard to eliminate the hickey, and once again he appears in the line of sight, and the light voice raises his forehead and suddenly he wants to cry.
She knew she shouldn’t have been bullied by dogs for a while. Now, don’t go to see Jue. I’m afraid she’s ashamed to go to the outer temple!
Chapter 671 His name is Guan her name (22)
Want to get mad, but where is the night in the line of sight? Jinze’s figure has to whisper.
Step on the weakness and slowly sink into the hot spring pool. Looking at the red marks falling everywhere, I can’t help blushing again when I think back to the morning.
Is she delusional?
What? She felt that the dog was a little more eager for her this morning, and even the strength of holding her seemed to be tight, so that she couldn’t even struggle out of the gap, even if she pleaded softly for a long time, she didn’t let her go.
I don’t know why, but she always feels that the dog is getting more and more worried about her.
She’s been very obedient. She can’t get out of the bedroom, can she?
She has married him, hasn’t she?
But a dog or something
The light tone frowned, but as soon as I saw in my mind what I had done to the dog before, my eyes suddenly slipped through thick remorse.